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          In this city, 16th inst., by Rev. J. W. French, Mr. John Willard to Miss Eliza
     Mulberry, both of this city.
          In Charleston, Penobscot County, 7th inst., by Rev. Mr. Hanckie, Mr. Henry
     Tilton, of this city, to Miss Mary Smith, of Madison.
          In Madison, 6th inst., by Rev. Josiah Tucker, Washington Rowell, Esq., to Miss
     Mary Smith, of Madison. 
          In Bridgton, by Daniel Evans, Jr., Esq., Charles H. Smart, to Susan A. Smith.
          In Saco, 15th inst., by Rev. Mr. Horton, Mr. Clement Webster, Junior Editor of
      York County Herald, to Miss Catherine P. Littlefield, of Providence, Rhode Island.
          In Alfred, 12th inst., by Rev. Mr. Bragdon, Mr. George Kimball, of the firm of
     Kimball &  Edwards of Saco, to Miss Lucy S. Cluff, Somersworth, Strafford County,
     New Hampshire.
          In Dover, New Hampshire, Mr. Richard Colbarth of Farmington to Miss Susan
          In  Bangor, 16th inst., by John S. Sayward, Esq., Mr. Benjamin G. Campbell, of
     the firm of Campbell & Mills, to Miss Eliza Morse, all of Bangor.
          In Brownville, 16th inst., by E. A. Jenks, Esq., Mr. Ephraim G. Willard, to Miss
     Susan C. Page, both of Brownville.
          In Montville, Mr. Sumner Allen to Miss Hannah Dodge of Thomaston. Mr.
     Frederick Cram, to Miss Isabella Cram.


          In this city, on Saturday evening last, of consumption, Mrs. Louisa Ann, wife
     of Captain Albert Jewett, aged 30.
          In this city, 18th inst., of consumption, Mr. Susan, wife of General Alford
     Richardson, aged 56.
          In this city on Saturday last, Ann Elizabeth, daughter of A. J. Emery, aged 12.
          In  Gorham, 17th inst., Mr. Daniel Libbey, aged 54 years.
          In Warren, Mr. Daniel Newcomb, aged 69.
          At Deer Island, 27th inst., William Leonard, son of Captain George Leonard,
     aged 19.
          In Northampton, Mass., Franklin C. Mather, aged 22 years, lately of this city.
          In Bristol, Mr. Robert Boyd, formerly of Boothbay.
          In Kennebunkport, 5th inst., Henry Woodford, only son of Mr. J. L. Cleeves,
     aged 7 years.
          In Union, Mrs. Betsey  Blunt, aged 61.
          In Perryville, Pennsylvania, Captain James Miller, aged 82, formerly of Belfast.
          In Windham, 17th inst., Mr. James Mayberry, aged 73.
          In Hallowell, Charles Vaughan, Esq., aged 87.
          At Laguna, Mexico, 7th ult., Captain Charles Page, of the barque Clement, aged 76.
          Lost overboard from ship Edmund Perkins, on her passage from Liverpool to New
    Orleans, Mr. Ledmond, a native of Portland.

            Rumors of Trouble in The East.-We learn from the Bangor Whig of Friday, that
      McLaughlin, the Provincial Land Agent, has been at Fish River, which is about 50
      miles from No. 10, (township or plantation) and 40 men and ordered off by Captain
      Nye and his men, about 30 in number; they then went down the river, it is supposed
     for reinforcement. The letter from which this information is derived is at St. Croix,
      No 10, May 14th. It adds, "We immediately sent one express to Fort Fairfield for
      men, and one to Colonel Jarvis, informing him of the facts, and started a boat load of
     men,  ammunition and provision for the "the seat of war." The writer further adds,
     "We say Fish River County by arrangement belongs to us, we have sent force there
      to secure the timber, take off trespassers and exercise jurisdiction."

                                                  MARINE DISATERS & ETC.

          The ship Oceanus, of Portland, Prince, master  from Boston for Savaannah,
     in ballast went ashore on the 11 inst., off  Stono Breakers, (South Carolina) totally lost.
     Captain Prince and part of the crew arrived at Charleston on the 11th inst., for assistance
     The mate and the balance of the crew took the long boat and landed at Stono. Pervious
     to their leaving the ship had two feet of water in her hold, but had not bilged. Captain
     Prince will return to the wreck and endeavor to save what he can. The Oceanus had a
     Savannah pilot at the time of her going on shore. The steamer John Adams has
     proceeded to the wreck.
          Brig Champion, of Portland, Blanchard, from Boston for Havana, was lost at Royal
     (probably Ragged) Island 24th ult., part of cargo, sails and rigging saved. Captain
     Blanchard arrived at Philadelphia 13th inst., in schooner Elizabeth from Nassau.
     There  was $5 or $6000 insured on the cargo in Boston, which probably covered the
    loss upon it.
          Brig Commodore  Tucker (of Thomaston) Barlow, reported master, for Camden for
     New Orleans, was lost with her cargo of lime, 24th ult., on   Abaco; rigging, sails,
     chains and anchors saved.
          Schooner Union, of Bowdoinham, from Bath, was ashore on the Seven Foot Knoll,
     below Baltimore 14th inst.
          Captain Brown, of brig Pioneer, at Baltimore reports that on 10th inst., in  a gale
     from E N E, saw a brigantine ashore about 15 miles south of Cape Henry. From the
     violence of the gale Captain Brown thinks she must have gone to pieces during the
          The brig Snow (?) of Thomaston at New Orleans, rolled away her main topmast
     and to gallant mast, in lat 29 lon 74.
          Brig Louise at Philadelphia, report April 24th, lat 44 16 lon 3? 24, saw the rigging
    of a brig, apparently new.
          Ship Oceanus of Portland, ashore on Stono Breakers, was insured at two offices in
     Boston, for $6000.
          Harlow Robinson, was master of brig Commodore Tucker, of Thomaston, lost on
     Elbow Reef, 24th ult.,


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