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              In this city, September 1st., by Rev. H. P. Winter, Charles M. Hunt and Fannie
          A. Small, both of Portland.
              In South Portland, August 29th, Fred L. Harrington and Arietta A. York,
          both of Cape Elizabeth.
              In Waldoboro, August 27th, Austin M. York, and Dora B. Howard, both of
              In Gray, August 27th, Charles L. Dow and Alice B. Merrill, both of Gray.
              In New Gloucester, August 27th, Herbert L. Berry and Celia E. Valentine.
              In Farmington, August 25th, E. C. Winslow of Farmington and Ida E.
          Barker, of New Vineyard.
              In Augusta, August 29th, Melville Bragg and Lavina McCormick, both of
              In Hallowell, August 30th, Alexander M. Connell, of New York, and Mabel
          G. Page of Hallowell.
              In Knightville,  Cumberland County, August 29th, Frank L. Minott and
          Hattie E. Williams, both of Cape Elizabeth.
              In Lewiston, August 29th, William W. Nichols and Mrs. George A. Dean,
          both of Auburn.
              In Brunswick, August 22nd, Albert T. Horn and Julia E. Greenlaw, both
          of Brunswick.
              In Bangor, August 28th, Albert T. Horn, of Skowhegan and Annie B.
          Hoxie, of Fairfield.  (As written in the newspaper)
              In Hampden, August 25th, Charles E. Lawrence and Flora A. Stone,
          both of Hampden.
              In Madrid, Maine, Franklin County, August 19th, William R. Hinkley
           and Leona M.  Brooks, both of Phillips.
              In Brewer, August 22nd, Albert W. McKeen and Vinnie M. Roberts.
              In Calais, August 15th, John E. Stanton of Norton, Massachusetts, and
          May E. Ford, of Calais.
              In Sanford, August 21st, Edward C. Pike and Mrs. Rose Littlewood.
              In Athens, Maine, August 18th, Elmer Downs and Miss Lydia Davis.
              In Pownal, August 29th, James R. March of Portland and Miss Effie M.
          Merrill of Portland.
              In Bath, August 28th, George W. Gilchrist, of Portland, and Carrie L.
          Parshley of Bath. 
              In Boothbay, August 2?, Captain J. H. Pinkham and Mrs. Mary A.
          Simpson, both of Boothbay.
              In Newport, Penobscot County, August 25th, Edgar A. Philbrick, of
          Corinna and Nettie W. Dearborn of Newport.
              In Oakland, Kennebec, August 24th, Honorable James T. Track and
          Miss Louisa Cochran.


              In this city, August 28th, Mary J., infant child of Daniel and Mary J.
          McGowan, aged 5 days.
              In this city, August 28th, Willie, youngest child of Owen and Julia Murray,
          aged 6 years, 2 months, 16 days.
              In this city, August 29th, Carolina R., wife of Hansen M. Hart.
              In this city, August 30th, Oliver P. Sheppard, aged 69 years, 8
              In this city, August 30th, Charles S., son of James T. and Annie S.
          Rand, aged 20 years, 3 months.
              In this city, August 31st, Florence Hart, second daughter of C. C. and
          Abbie L. Chapman, aged 12 years, 1 months, 4 days.
              In this city, September 1st, Mary, wife of George Rielly, (Reilly?)
          aged 39 years.
              In this city, September 1st, Edward Carians, aged 9 months.
              In this city, September 3rd, Elizabeth, wife of Alfred Haskell, aged
          69 years, 6 months.
              In North Berwick, September 2nd, Stephen L. Harris, of New
          Gloucester, aged 76 years, 18 days.
              In Biddeford, September 9th, Mrs. Frank H. Chandler, of Somerville,
              At Long Island, Cumberland  County, September 1st., Isaac Doughty,
          aged 60 years, 3 months.
              In Auburn, September 1st, Mrs. Louisa A. Bathe, aged 55 years.
              In Denver, Colorado, August 23rd, Mrs. Mary S. Foster, formerly of
          Portland, widow of the late Eben S. Page, of Melrose, Massachusetts,
           aged 67 years.
              In Knightville, Cumberland County, August 28th, Sarah H. widow of the
          late Alvin B. Ilsley, aged 68 years, 3 months.
              In Bridgeton, Nellie Burnis, daughter of Phebe A. and Martin C. Mortensen,
          of Portland, aged 5 months, 9 days.
              In Newton, Massachusetts, August 30th, James T. L. Files, formerly of
          of Portland, aged 48 years.
              In West Newton, Mass., August 30th, Annie L., wife of E. A. Kingman,
          and daughter of O. M Nash of this city.
              North Yarmouth, August 30th, Adaline C., wife of Seward M. Prince,
          aged 56 years.
              In Cumberland, August 20th, Mary E., widow of the late Jonathan
          Bradford, aged 87.
              In Phippsburg, August 27th, Ada daughter of Andrew T. and Phebe
          Harrington, aged 1 year, 11 month.
              In Bath, August 27th, infant son of Howard D., and Angeline Whitmore,
         aged 14 days.
              In Jay, August 23rd, Mrs. Sarah Coolridge (?), aged 49 years.
              In Auburn, August 26th, Mrs. E. L. Tobin, aged 54 years.
              In Harmony, August 25th, Joseph Batchelder, aged 57 years.
              In Mechanic Falls, August 24th, Daroma Bates, aged 24.
              In Auburn, August 28th, Bertha Abby, daughter of Charles F. and
          Carrie V. Guild.
              In Cherryfield, Washington County, August 21st. Frances Ricker, aged 40.
              In Amesbury, Mass., August 27th, Lieutenant James W. Goodrich, formerly
           of Saco.
              In Otisfield, August 26th, Alice, wife of David C. Jillson, aged 67 years.
              In Bangor, August 27th, Alfred F. Davis, aged 41 years.
              In Kennebunk, August 28th, Charles Storer, aged 48 years.
              In Biddeford, August 27th, James Nield, aged 68 years; 28th Clara M.
          Verrill, aged 66 years.
              In Cleveland, Ohio, August 27th, Walter P. Ricker, son of Robert  and the
          late Hattie Ricker, formerly of Portland, aged 19 years.
              In Lewiston, August 24th, Mrs. Ann W. Lamb, formerly of Windham,
          aged 64 years, 6 months.
              Readfield, Kennebec County, August 23rd, Leander Hodgdon, aged 75 years.
              In North Auburn, August 18th, Miss Sarah A. Merrill, aged 64 years, 6 months.
              In Waldoboro, August 20th, Captain Damon W. Pitcher, aged 45 years.
              In South Paris, Maine, August 26th, Charles A. Shurtleff, aged 42.
              In Bangor, August 25th, William Coombs, aged 79 years.
              In Springvale, August 26th, Mrs. Lizzie Beals, aged 82 years.
              In Acton, August 28th, Mrs. Benjamin Mason, aged 92 years, 10 months.
              In Auburn, August 28th, Mrs. Lurana Richmond, aged 75 years, 2 months.
              In Pittsfield, August 28th, Leshe (?) R. Patten, aged 23 years.
              In Bath, August 27th, Alden L. Leeman, aged 33 years.
              In Biddeford, August 28th, Charles R., son of Charles and Frankie Bosner,
          aged 11 months.
              In North Fryeburg, August 23rd, Mrs. Joseph Irish.
              In Edes Falls, Cumberland County, August 24th, Mary A., wife of Isaac
              In Denmark, Maine, August 27th, Joseph Goldthwaite, aged about ? years.
              In Watertown, Mass., August 27th, Susan, wife of Charles H. Burnham, and
          daughter of the late John Mead, of Bridgton, aged 63 years, 3 months.


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