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          In this city, 31st inst., by Rev. G. W. Bosworth, Mr. Charles B. Nash to Miss
     Julia M. Stewart, both of Portland.
          In this city, 1st inst., by Rev. Dr. Shailler, Gardiner B. Page, Esq., of Burlington,
     Penobscot County, Miss Patience Small of Hiram.
          In this city, 17th inst., by Rev. B. Foster, Mr. Cephas W. Skillings to Miss Climena
     M. Shaw; 28th, by the same, Mr. Francis Smith to Miss Maria F. Brown, all of Portland.
          In this city, 27th inst., by Rev. Dr. Curruthers, Mr. Alfred P. Andrews, of Paris, Maine,
     to Miss Eunice M. Hersey, of Sumner.
          In Lewiston, 28th ult., by Rev. U. Balkam, Mr. Jacob Straw, of Cumberland, to Miss
     Emeline Cushing of Lewiston.
          In Litchfield, 19th inst., Mr. Thomas C. Sampson, of Bath, to Miss Charlotte A.
     Jackson, of Litchfield. 
          In Bucksport, 27th inst., Mr. F. A. Buck of California to Miss Jennie M. Pierce of
          In Buckfield, 3rd ult., T. J. Bridgham, Esq., to Miss Susan W. Hayford.
          In South Paris, Maine, 19th ult.,  Mr. William S. Bicknell to Miss Mary Whitman,
     both of Woodstock.
          In Lewiston, 26th ult., Mr. W. G. F. Woodard, of Lewiston, to Miss Mary D.
     Graffam of Salem, Mass. (?)
          In Bath, 28th ult., Mr. Clark T. Clifford to Miss Elizabeth H., daughter of J. B.
     Trull, Esq., both of Bath.
          In Auburn, 2nd ult., David A. Jumper to Harriet E. Ridlon, both of Auburn.
          In Leeds, 24th ult., Mr. George B. Lane to Viola A. Ramsdell, of Leeds.
          In Waterboro, Mr. Isaac S. Low to Miss Lucy J. Gerry, both of Waterboro.
          In North Berwick, 23rd ult., Mr.  John W. Tufts to Miss Mary Ann, both of
     North Berwick.
          In South Berwick, Benjamin Franklin Paris, Esq., to Miss Lydia A. Gilman,
     both of South Berwick.
          In Frankfort, 24th ult., Colonel T. H. Cushing to Miss Augusta B., youngest
     daughter of the late J. Holmes, Esq.
          In West Glenburn, Penobscot County, 24th ult., Mr. Rinaldo Butters to Ruth H
     Dickey, both of Orono.
          In Gouldsboro, 23rd ult., by B. M. Sargent, Esq., Mr. Freeman P. Joy to Miss
     Georgiana Moore.
          In Bath, 25th ult., Mr. Simeon B. Waters, of Livermore, to Miss Sophia A.
     daughter of the late John Deering, Esq., of Bath.

          In this city, 1st inst., Mr. William Loud, aged 61.
          In this city, 29th ult., Jane C., widow of the late Captain George W. W. Small,
     aged 45, years 10 months.
          In this city, 30th ult., of consumption, Mrs. Sarah E. McLanathan, aged 25.
          In this city at the Alms House, 7th ult., Miss Annah Dyer, aged 75; Mrs.
     Phillis Cooper (colored) aged 65; Mr. Samuel Waterhouse, aged 70.
          In this city, 29th ult., Mrs. Mary Jane, wife of John Alexander, Esq., aged 51.
          In Gardiner, 21st ult., Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Davis, aged 78; 20th, Miss
     Harriet Spear, aged 27 years, 10 months.
          In Pittston (Beach Hill) 23rd ult., Alvin Crowell, Esq.
          In Biddeford, 15th ult., Caroline B., daughter of Mr. John P. Lougee, of  Dover,
     aged 18.
          In Sebago, 18th ult., Mrs. Betsey, wife of William Fitch, aged 61 years.
     (Western papers please copy.)
          In Jackson, Waldo County, 13th ult., Boardman Johnson, Esq., aged 89 years,
      2 months.
          In South Berwick, 22nd ult., Nancy Maria, daughter of Aaron and Jane Hodgdon,
      aged 14 years, and 6 months.
          At Gerrish's Island, Kittery, 25th ult., Miss Mary Gerrish, aged 79.
          In Manchester, Kennebec County 9th ult., Mary, wife of Paul Collins, aged 81
      years, 2 months.
          In Farmington, 14th ult., Mrs. Jane Carsley, aged 82 years, 16 days.
          In Rockland, 14th ult. Harriet D., wife of Richard Varney, aged 50 years, 6
     months; 15th; Harriet A., wife of Albion P. Mossman, aged 28 years, 9 months.
          In Lincolnville, 11th ult., Franklin A. Marriner, aged 32; 22nd, Honorable Minot
     Crehore, aged 54.
          In Manhattan, Pottawatonie County, Kansas, Angeline R., wife of Honorable
     E. M. Thurston, formerly of Charleston, Piscataquis County.
          At sea, previous to August 20th, on board ship Elizabeth Kimball, on the
     passage from Calcutta for Boston, Captain Thomas Condon, master, of Portland.

          In Sebec, Piscataquis County, August 15th of consumption, Mrs. Sarah Jane,
     wife of John W. Courier, and daughter of William Taylor, aged 24 year, 1 month. The
     deceased was a devoted wife and tender mother. In those bereaved hearts that knew
     her best will she be longest remembered and her loss most deeply deplored. She died
     in the midst of life, with husband an children around her. How will those children miss
     a mother's thoughtful care, and how they will need her counsels to guide and direct
     them through the years of youth; but her voice is silent, her race is run, and the heart
     that shed a peaceful light of love and sympathy on all who come within its influence,
     can thrill no more with earthly joys or sorrows. A husband and three children are left
     to feel that death has made a void in their number which can never be filled. She was
     patient in her sufferings; showed an interest in the cause of Christ and a love to God's
     people.  Religion presented  to her a bright prospect in the future and enable her to say
     it looks bright beyond the grave.  Albert Platt.
          In Buxton, 23rd ult., Mr. Jotham Lewis, formerly of Cornish, aged 74 years,
      10 months.
                                                Father thou hast gone before us
                                                   and thy saintly soul has flown,
                                                Where tears are wip'd from ev'ry eye,
                                                    and sorrow is unknown;
                                                But the spirit soars away
                                                    Among the faithful blest,
                                                May each like thee depart in peace,
                                                    To be a glorious guest.



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