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              In this city, March 2nd, John S. Johnson and Petra Neilson.
              In this city, March 4th,, by Rev. S. F. Pearson, Willis B. Allen and Martha
          A. Rand, both of Portland.
              In Saccarrappa, March 5th, by Rev. M. C. Pendexter, Charles T. Garland,
          and Sadie F. Dyer, both of Saccarrappa.
              In Bath, March 4th, John A. Kavanugh of Bath, and Fannie F. Stein, of
          St. Stevens, New Brunswick.
              In Bangor, March 8th, Fed H. Wooster and Maud H. Ricker.
              In Rockland, March 1st, Fred J. Carroll and Clara A. Robbins, both of
              In Skowhegan, February 14th, Hermon A. Comey and Kate S. Rowell.
              In Brewer, March 8th, Edward E. Richardson and Drusilla M. Robinson.
              In Brooklyn, New York, February 24th, S. A. Rich, formerly of Brooklyn,
          Eva A. Elliot, formerly of Portland.
              At Jay Bridge, February 24th, Arthur G. Flagg, of Benton, and Mary Paine,
          of Jay.
              In Turner, March 2nd, George E. Sampson and Ella F. Conant.
              In Denmark, Maine, February 27th, Randolph A. Gilman, of Fryeburg,
          and Hattie D. Dresser, of Denmark.
              In Belmont, February 27th, Charles H. Meader of Belmon, and Kate
          E. Knowles, of Jackson.
              In Vinalhaven, February 23, Charles Clark and Emily Winslow.
              At Round Pond, Lincoln County, February 8th, Theron E. Miller of
          Waldoboro, and Dora Simmons, of Bremen.
              In Alexander, February 18th, G. B. M.  Perkins and Ada L. Craft.
              In Dexter, February 27th, Edwin P. Dearborn and Edna L. Lincoln,
          both of Corrina.
              In Calais, February 26th, William S. Vose and Alice B. Cox.
              In Bradford, March 2nd, Charles M. Robbins and Mrs. Annie M.
              In Etna, March 2nd, George Kennedy of Bath, and Grace B. Friend of
              In West Surry, March 3rd, Rev. Andrew Gray of Eden, and Mrs.
          Mary K. Carter, of Surry.
              In Biddeford, March 4th, James Murphy and Maggie Cassin, both
          of Biddeford.
              In Bangor, March 3rd, Frank L. Tuck and Elizabeth Maxwell, both
          of Bangor.
              In Friendship, February 25th, Charles Willey and Clara E. Prior, both
              In Waterville, February 28th, Sherman L. Berry and Ella L. Lowe.
              In Burnham, February 18th, Theodore G. Goodrich of Clinton, and
          Anna Rassler (?,) of Burnham.
              In Norway, Maine, March 2nd, Scott Saunder and Maud Verrill, both
          of Norway.
              In Rockland, March 3rd (8th?) Almond J. Hewett, of Worcester,
          Mass., and Carrie E. Smart of Rockland.
              In Farmington, March 2nd, Stillman S. Savage and Christina
              In Pittsfield, March 2nd, Charles A. Libby and Kate M. Fisher.
              In Belfast, February 28th, James W. Wood and Sarah E. Dunbar,
          both of Belfast.
              In Searsport, February 24, March 4th, Captain W. M. Parse and Addie
          M. Sargent.
              In Livermore Falls, March 4th, Frank L. Know and Alice Farnum,
          both of Jay.
              In Freedom, March 3rd, William W. B. Choate and Josie B. Gould,
          both of Montville.
              In Effingham, New Hampshire, March 9th, by Rev. W. H. Trafton, Ernest
          Nicklin (?) of Limerick, Maine and Cora M. Smith.


              In this city, March 8th, Thomas M. Carroll, son of  Owen and Catharine
          Carroll, 58 years, 2 months.  Born in Birmingham, England.
              In this city, March 7th, Alice A., widow of the late Jeremiah Wilson,
          aged 61 years, 6 months.
              In this city, March 5th, Caroline S., wife of Otis Williams, aged 70
          years, 8 months.
              In this city, March 5th, Annie, wife of Daniel Green of Otisfield, aged
          58 years.
              In this city, March 5th, Sarah J., wife of John H. Hammond, aged 23
          years, 10 months.
              In this city, March 8th, Daniel Griffin, aged 87 years, 11 months.
              In this city, March 8th, William A. Greeley.
              In this city, March 9th, Wendell H. Roberts, aged 23 years, 8 months.
              In this city, March 9th, Charles William Goddard, aged 63 years, 2
          months, 10 days.
              In this city, March 8th, William A. Greeley.
              In this city, March 9th, George, son of John A. and Hattie N. Gillis,
          aged 3 years.
              In this city, March 9th, Clara T., wife of J. D. Parker, formerly of Lowell,
          Mass., aged 87 years.
              In this city, March 10th, Wendall H., only son of Lenora, and the late
          Eben Roberts, aged 28 years, 3 months.
              In this city, March 21st, Sophia E., wife of Simon E. Armstrong, aged 43
          years, 11 months.
              In South Portland, March 9th, Flora G., daughter of George and Elva
          aged 4 years, 3 months, 5 days.
              In Yarmouthville, March 11th, Isabel, wife of Edward B. Humphrey, aged
          59 years, 3 months.
               In Brooklyn, New York, March 6th, suddenly at the residence of her
          son-in-law, E. G. Davis, Mrs. Mary Ann Sweester, widow of the late John
          Sweester of this city.
               In Bucksport, February 29th, Mrs. Susan O., wife of Sylvanus T. Hinks,
          aged 78years, 10 months, 14 days.
               In Malden, Mass., March 10th, Margaret Holmes, daughter of George M.
          and Clara V. Bosworth, formerly of Portland, aged 5 years, 3 months.
               In Joplin, Missouri, February 28th, Carrie  E. Herrick, formerly of Portland,
          wife of B. B. Harden, aged 25 years.
               In Cumberland Center, March 5th, Saba G. , wife of John Blanchard,
          aged 32 years, 9 months.
              In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 1st, Ellen O'Donnell, formerly of Portland.
              In Brunswick, March 1st, Emery Ward, aged 61 years.
              In Brunswick, March 4th, Daisy Bell, daughter of  George and Adella
          Carlton, aged 3 years, 4 months.
              In Brunswick, March 2nd, Sarah S, Minott, aged 79 years, 9 months.
              In Lewiston, February 26, Cyrus T. Thompson, aged 61 years.
              In Rockport, February 20th, Ada V., wife of Augusta Bagley, aged 87.
              In Weld, February 27th, Mrs. Joel Ireland, aged 93 years.
              In Hallowell, February 24th, George  N., son of Henry Currier, aged 16 years.
              In Cherryfield, February 25th, Mrs. Sally Grand, aged 89 years.
              In Montreal, Canada, March 2nd, Frederick Gold  Lyman, younger son
          of Frederick  G. and the late Mary Goodman Lyman, aged 5 months, 15 days.
              In Bangor, March 5th, Dr. Galen J. Valbon, aged 33 years.
              In Rockport, February 24th,  Honorable Nathaniel T. Talbot, a native  of
          Turner, aged 78 (?) years.
              In South Thomaston, March 2nd, William D. Blake, aged 66 years, 7 months.
              In Warren, March 1st, Harriet  F., widow of Captain O. J. Starrett, aged 59 years,
          1 month.
              In Leeds Center, February 15th, Mrs. Olive L. Hurd, aged 82 years, 7 months.
              In Lewiston, March 5th, Mrs. Emily A. Silver, aged 67 years.
              In Raymond, March 4th George Merrill, aged 75 years. James F. Mordo (?)
          aged 58 years.
              In Hillsboro,  Wisconsin, February 23, Matilda M. Poole, formerly of
          Portland, aged 67 years.
              In August, March 8th, at the Insane Hospital, Enos A. Noyes of Falmouth,
          aged 41 years, 10 months.
              In Westbrook, March 5th, Joseph Hodgdon, aged 72 years.
              In Nobleboro, February 23rd, Mrs. Mary W. Chapman, aged 73 years.
              In Waterford, March 9th, Mrs. Lucinda Reed, aged 77 years.
              In Rockport, March 1st, Captain Chene S. Packard.
              In Mont Vernon, February 25th, William L. Boynton, aged 96 years,
          5 months.
              In Livermore Falls, February 20th, Mrs. Adeline D. Gill, aged 84 years.
              In Waterford, March 7th, Millard  F. Spaulding, aged 33 years.
              In Machias,  February 14th, Rebecca, widow of Thomas Woodward, aged
          71 years.
              In Kingfield, February 14th, Elisha S. Winter, aged 59 years.
              In Ellsworth, March 1st, Mrs. Sarah R. O. Dutton, aged 86 years.
              In Saco,  March 6th, Fred S. Clark, aged 36 years.
              In Raymond, March 4th, James L. Morrill, aged 58 years.
              In Biddeford, March 6th, Mrs. Phebe Lafleur aged 33 years.
              In Auburn, March 6th, Albert E., only son of Stephen H. and Mrs. Lou
          Lovejoy, aged 10 years.
              In Durham, February 24th, Samuel Williams, aged 84 years, 5 months.
              In Farmington, March 3rd, Johana, relict of the late Cornanus (?)
          Coughlin, aged 57 years.
              In Etna, March 6th, Benjamin Jordan, aged 76 years.
              In North Wayne, February 20th, Mrs. Catherine Batchelder,
          aged 90 years.
              In Leeds, February 15th, Hartley Gray, aged 66 years.
              In Rockland, February 22nd, Ada M., wife of Gilbert Hall, aged
          32 years, 10 months.
              In Wiscasset, February 23rd, Philip F. Foyes, 75 years.
              In Wiscasset, February 23rd. Thomas Cromwell, aged 63 years.
              In Boothbay, February 28th, Charles Brewer, aged 82 years.
              At Bosario, (?) S. A., Captain Merill Adams of East Boothbay,
          master of schooner Celina.
               In Freeport, March 5th, Elmira J. Mitchell, wife of W. A. Michell,
          aged 86 (?)  years, 2 months.
              West Paris, February 12th, Enoch  E. Judkins, aged 57 years, 6 months.
              In Monmouth, February 28th, William H. Tilton, aged 51 years, 6
              At Orr's Island, February 27, Mrs. Nancy Orr, aged 51 years.
              In Bath, March 4th, John King, 46.
              In West Bath, March 3rd, Mrs. Mercy Williams, aged 76 years.
              In Cherryfield, February 25th, Mrs. Sally Grant, aged 89 years.
              In Machias, February 13th, Stephen Knight, aged 73 years, 7 months.
              In Fairfield, February 24th, Mrs. Susan Bean, aged 85 years, 7 months.
              In St. Louis, November 26th, Stillman Barbour, formerly of Portland,
          aged  87(?) years.
              In Knightville, March 7th, Mrs. Anna Bent, aged 54 years.
              In Augusta, March 6th, Enos A. Noyes. aged 41 years, 10 months.
              In Biddeford, March 8, Mrs. Robert Mountain.
              In Biddeford, March 7th, Joseph Martin, aged 57 years.
              In Lebanon, February 25, Grace D., wife of Julian Hussey, aged
          26 years.
              In Porter, February 28th, Isaac Bckford, aged about 55 years.
              In West Paris, February 28, Mrs. Calvin Pratt.
              In South Hingham,(Mass?) February 28th, Mrs. Parmelia E. Wight, widow
          of the late James Wight of Oxford, aged 83 years, 3 months.
              In Turner, March 1st, Mrs. berry, aged 4 years, 10 months.
              In Yarmouth, March 6th, Ammi B. Mitchell, aged 73 years.
              In North Gorham, March 8th, Mrs. August E., wife of Enoch Mayberry.
              In East Harpswell, March 6th, George E. Hersey, aged 59 years/
              In Paris, Maine, March 2nd, Horace S. Perkins, aged 55 years.
              In East Hebron, March 2nd, Mrs. Judith Randall, aged 85 years.
              In Rockland, March 2nd, William D. Blake, aged 68 years, 7 months.
              In Waldoboro, March 2nd, Mrs. Betsey, widow of Captain Oliver
          Farnsworth, aged 88 years.
              In Isle us Haut, February 26th, Mrs. Eliza K. Smith, aged 78 years.
              In New York, March 21, Elizabeth  S. McFarlane, formerly of Camden,
          aged 76 years.


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