Friday, September 6, 2013


                                                   ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY

          Solon Chase announces that "Them Steers," will be printed monthly until he can do
     better. With his 22 followers he boasts of the deadlock he forced upon the other two
     parties in Turner.  His hope is to organize in every town a party that can thus hold the
     power, and force its opponents to consider its claim in each election.
          The Law Court has affirmed the decision of Judge Symonds in favor of the town
     of Livermore in its suit against R. F. Gordon and his bondsmen. The sum recovered
     is $2,602.79 and costs amounting to $188.97.

                                                             AROOSTOOK COUNTY

          Blaine, with a population of less than 700, has 4 distinct temperance organizations
     with 40 to 110 members each. Each has weekly meetings, and are all in a prosperous
                                                      CUMBERLAND COUNTY

          Mrs. Susan Bickford of Baldwin, celebrated her 90th birthday with her daughter,
      Mrs. Pratt, at Chelsea, Mass., last week, There was a pleasant surprise party, at which
      four generations were represented.
          Henry A. Gooding, of Yarmouth, was killed by a shocking accident last Saturday
      evening. He and his friend Josiah S. Loring had been out gunning and had met with
      excellent success. They were dividing the game in the front yard at Gooding's house.
      Loring picked up Goodwin's gun and handed it to him. When the latter stretched out
      his hand for it Loring relaxed his hold and the piece fell to the ground.  Striking on the
      butt the gun was discharged, while Gooding's forehead was in exact range but a few
      inches from the muzzle. The unfortunate man's skull was completely blown off and he
      died  instantly without a groan. Mr. Loring is almost stricken down with grief at the
      terrible accident. Gooding leaves a widow and one child. He was about 37 years old.
      He was an active industrious  man endeared by many genial qualities.
          Mr. M. Blake had   his hand crushed by the fall of a heavy weght at the South
     Windham pulp mill last week.

                                                        FRANKLIN COUNTY
          Rev. J. S. Swift, founder of the Farmington Chronicle and the Wilton Record
     and author of several town histories, died at Wilton on Monday, aged about 70.
     He was widely know and universally respected.
          Three of the teachers of the  Franklin Norman School prefer charges against
     the principal, Professor C. C. Rounds, regarding his conduct toward students and
     teachers of the school. The trustees have appointed a hearing at Augusta on
     Wednesday evening of this week. The students unanimously signed a protest against
     any credence being given in the charges.  Mr. Rounds has been connected with the
     school as principal for 15 years.  The parties making the charges are Professor
     Harper, Miss Perley and Mr. Philbrook.

                                                             HANCOCK COUNTY

          Eugene J. Swan of Franklin has employed 30 hands in his granite guarry the past
     winter and has about 100 men in his lumbering operations.
          Dedham elected P. P. Gilmore, moderator, First Selectman and Supervisor; H.P.
     Burrill, Clerk and Selectman; A. Condon, Treasurer; O. C. Pinkham, Collector.

                                                            KENNEBEC COUNTY

          Charles T. Ware of Windsor, a noted horse thief was arrested at Bangor last
     week. He had done a wholesale business in Kennebec County, and is wanted in
     other parts of Maine, as also in other states.
          General W. S. Tilton, who has resigned his position as manager of the Togus
     Militiary Home, proposes to spend a year or two abroad and then buy a small farm
     near a New England town, and engage  in farming and breeding on a modest scale.
          George D. Saunders, a student of Colby, has sued the selectmen of Waterville
     for $2,000 for refusal to let him vote last September.  He claims that his residence,
     was more than a student's residence, as he had no other home.
          E. Curtis Stevens, lately appointed Home Master at Hallowell, has resigned that
          Governor Robie has nominated Oromandel Smith for Insurance Commissioner.
                                                              KNOX COUNTY

          Mabel Beveridge, of Thomaston, aged 21, shot herself dead in Cinncinati last
     Thursday, at the door of a gambling den, where she went to find her lover.

                                                             LINCOLN COUNTY

          Our Bristol correspondent Sioux writes that citizens of Pemaquid who have
     investigated the matter entirely exonerate Captain Ludlow in the matter of the
     grounding of the steamer City Point.
          Mrs. Betsey Sproul, widow of the late Captain John Spourl frequently mentioned
     in the History of Bristol and Bremen, died March 13th, at the advanced aged of 94
     years.  Her husband commanded the Home Guards that repelled the English at New
      Harbor in the War of 1812. She lived with her grandson on a farm that has passed from
      father to son since 1729.
          Jesse Pitcher, a prominent citizen of Waldoboro, died recently at the good old
     age of 92. He was a native of Waldoboro, and had held many places  of trust.
          The steamship City Point, ashore at Pemaquid, resisted all efforts to get her
     afloat until Friday. She is not materially injured and makes no water.

                                                            OXFORD COUNTY

          Frank Luce, who was at work on the Bridgton Road, was killed at Hiram on
     Monday; in attempting to leap from one car to another, he fell beneath the wheels.
          The little town of Mason has seven  of municiapl officers filled by men named



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