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                In this city, 1st inst., by Rev. J. Perrin, Mr. John McVain to Miss Sarah Ann
          Anderson, both of Portland.
               Also, by the same, 4th inst., Mr. James Linscott to Miss Eliza Frances
          Doughty, both of Portland.
               In this city, 7th inst., by Rev. W. P. Merrill, Frank Noyes to Miss Susan S.
          Lord, both of Portland.
               In Falmouth, 7th inst., by Rev. Mr. Adams, Mr. Frederick Gilbransen, of
          Lewiston, to Miss Matilda F. Corliss, adopted daughter of Josiah and Margaret
              In Cumberland, 7th inst., Mr. William D. Sweetser to Miss Elizabeth G.
          Loring, both of Cumberland.
              In Gorham, 7th inst., Mr. George W. Sanborn, of Biddeford to Miss
          Martha A. Brackett of Gorham.
              In Kittery, 21st ult., George W. Weare, Esq., of Oguinguit, to Miss
          Abba Parson, of Cape Neddick.
              In Brunswick, 1st inst., Mr. Albion Woodside to Miss Harriet M.,
          only daughter of Allen Colby, Esq., of Brunswick.
              In Harpswell, 2nd inst., Captain George D. Brigham to Miss Abby R.
          Eastman of Harpswell.
              In Bowdoin, 24th, ult., Mr. Levi Totman to Miss Frances E., daughter
          of Moses Thompson, Esq., of Topsham.
              In Durham, Androscoggin County, Mr. James  Doten to Miss Harriet
          J. Hamilton, both of North Yarmouth.
              In Skowhegan, Mr. John A. Woodward to Miss Mary E. Crosby,
          both of Norridgewock.
              In Biddeford, 27th inst., Mr. William S. Stevens  to Miss Elizabeth
          Libby, both of Biddeford.
              In Brewer, 22nd ult., Mr. Mark Pitman to Miss Lizzie Webster,
          daughter of Dr. David Shepherd, of Sebec.
              In Pittston, 8th inst., Mr. James L. Rogers to Miss Mary E. Campbell,
          both of Bath.
              In Biddeford, 8th inst., Mr. Augustus H. Moore to Miss Sarah A. L.
          Andrews, both of Biddeford.
              In  Bowdoin, 4th inst., Mr. Reuben G. Meserve, of Richmond to Miss
          Ruth L. Coombs, of Bowdoin.
              In Edgecomb, Mr. I. H. Baker to Miss Marietta Moors, both of
              In August, 28th ult., Mr. Hiram B. Couch to miss Sarah J. Stafford,
          of Hallowell.
              In Saco, 8th inst., Mr. William A. Moses to Miss Shauh B. Pillsbury,
          both of Portland.
              In Stockton, 28th ult., Captain Andrew D. Griffin to Miss Aurilla A.
          Mudgett, both of Stockton.

              In Gorham, 7th inst., George W., only child of Edmund and Almira
          Green, aged 5 months.
              In Scarborough, 25th ult., Mrs. Olive Storer, widow of the late
          Colonel John Spring, aged 75.
              In Gorham, 8th inst., Polly, widow of the late Joseph Hamblin,
          aged 28.
              In Gorham, 2nd inst., Mr. David McLellan, aged 73.
              In New Glooucester, (Shaker Village) 8th inst., of lung fever and
          disease of the heart, Sarah Palmer, aged 64.
              In Paris, Maine, 16th isn't., Sabra Maria, wife of Micah C. Allen,
          aged 26.
              In Brewer, 8th inst., Mr. William Marston, formerly of Orrington,
          aged 75 years, 6 months.
              In Brooklin,  Hancock County, 27th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Freethy, aged
           about 104 years. She was the first white child born in Brooklin, then a part
           of  Sedgwick.
              In Sedgwick, 3rd inst., Betsey Maria, daughter of Freeman and Judith
          Dority, aged 21.
              In Bangor, 7th inst., Mr. William J. Harris, aged 29 years.
              In Hartland, Somerset County, 6th inst., Mr. Obadiah C. William,
          aged 85.
              In Ellsworth, 17th inst., Olive S., wife of Mr. J. B. Johnson, aged 41.
              In Bruwnsick, 7th inst., Hannah D., wife of Rev. Charles W. Morse,
          aged 53.
              In Poland, Maine, 4th inst., Sarah, widow of the late John Cousens,
          Esq., aged 53.
              In  Auburn, 4th inst., Sarah Maria, daughter of Caleb P. and Sarah
           N. Butler, aged 22.
              In Chesterville, Franklin County, 1st inst., Dorcas, wife of Mr. Moses
          Rich, formerly of Gorham, aged 74 years, 10 months.
             In South Bridgton, 28th inst., Robert, son of Mr. Hugh Bennett, aged 18.
             In Freeport, 28th inst., Mr. Washington Dennison, aged about 70.
             In Brunswick, 4th inst., Mr. Cyrus L. pierce, aged 29 years, 8 months.
             In Bath, 8th inst., Arabella J., daughter of Johnson and  Martha
          Rideout, aged 24 years, 11 months.
             In Chelsea, Mass., 10th inst., Mr. Judah Lunt, formerly of Portland, aged 72.

              Jedediah Burbank, Esq., The death of Jedediah Burbank, Esq., of Bethel, announced
         in the journals of last week, was for some time expected. he had reached the good old
         age of 75 years, and although more vigorous than most men at that age he was not
         able to resist the attacks of complicated disease and yielded at last to the irresistible
         summons. Mr. Burbank had been one of the pillars of society in Bethel during half
         a century.  Born in Bradford, Massachusetts, he removed to Bethel in  early life, and
         marrying a daughter of Lieutenant Clark, one of the original settlers of the town, he
         located himself upon the spot which he occupied during the remainder of his life.
         He was forward in sustaining the institutions of  education and religion, was
         always interested in the civil affairs of the town, and active and judicious in
         promoting its welfare.  The large  assemblage, gathered at his funeral, bore testimony
         to the respect with which his memory is cherished by his friend and fellow citizens.

            On Monday a man named Patrick Mitchell, stabbed his wife in the breast,
        inflicting a dangerous wound.  he was arrested after showing some fight, by
       Officer Beaumont and Gould.

          On Saturday, Mr. C. B. Welch of Parsonsfield, Me., while on his way to New
       York, to purchase a cargo of flour, was robbed between Springfield and
       Hartford, of a package containing  $14,000.


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