Wednesday, June 12, 2013



                                               "So learn ye whose vows are plighted
                                             That hearts are one when united."
               In this city, 30th ult., Mr. P. J. Carleton, of Camden to Sarah S., daughter of
          Henry C. Babb, Esq., of this city.
               In this city, 29th ult., by William Boyd, Esq., Mr. Thomas Carleton to Miss Eliza
          J. McCue, both of this city.
              In this city, 28th ult., by Rev. Dr. Nicoles, Charles E. Nutter, ESq., Counsellor at Law,
          of Boston, to Miss Harriet Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Samuel Chadwick, of this city.
              In this city, 29th ult., by Elder Brown, Mr. George Gray, Jr., to Miss Elizabeth S.
            Runnells, all of this city.
              In this city, 29th ult., by Rev. B. D. Peck, Mr. Henry F. White, of Medford, Mass., to
          Miss Sarah C. Weymouth of this city.
             In Augusta, 25th ult., Mr. William D. Rankins to Miss Sarah J. Cross.
             In Conway, New Hampshire, by Rev. S. Frink, Mr. Charles H. Boothby of
          Livermore, to Miss Betsey W. Heacock, of Dixfield, Me.
            In Pittston, 27th, Mr. J. G. Fletcher of , Boston, to Miss Sarah H. Cox, of Pittston.
            In Saco, 29th ult., Mr. George G. Fuller to Miss Frances L. Chandler, both of Saco.


                                                       "This is the end of earth."
              In this city, 3rd inst., Mr. George Clark, aged 68.
              In this city, 27th ult., Joel Hall, aged 75 years, 6 months.
              In Cape Elizabeth 28th ult., Orville, W., son of  Mr. Greely Dyer, aged 2 years,
              In Windham, 16th ult., Miss Hannah Maria, daughter of William and Eliaza
          A. Baker, aged 17 years.
               In Addison at the residence of Oliver Nash, Mrs. ______ Smith, wife of Dr.
          Smith of Bascahegan (?), formerly of Addison.
              In Hollis, 12th inst., Mr. Daniel Smith, aged 93.
              In Cumberland, 31st ult., Mr. Adam Pride.
              In Kennebunk, 27th ult., Mr. Isaac Hilton, age 46.
              In Dresden, Miss Philinda G., daughter of Levi Woodward, Esq., aged 26.
              In New Portland, Miss Harriet Weymouth, aged 33.
              In Berwick, 12th ult., Mr. William Knox, aged 102 years, 4 months, 5 days.
          He had his senses until the last moment of his life.


              John Eaton of Falmouth, aged 18, cook on board schooner  Sarah, fell
           overboard last Friday in our harbor and was drowned.  It is supposed he
           fell in while in a fit, as he was subject to fits.

              Mr. David Boyd was seriously injured last Saturday by a hogshead of
          molasses, which knocked him down and rolled over him.

              A rattlesnake, measuring four feet in length and having eight rattles, was
           killed  one day last week, by Mr. Fernald, driver of the Raymond and Bolster
          Mills mail stage.  Two or three days after, another of the same species was
          killed near the same place by D. M. Scribner, of Otisfield.

             Widow Clark, of North Berwick, hung herself under a apple tree last
          Thursday.  Cause-mental derangement
             Robbery. Mr. A. Child of Buckfield, Mr., was robbed in Boston on Saturday
          morning, at the Massachusetts Hotel, a morocco pocketbook containing about
          $30 and valuable papers.

              Two fine vessels were launched at Cape  Elizabeth on Saturday last-a well
          built bark (barque) from the yard of Messrs. Turner & Harris, of 240 tons,
          burthen and a handsome schooner of 200 tons, from the yard of Thomas Knight.

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