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               In Turner, 24th inst., by Rev. A. Wilson, Mr. Thomas Higgins of Westbrook,
          to Miss Lucy A. Bearce, of Turner.
              In Hollis, 17th inst.,  by Elder McKenney, Mr. John Dennet of the
          town to Miss Martha Dyer, of Sebago.
              In Winthrop, 15th inst., John May, Esq., Attorney at Law, to Mrs. Content
          W. Haines.
              In Saco, 16th inst., Mr. James Davis, to Miss Roxana Whitney , both of
              In Biddeford, 18th inst., by Rev. Mr. Quinby, Captain Samuel Gilpatrick,
          to Miss Harriet N. Pike, both of that town.
              In Thomaston, 16th inst., by Rev. N. C. Fletcher, Captain Asa Crockett, to
          Miss Elvira Robbins.
              In Augusta, 16th inst., by Rev. Caleb Fuller, Mr. Joshua Boynton to Miss
          Elizabeth Marston.
              In Hallowell, 15th inst., Rev. Woodman H. Watson, of Holden, Mass., to
          Miss Mary L. Colcord, of Hallowell.  On the 19th, Mr. Andrew T. Getchell,
          of Litchfield, to Miss Mary Rice of Hallowell.
              In Bowdoin, 16th inst., Mr. David Ware, to Miss Serena Randall, both of
              In Bangor, 16th inst., Rev. Mr. Caverno, Mr. Joseph Lane to Miss Naomi
          D. Tibbetts.  Mr. Andrew M'Clure to Miss Lucy Pushaw.
              In this city, on Wednesday evening last, (July 26th) Mr. Joseph F. Springer,
          of Matanzas, Cuba, to Miss Jenette W., eldest daughter of Mr. Alden Jackson.
              In North Yarmouth, 19th inst., by Rev. Z. Bradford, Mr. John I. Thompson
         of Matanzas, Cuba, to Miss Sarah B. True, of North Yarmouth.
              In Bridgton, 26th inst., by Rev. Caleb F. Page, Parker W. Perry, Esq., of
          of Orland, to Miss Alvonia Dresser.
              In Saco, 23rd inst., by elder Jonathan Boothbay, Mr. John M. Patterson to
          Miss Sarah Grace, both of that town.
              In  Waterville, by Rev. Mr. Sheldon, Mr. J. F. Nason, of Hallowell, to Miss
          Mary T. Welch, of the former place.
              In Hallowell, Mr. Charles Hussey to Miss Solome Soule, both of that town.
              In Bangor, 22nd inst., by N. Hatch, Esq., Mr. Charles Wakefield to Miss Lois
              In Jefferson, 13th inst., Mr. William Trask, to Miss Esther Hopkins, both of that
              In Athens, Mr. Moses F. Judkins of Cornville, to Miss Hannah of Lowell,

              In Cape Elizabeth, 18th inst., very suddenly, Mrs. Sarah, widow of the late
          Captain John  Hatch, 75.
              In Thomaston, 24th inst., Hezekiah  Prince, Esq., son of the late Honorable
          Hezekiah Prince.
              In North Bridgton, 11th inst., Mr. Aaron Beman, 80-a Revolutionary soldier,
          and one of the first settlers of Bridgton.
              In Orrington, 21st inst., William Marston, Jr., 26.
              In Alna, Mrs. Mary Jane, wife of Warren Rundlett, Esq., 23.
              In New Limerick, 10th inst., Miss Julia A. Lougee, 19.
              In East Thomaston, 17th inst., Mr. Martin Gile, son of William N. Gile,
          Mount Vernon, aged 33 years, 11 months.
              In Springfield, Mass., 21st inst., Mr. Olive, wife of Mr. Samuel F. Scammon,
           and youngest daughter of the late Captain Edmund Moody, of Saco, aged 32.
              In Smithfield, 12th inst., David, eldest son of the late Isaac Pierce, aged 17.
              In  Sidney, Miss Mary Ann, daughter of the late Mulford Baker, 25.
              In Freeport, 19th ult., Mr. William Jordan, 69.
              At Cienfuegos on board brig Henry Leeds, 19th ult., Samuel N. Humphrey,
          aged 15; and 21st, Mr. Levi Mitchell, 2nd officer, about 34, both of North
               On board brig Shamrock, July 9th, of fever, after an illness of two days, on
          the passage from Cienfuegos, Cuba,  for New York, Moses H. Cushing, of Freeport,
          aged 22.
              In this city, 6th inst., Miss Margaret Jane Tenant, aged 23.
              In this city, 23 inst., James Edwin, son of Soloman and Martha Hawkes,
         aged 7 months.
              In St. Louis, 12th inst., Mr. Alford Richardson, aged 27, formerly of this
              In Boston, Mass., 15th inst., Mrs. Irene, wife of Mr. Joseph A. Gillespie, 23,
          formerly of this city.
              At Point Petre, Guadaloupe, about 15th ult., of fever, Mr. Joseph Rice, of
          Saco, aged 23, a seaman belonging to brig Lydia of this port.
              In Brewer, 18th inst., Mr. Stephen Rider, 67.
              In Lincoln, 10th inst., Moses M. Treat, eldest son of Winthrop Frost, 29.
              In Deerfield, N. H., 15th inst., Captain Asa Folsom, 89, a Revolutionary
              In Buxton, 11th inst., Widow Jane Wentworth, 91.
              In Waterboro, 8th inst., Mr. Jotham coffin, 60.
              In Bangor, 8th inst., Francis C. Sherman, of Union, 19, 18th, Eveline, child
          Mr. William L. Bridgam, 4 years, 9 months.
              In Somersworth, Mr. Stephen Stackpole, 88.
              In Pembroke, New Hampshire, 15th inst., Miss Adeline H. Kimball, aged
              At sea on board brig Champion, of Freeport, on the passaged from Port au
          Prince, Haiti, to Boston, of yellow fever, Mr. James Smith of London, seaman.

             At Port Antonio, Jamaica,  on the 20th ult., Richard William Sherwood, Esq.,
           aged 44 years, who for many years sustained the office of clerk of the Vestry,
           the parish of Portland, with great credit to himself, and satisfaction to the
           Parochial Authorities.  He lived beloved, he died lamented; and his mortal
           remains were conveyed to the silent tomb by sincerely affected mourners.  The
           parish had lost an estimable officer, his wife and family, and numerous friends
           have to mourn the bereavement of an affectionate husband, a fond father and
          kind neighbor, an efficient supporter, an inoffensive and accomplished
          gentleman, and a warm hearted friend.

                                                          "Dum vivimus, vivamus"
                                        "Live, while you live," the epicure would say,
                                                 "And seize the pleasure of the present day."
                                        "Live, while you live," the sacred preacher cries,
                                                 "And give to God each moment as it flies."

                                       Lord, in my view, let both united be,
                                              I live in pleasure, when I live to Thee.
                                                                                              Dr. Doddridge

                 An old Deed. Robert Dunning, a clerk in the store of his brothers, J. A.
          Dunning, a few das since, found an old parchment deed as big an a apron
          upon the wharf on which their store stands.  It was executed one hundred and
          thirty-seven years since, and by which Sir Charles hobby, of London, Knight,
         deeded sever large tracts of land to "Thomas Allan , London, only son and heir
         of Samuel Allen, late of the province of New Hampshire, within her Majesty's
         Territory and Dominion, of New England."  Cape Ann and Piscataway harbor
         seem to be included in the grant.  The parchment is much stained, and it is with
         difficulty that the manuscript can be made out.  {Bangor Whig
              Fire.  The house and out building belonging to William Whittier, Esq., of
           Farmington, Me., were totally destroyed by fire about 11 o'clock Sunday night;
          it caught in the upper story of the house, and was without doubt, accidental;
         the house was occupied by Elder Bailey and H. B. Stinchfield-it was one of the
         best building in the town and was insured for nine hundred dollars at the
         Monmouth Mutual Fire Insurance Office.

             An Old Stick. We have received a stick of wood which appears to be a hemlock
         branch, taken by J. B. Fillebrown, Esq., from a bog on his farm, six feet from the
         surface.  It has been cut off by some not very sharp instrument.  Probably done
         "long time ago," by the Indians.  The soil or peaty matter had accumulated over it
          to that amount-but how long it has been so doing it is impossible to tell. If we
          allow the soil to increase half an inch per year, it must have been there 142 years.
                                                                                                                  {Maine Farmer

                Serious Accident. While Mr. Benjamin Hawkes and wife, of Windham were
          proceeding down Preble Street, yesterday afternoon in a wagon, the horse
         suddenly took fright, became unmanageable, and started upon the run. At the
         juncture of Cumberland and Preble Streets, the wagon came in contact with great
         violence. Mr. Hawks was thrown head long from the vehicle, and his skull so badly
         fractured that his life is considered in danger.  Mrs. Hawkes was also thrown out and
         considerably bruised, but fortunately no bones broken.

             Fire. The Large Tavern House, kept by Mrs. Cheney, on the upper road to
         North Yarmouth, about six miles from this city, was burnt to the ground,
         together with the adjoining stable and out-building, yesterday afternoon,
         between 2 and 4 o'clock.  it is supposed that the fire took from the pipe of a
         person who had been smoking in the stable.  We understand that the house was
        insure at the Gorham Mutual Office for $800. The furniture was mostly saved.
            A person who came in town by the stage last evening, informed us that the fire
        had  communicated itself to the woods in the neighborhood, and was spreading

            We regret to learn that Mr. Joseph Walker, engaged to work upon the
         machinery in the new woolen factory of Brookville, on Tuesday accidently
         cut off his finger of his left hand.  he is an industrious and enterprising man.
                                                                                                {Bangor Whig

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