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                                                 "So learn ye whose vows are plighted,
                                                     That hearts are one when united."

          In this city 2nd inst., by Rev. S. E. Brown, Mr. Hoyt P. Turner, of Portland to
     Miss Frances M. Titus, of  St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.
          2nd inst., by Rev. Mr. Turner, Mr. James M. Eveleth of Gorham, New Hampshire,
     to Miss Elizabeth F.  Hutchins of Portland.
          4th inst., by Rev. J. Pratt, Henry Curtis, Esq., late of Oxford, England, to Miss S. H.
      Erskine, of Portland.
          In Freeport 3rd inst., Mr. Horace P. Merrill to Miss Delia P. Waite, both of Freeport.
          In Bath 2nd inst., Mr. Edgar R. Snow, to Miss Martha A. Tarr, of Topsham.
          In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Mr. John H. Poole of Boston, to Miss Ellen A.
     Greenlaw, of Phipsburg,  Saghagadac County.
         In Boston 2nd inst., Mr. W. V. Leonard of Belgrade, Kennebec County to Miss
      Irene Stewart of Belgrade.
           In Durham, Androscoggin County 5th inst., Mr. A. Wood Morse, M. D., of
      Hamilton, Madison County, New York, to Miss Mary A. Nichols of Durham.
      Madison County,
          In Bath 5th inst., Mr. David T. Percy to Miss Adriana Bosworth, both Bath.
          In Cumberland, 8th inst., by Rev. Joseph Blake, Mr. Edward M. Moore of
     Portland, to Miss Hannah A. Blake of Cumberland.


                                                     "This is the end of earth."
          In this city 9th inst., at the residence of his brother, Dr. E. Clark, of Portland,
      Adam C. Clark, Esq., of Strong, Franklin County,  aged 55.
          5th inst., Daniel Augustus, son of John and Lydia Damrell, aged 8 months.
          In North Yarmouth, 7th inst., Mr. Benjamin Prince, aged 68.
          In Newburyport, Essex County, Mass., 6th inst., widow Abigail W. York, of
      Portland, aged 95.
          In Whatley, Franklin County, Mass., 1st inst., Mr. Caleb Crafts, formerly of
      Portland, aged 54.
          In Windham 3rd inst., Mrs. Sarah Smith, widow of the late Hezekiah Smith,
     and daughter of the late Rev. Peter Thatcher Smith, of Windham, aged 88.
          In Lewiston, at the residence of her son, Mrs. Abigail, wife of Napthall Coffin,
     formerly of Livermore but recently of Portland, aged 71.
          In North Berwick, 25th ult., after a short illness, Mary Elizabeth, only daughter
     of Henry and Lydia Estes, aged 47.
          In Windham 24th inst., Mrs. Esther,  widow of Mr. Johan Austin, aged 72 years,
     6 months.
          In Somerville, Lincoln County,  9th inst., Mr. Nathaniel Brown, aged 41.

          In this city 5th inst., Samuel Augustus, only child of Samuel and Abby Q.
     Butterfield, aged one year and three months.

                                         Thou art a little angel now,
                                         A diadem is on thy brow,
                                         A golden harp is in thine hand,
                                         Among the holy throng thou stand'st.

                                         Thou was't not born to dwell on earth,
                                         And here engage in sinful mirth;
                                         Joys nobler, purer were designed,
                                         To fill the young immortal mind.


          The Gage Tavern at Bridgton Center, was wholly destroyed by fire on Sunday
     last. Insured, $1,300.

          Frozen.-Mr. Ebenezer Ayers of Cooper, Washington County, Me., was found
      frozen to death in the woods in Township No. 42 Maine, on Monday the 26th ult.

          A little girl about eight years old named Kelley, fell upon one of the lime kilns in
     Rockland, one day last week and was so severely burned that she died on Sunday last

          S. H. Jacobs, who shot an Irishman at Fairfield, has been tried at Norridgewock and
    sentenced to the State Prison for seven years.

          Eating House.-Messrs. Ingersoll & Son have taken store No. 77, "Fox Block,"
     and fitted it up in fine style as a confectionary and restorator (sic) establishment. Their
     rooms are spacious, well lighted, and lofty and their refreshments for the inner man are
     admirably served, as all who were in at the free lunch on Saturday can testify. They
     deserved patronage and will get it. As friends at  our elbow says-

                                                "Those will now eat who never ate before,
                                                    And those who always ate will eat the more."

          The Legislature.-"Things is working" at Augusta. And it is amusing to observe
     the moderated exultation of the successful maneuvers, and the look of injured
     innocence put on by the discomfited party!  They are shocked at much profligacy,
     the honest souls!  The Whigs, Morrill men and Free Soilers seem to have coalesced
     without difficulty and have elected Noah Smith, Jr., of Calais (Whig) Speaker of
     the House, and General J. J. Perry, (Morrill) Clerk.  The Senate having a majority
     of regular democrats, has spent its time in trying to out wit the coalition. As there
     is a majority of Pillsbury men elected to the Senate, they wish to force the House
     into action upon only a portion of the vacancies, and thus secure the organization
     of the Senate. The House refuses to go into this partial arrangement, and thus the
     wheels of government are at a stand-still.


          Ship Clinton  of Bath, Murphy, which was at Turks Island 9th ult., ldg for
     New Orleans, is reported to have been lost no date, on Turks Island or Grand
          Brig Albatross, at Bath from Savannah, lost sails, wheel and part of deck  load
     of lumber, 10th ult.  On  12th, lat 31 25 lon 76 16 fell in with the wreck of brig
     Ellsworth, Jordan, from Jacksonville for New York with loss of both masts, deck
     load and boats, and with five feet of water in her hold. The crew were taken off,
     but as a heavy sea was running, nothing else could be saved from the wreck.
          Schooner Julia of Saco, Baker, from Cardenas, Mexico for Portland,, with
     molasses, put into Sea Harbor,  Penobscot Bay, 2nd inst., with loss of sails and leaky.
          Schooner Rio, of Sedgwick lost on the passage from St. Mary's, Georgia, for
     New York, waterlogged, hatches off and both masts gone, was fallen in with 29th
     ult., lat 33 30 lon 72 by ship Cygnet at New York.
         Captain M'Fadden, master of barque S. L. Crowell, of Lubec  has arrived at that
     place. The barque was from Picton, Ontario,with coal for Pembroke. She went ashore
    County Harbor   in a thick snow storm and was a total wreck. The S. L. C. was owned
     by Solomon Thayer, Esq., and partly insured.
          Schooner Mt. Vernon, Collamer, from Falmouth, of and for Lincolnville, (not
     Portland as  reported) went ashore on Scituate beach in the late gale, and will be got
     off  until  the spring.

          MISSING VESSEL.-The barque Baring Brothers, Gregg, which sailed from
     Havana, Cuba, August 20, 1853, for Falmouth, England, has not since been heard
     from-Captain Gregg was a resident of this city, and leaves a wife and family. He was
     part owner of the vessel.



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