Wednesday, September 4, 2013


                                                           CITY ITEMS

            In a drunken scrimmage in a house adjoining Stafford Block on Wednesday week,
     a Portuguese named John Cloarch cut out the eye of Charles H. Doughty, a fisherman.
            A new Medthodist paper  to be called The Maine Christian Advocate, is to be
     issued in this city about April 4th; W. W. Baldwin will be editor, and A. W. Laughlin,
            Mr. Libby, the contractor, proposes to immediately begin the construction of the
     new sewer.
           On Thursday week John Barltett fell between the cars in the Eastern Railroad yard
     at Turner's Island, and the wheel crushed his fingers and forearm so that it necessary
     to amputate the arm; he seemed to rally at first but died during the evening; he was a
     hard working, steady young man.
          The Symphony Concert under Ira Stockbridge's management at City Hall, on
     Wednesday of this week promises a rich musical treat, and will draw out one of the
     largest audiences of the season.
          At Hewe's Art Store may be seen an admirabley carved bas-relief of  Miss Margaret
     Bryant, the well known contralto, executed by Miss Jennie Anderson
          Judge Webb has placed before our business men the desirability of purchasing the
     law library of the late Justice Clifford, which is next to the largest in New England,
     and it can be bought at a low figure if it can be kept together.
           A stock company is to build a large hotel on Little Chebeague Island using the
     present hotel as an ell; and will face up the bay; Mr. J. H. Hamlin will erect a cottage
     on the island the coming season at a cost of $2,000.
          Captain Knowlton has just received several monkeys for his menagerie at Peak's
          There have been added to the Portland fishing fleet the past year, twelve new and
     about as many more older vessels, and there are several now building for Portland
     parties; the new vessel Abbie M. Deering, now lying at Portland Pier is a very
     handsome addition to the fleet.
            Margaret Mather, as Juliet, drew a crowded house Monday evening, and made a
     very favorable impression upon her audience; she was several times called before
     the curtain.
           On Monday, by a falling block on board bark Ysidora Rionda, Mr. James Boyd,
     had an ugly gash cut in the side of his head, and was felled to the deck.
           Judge Cleaves was badly bruised by the falling on  the ice last Sunday.
           It is understood that Honorable S. E. Spring and Honorable W. W. Thomas
     have subscribed $500 each toward the purchase of Justices Clifford's law library,
     and that other gentlemen stand ready to respond in a liberal manner.
           Marshall Bridges has tendered his resignation to the Mayor, who holds it under
           Thursday of this week at 2 o'clock, p.m.; sermon by Rev. C. J.Clark, Presiding
      Elder; Rev. D. W. LeLacheur of Pine Street Church, will preach at 7:30.
           The Clara Louise Kellogg company will appear at City Hall, October 20th.
          Edward Corey and son Eben Corey, Esq., and Mr. Amos King, were thrown
     from their teams by coming into collision on Plum Street last Saturday, and Mr. King
     was seriously hurt.
         On Thursday week a little daughter of Mr. E. M. Lang, who resides at Deering
    Point, was thrown from a small wagon while playing, and broke her right arm; she
    had broken her other arm some two years ago.
         Burnham and Morrill's new corn factory at Denmark, Maine, which closed last
     Saturday, put up during the season 460,000 cans.
         A fine photograph of the late Dr. W. W. Green, by King may be seen in Rosesel's
         Captain Knowlton will build the coming winter, for his increasing summer travel
     a new steamer, considerably larger than the Minnehaha, and  first class in all respects;
     he proposes to run a regular ferry from Jones's landing to the city direct.
         The Sunday Times relates that last June three ladies asked the driver of a grocery
     wagon to take them up to Barnum's circus; two of them sat on the seat and the third
     took up her position an an inverted basket, frequently exclaiming, "What a jolly lark:"
     last week the driver received three ticket to the Cary concert, with the complements
     of the lady who sat on the basket-Miss Annie Louise Cary.
          This is a good peach year in Maine, as is shown by reports from many places in
     this vicinity; Mr. J. S. Staples of this city shows us some very large and beautiful
     specimens of Crawfords grown in his garden.
          The guns which roused the city Sunday morning and excited much inquiry were
     fired from Fort Preble, every half hour from sunrise to sunset, by order of the
     Secretary of War as a tribute to the late President. (The only president that died
     around that time was the late Rutherford B.  Hayes, who died January 1, 1883.)
           Rev. Dr. Hill has been elected President of the White Mountain Club, Vice- Abner
     Lowell, deceased.
           Rev. Dr. Hill of this city and Rev. J. F. Stevens, D. D., of Montreal, will be
     among the speakers at the thirtieth anniversary of the Y. M.  C. Association, in City
     Hall, Thursday evening, April 5th.
          Tom Conroy and James Sullivan have been jailed on a charge of committing
     several burglaries in the vicinity of India and Middle Streets.
          Mr. Jeremiah Dow, who resides near Deering Oaks, but fed the grey squirrels
     the past winter, until now some thirty of the them may be seen eating together of a
     morning on his piazza, and some of them are so tame as they will eat out of his hand.
          On Saturday last Charles Cressey, of Knightville,(S. Portland) while shackling cars
     in the yard of the Boston & Maine railroad was terriby, though not necessarily fatally
     jammed between the bunters; when will railroad companies, by using some automatice
     method, cease to put their employes in such peril.
            Lorey Odell came from Conway on his way to Portsmouth, N. H.  last fall, but
     was too  ill to continue his journey, and has been sick at the Preble House until Saturday
     when he died at the age of 81 years; he was at one time Collector of  Customs at
     Portsmouth, and Judge of the Police Court of that city; he was an uncle of Mr. Richard
     O. Conant of this city.
          Mr. A. L. Dresser has sailed for Cuba in the hope of improving his health; he has
     sold his interest in the firm of A. L. Dressser  & Co., to Mr. Brown, father of the
     book keeper of the firm.
          Mr. Nahum Libby, a well known citizen, now 83 years old, has recently received a
      stroke of paralysis and is still very sick.
          Mr. Frank L. Collins of this city, has been engaged by the citizens of Ferry Village
     to teach music in the schools, beginning the last of April or the first of May.
          Owing to long continued illness Mr. W. P. Bancroft has withdrawn from the firm
     of Eastman Brothers & Brancroft, and his interest in the firm has been assumed by
     Mr. E.D. Eastman, recently of the firm of A. Little & Co., the firm of Eastman
     Brothers & Bancroft has gained for its self an enviable reputation of upright dealing,
     which will no doubt be fully sutained under the new administration.




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