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THE CHRISTIAN INTELLINGENCER, July 18, 1828 & July 25, 1828 & August 1, 1828

                           THE CHRISTIAN INTELLINGENCER, July 18, 1828

              In Philadelphia, Pa., 2nd inst., Mr. Isaiah M. Winslow, of Westbrook, Me.,
          to Miss Rachel F., daughter of Mr. Samuel Clement.

               In Boston, Mr. Gilbert Stuart, one of the most eminent painters of the age.
          He died in that city on Wednesday last, after a long life of honorable usefulness.
               In Boston, Henry Hill, Esq., aged 97.  He was educated at Harvard
          University, and his classical allusions and illustrations were frequent and
               Drowned in Medford on Sunday last, while bathing, Mr. Francis A.
          Smith, 28.
               In Washington City, (D. C.) Honorable Henry C. Martindale, member
          of Congress from New York.

                          THE CHRISTIAN INTELLINGENCER, July 25, 1828

              In Minot, by Rev. Jabez Woodman, Mr. Davis Variel to Miss Aurelia
              In Chester, Honorable Samuel Bell, U. S. Senator to Miss Lucy Smith, late
          of Amherst.
              In Montpelier, Vt., Colonel J. P. Miller, late agent of the New York Greek
          Committee to Miss Sarah Arms.
              In New York, Mr. Jonathan Lawrence, merchant, to Miss Maria, eldest
          daughter of Samuel Betts., Esq.


              In Corinna on the 18th inst., Mrs. Harriet Hubbard, consort of John H. Esq.,
          and daughter of Honorable Solomon Bates of Norridgewock.
              In Lewiston of the 16th inst., Mrs. Martha Thompson, wife of Colonel Joseph
           T., aged 68. (An obituary of Mrs. T. shall appear on our next issue.)
              In Waterville, Mrs. Haldah Osgood, aged 74 years.
              In Litchfield, Me., Doctor Francis Shutleff, aged 32.
              In Dresden on Saturday last, Captain Francis Polereczky, aged 26, son of
           the celebrated Count Polereczky, who was a Major of the Polish forces in the
          American Revolution, under the Duke of Lawson, and who is still living at an
          in Dresden.  Captain Polerczyky sickened on his passage home from the
          West Indies in the Brig of which he was master, and expired in a few days
          after his arrival in the bosom of his affectionate and afflicted family.  He
          was greatly  esteemed and universally loved in life, and his early death is deeply
          lamented by an extensive circle of friends and acquaintances.  He was a
          believer in the salvation of all men. May the God of all consolation bind up the
          broken hearts of his bereaved and venerable parents, and give to all who
          share their afflictions the welcome assurance of a future reunion in  a purer
          and a better world.
              In Duxbury, Massachusetts, Honorable George Patridge, aged 89.Thus
          has expired one of the best and most distinguished Patriarchs of  our country.
          Mr. Patridge was graduated at Cambridge in 1782 being then 21 years of age.
          On retiring from the University he took the charge of a grammar school in
          Woburn, one of whose pupils was Benjamin Thompson, afterwards Count
          Rumford. After returning to his native town, (Duxbury) previous to the
          Revolution, he took a leading and most active part in measures of
          resistance to the British Government.  Subsequently he was chosen Captain
         of the company of Minute Men in Duxbury. Successively he was
          representative to the General Court, delegate to the Provincial Congress,
          member of the Continental Congress-sheriff of Plymouth County, and for
          many years after the adoption of the Federal Constitution representative
          in the Congress of the  United States. Mr. Patridge was never married.

                   THE CHRISTIAN INTELLINGENCER, August 1, 1828


              In Boston, by Rev. Dean, Mr. Aldophus M. Cheney to Miss Laurinda Allen. Mr.
          John C. Scobie to Miss Jane Robinson.


              In Lewiston on the 16th last. Mrs. Martha Thompson, consort of Colonel Joel
          Thompson, aged 68 years.
              She ever maintained a fair and irreproachable character.  She was an affectionate
          wife, a tender mother, and a faithful friend.  Her loss is truly great, and will long be
         felt by a large circle of friends to whom she was endeared by the strong ties of
         friendship. Though the evidences she sustained, of her interest in the Savior were
         not so luminous as were desirable, being modest and diffident with regard to her
         own exercises of mind, yet for a number of years anterior to her death, she manifested
         a sacred regard to religion and gave good evidence to others, that she was a woman
         of experimental and practical piety. (Comm.)




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