Friday, September 13, 2013


          In this city, last evening 8th inst., by Rev. J. W. French, Dr. Albus Rea, to Miss
      Dorcus Moody, both of this city.
          In this city, last evening 8th inst., by Rev. Mr. Fleming, Mr. Seth E. Berry, to Miss
       Mahala Blethen.
          In New York, N. Y., on the 4th inst., in St. Stephen's Church, by the Rev. Lott Jones,
      Mr. George W. Carr,  formerly of Belfast Me., to Miss Emelian M. Summers of
      New York.
          In Bingham, Somerset County, Mr. Abel W. Heald of  Concord, to Miss Cordelia
     Baker of Concord. (There is no town named Concord located in Maine, so the town may
     be in  New Hampshire or Massachusetts.)
          In Trenton, New Jersey, 25th ult., by Rev. A. Atwood, Rev. Davis W. Clark, A. B.
      Principal of Amenia Seminary, New York, formerly of Mt. Desert in this state, to Miss
      Mary J. Redman, of the former place.
          In Calais, Me., Mr. William Woodbury, to Miss Francs D. Winchell.
          In Livermore, Mr. Oria Haskell, to Miss Anenath Washburn.
          In Bangor, 23rd inst., by Rev. S. Lowell, John Bennoch, Esq., to Mrs. Mercy
     Bartlett, both or Orono.


          In this city, 5th inst., George B. Budd, son of Mr. William Budd, 5 months.
          8th months, 6th day, 1838 in Cape Elizabeth, Hannah wife of William Fickett,
      aged 61 years and about 7 months.
          In Jay, Colonel, Ezekiel Richardson, 50.
          In Monmouth, Mrs. Elizabeth Fairbanks, 50.
          In Leeds, Mr. David Woodman, 66.
          In Denmark, Me., June 18th, of Typhus Fever, Renel, aged 13 years, and on
     August 2nd, of the same disease Francina, aged 15 years, children of General
     Stephen and Lavinia Ferry, of that place.  [Paper in Mass., will confer a favor on
     the afflicted to copy the above.]
          In Newtown, Connecticut, 9th ult., Miss Esther Mervin, 20; 14th ult., Mrs.
     Betsey Mervin, 53, 19th ult., Mr. Stephen Merwin, 58.
          At Havre about the middle of June last, at the residence of the American
     Counsel, on her way from Paris, whither she had gone for her health, Glorvina
     Claudine Mines, consort of Rev. F. Mines, aged 25.
          In West Springfield, Mass., Captain Timothy Allyn, 90, a hero in the
          In New Orleans, La., Lewis, only son of Thomas Pierce, Esq., of Readfield,
     aged  22.
          On board ship Edmund Perkins, on her passage for Havre, Paris, to Boston of
     consumption, John Smith, seaman of Biddeford.
          In this city at the Marine Hospital on Saturday evening, Lewis Young (colored)
     a native of Eastport. His remains were interred from the Abysinian Church on
     Sunday. (Young may have passed away on the 4th of August, since this paper was
     printed on Saturday the 11th.)
          In Westbrook, Mr. William P. Jordan, aged 27.
          In Eastport of Palsy, Captain Uriah Coolidge, of the U. S. Revenue Cutter,
     Crawford, aged 57.
          In Brunswick, Rev. Stephen A. Sneathen, aged 27.
          In Woolridge, Mr. Edward  Hedge, 28; Miss Lucy Hedge 22; Mr. Issaac (sic)
     Hedge, aged 56.
          In Bath 21st inst., Mr. Edmond Milne Russell, United States Navy, aged 43.
          Lieutenant Russell left the mercantile business for which he was educating and
     entered the Naval service on the declaration of war with Great Britain in 1812-was
     attached to the Chesapeake, when captured by the Savannah-he was slightly wounded
     and carried a prisoner to Halifax, where he remained seven months.  He was on
     board the Constitution at the capture of the Cyane and Levant, and was twice
     shipwrecked. The exposure consequent to long cruises and visiting various climates
     in quick succession, laid the foundation of the disease which terminated his earthly
     existence. While attached to the Vincennes in the Pacific, about four years since,
     his health began to fail, and he obtained leave to return to the United States.  He was
     attacked with severe illness soon after his arrival from  which he partially recovered,
     but since been gradually failing.
         In New Bedford, (Mass?) Mr. Daniel Taber, 74-he was the first male child born
     in that town.
          In Charleston, South Carolina, 15th inst., on board steamer Etiwan, Mr.Nathaniel
     Osgood, of this city.
          In Baldwin, 10th inst., Mrs. Sally Fly, formerly of Westbrook, aged 75.

                                                   MARINE NEWS

          The Whaleman from Prospect Harbor, (Gouldsboro,) have caught seven whales
     in about three weeks, of the species commonly called the Humpback,-making in all
     about 140 barrels of oil. six of the were killed about nine miles E N E, from Mount
     Mount Desert rocks.

          The Brig Ajax of Wiscasset, Abandoned at Sea.-The brig Rome, Captain Fowler,
      arrived today from Gottenburg,(Guttenberg, Austria?) has on board the captain and
      crew of the brig Ajax of Wiscasset, which vessel was boarded on the 24th of June,
      in lat 43 18, lon 22 49,  on her passage from Philadelphia to Liverpool, a complete
      wreck; she having ten days previous, in a gale, lost her mainmast and all her sails-took
      22 bales of cotton. Jour. Com.

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