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                                                           PENOBSCOT COUNTY

          Charles Stetson of the  Penobscot Bar, died at Bangor on Tuesday, aged 81.
     He was sent to Congress in 1848.
          On Saturday Bangor elected for mayor Frederick A. Cummings, Democrat by
     a majority of 154.
          Rueben Flanders, inventor of the machine for stripping thin sheets of wood from
    a log for lemon boxes, last week, died at Dexter, where he had resided since 1829.
          It is found that Robert Becket who was lately sentenced under the name of George
     Brown to State Prison for 5 years for burglary in Milford and Oldtown, and already spent
     21 years in the prison under different names for 6 larcenies in various parts of the state.  
          The estate of William Plaisted & Son, of Lincoln, will pay about 50 per cent. They
     failed last year for $80,000.
           Edward Lambert was seriously injured by falling into some acids in the new
     pulp mill at West Great Works last week.

                                                     PISCATAQUIS COUNTY

          The authorities meet with much opposition to the enforcement of the Game Laws
     in Piscataquis County. It is almost impossible to indict, much more to convict a man
     for pouching. Several prominent citizens of Massschusetts have been indicted in
     Somerset and Franklin Counties. The name of Senator Hoar has been mentioned, but
     there is no evidence that he was present when the game was killed.
          Mr. D. S. Bailey of Dover, has invented a water wheel which is to be tested in a
     mill at Milo.

                                                    SAGADAHOC COUNTY

          Honorable John Patten of Bath, has sent $200 to constitute the Central
      Congrestional Church a perpetual member of the Theological Library of  of Boston.
     This allow all its pastor to use the library and makes himself a Life Member.
          Ship Governor Robie was launches at Bath on the 21st from the yard of William
     Rogers. The governor with his wife and daughter, assisted at the launching.

                                                     SOMERSET COUNTY

          Ex-Governor Coburn has generously assisted the Baptist Church to purchase an
     Estey organ.
                                                        WALDO COUNTY

          Samuel Mansur of Monroe fell through a scuttle on Monday, and received injuries
      that may prove fatal.
           Honorable Fred Atwood of Winterport, has been giving a series of entertainments
      at his handsome residence to those engaged in various industrial pursuits, at his
      handsome residence to those engaged in  various industrial pursuits in the vicinity.The
     series ended  last Thursday evening with a party given to the merchants of the village.
           John S. Caldwell for almost fifty years a bookseller in Belfast, died last week
     aged 81.
            J. Y. McClintock died at Belfast on the 21st, aged 83.  In 1856 Governor Wells
     appointed him Sheriff of Waldo, and prossession of the jail being resisted, he effected
     an entrance with a crow bar,  giving rise to what was called  the Crow Bar War. He
     leaves an estate valued at from $60,000 to $80,000.

                                                 WASHINGTON COUNTY

          Of the three or four murderous assaults made in this state since the revival of the
     death penalty, the only fatal one thus far is the affair at Calais. On the evening of the
     20th, two brothers, Herbert W. and Joseph E. Eaton, the first a lumber dealer, and
     the other an owner of planing mills, and a furniture factory, were carousing in Joseph's
     stable office, and indulging in rough practical joking, as they were in the habit of doing
     when stimulated by liquor. All at once Herbert took from his  pocket a pistol and saying
     "Joe, I have had enough of your fooling," fired at his brother. The bullet struck in the
     left chest and went directly through the body. Samuel Kelley, Jr., who was with them
     started to retire when Herbert fired at him, the bullet striking in the left hip. He then went
     into the stable, harnessed his pair of horses and drove to his summer residence 7 miles
     down the river. To persons he met on the  way he spoke pleasantly. The two brothers were
     always on the best of terms, and they were in the habit of very rough play throwing each other
     down stairs, throwing billiard balls at each other, etc,. No attempt seems to have been  made
     to arrest Herbert till the next noon when the officers found him with the doors barred, and
     armed with revolvers. He said he would never be taken alive and would kill any one who
     attempted to arrest him.  His brother and partner, Bradley promised to become  responsible
     for him, and a strong guard surrounded the house to prevent his escape, and no further
     attempts to arrest him were made. Eaton's wound was not considered dangerous, but
     Kelley's was more serious. He suffered much pain in the bowels, and vomited copiously.
     The bullet could not be extracted. He  died at 6:30 p.m., on the 22nd. Previous to Kelley's
     death Herbert  Eaton was induced to give himself up, and Wednesday evening he was
     arraigned on charge of assault with intent to kill Kelley. He plead not guilty, waived
     examination, and demanded bail, which was accepted in the sum of $7,5000. He
     immediately left the city.  Kelley, before his death declined to make any statement in
     regard to the affair. He leaves a widow and a daughter. It excites much surprise throughout
     the state that while Kelley's condition was so critical, Eaton was allowed to give bail and
     escape. On Friday the police searched his house at Barber's Beach, and found there his
     only child, a man and a young woman.. Eaton always had plenty of money, drove fast
     horses, and indulged his fancy with reckless expenditure. Teams of the sober old famers
     had to pull into the ditch when the rattle of his wheels was heard behind them. At his
     summer residence he entertained his friends in  sumptuous style, His large force of servants
     were dressed in uniform, the style of which was changed for special occasions. First it
     would be Japanese costumes and then Turkish dress.  He was the leading spirit of a circle
     of dissipated  youths. On Saturday the coroner's jury found that Kelley came to his death
     from the effects of a shot discharging from a revolver by Herbert E. Eaton. It is said
     some of the witnesses whose name were given to the sheriff have disappeared. Mr. S.
    W. Haycock was invited in to the office of Eastons at the time Kelley went in. A
     demijohn was thrown at his head, it was attempted to make him drink a glass of liquor,
     and he backed out as soon as he could as the play began to be rather rough. He hid in a
     horse stall to escape the violence, and though he staid (sic) there till Herbert departed
     he did not hear the shots.
                                                  YORK COUNTY

          The late Elisha Piper gave to Parsonsfield his entire estate of $9,5000, the interest
     to be expended for a free high school. As the town is large, and no one location will
     will suit all parties, the high school is "on trucks," (sic.) It has been at North Parsonsfield
     and now to be at Kezar Falls.
          It was financial trouble that induced Levi L. Peavey of Dayton to commit suicide
     on the 18th. He plunged into a deep spring head downward.
          The French Canadians of Biddeford have held a meeting to express their indignation
     at the charges against their race by Mr. Foster, of the Massachusetts Bureau of Labor
     and Education, who says they are the East what the Chinese are in the West. A committee
    was appointed to draw up suitable resolutions.

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