Sunday, December 21, 2014


                                                      MAINE MATTERS
          The 1-10-20th Maine Regiment Association holds its reunion at Norway, Me.,
     September 17th.
          Lucy Larcom ,the poetess, is spending a few weeks of the hay fever season at
     Bethel, where last year she found relief.
     Otis C. Hayford succeeds S. T. Corser  as Superintendent of the F. F. & B. railroad.
          At the reunion of the 8th, 9th, and 11th, Maine Regiment, held at Bangor, last
     week, B. F. Strickland of Portland was elected President for the ensuing year;
     Captain L. B. Rogers, Vice President; T.T. Tabor, Secretary and Treasurer. There
     were about 100 veterans in attendance.
          At Lincoln last Saturday, two girls named Shorrard and Hamilton, aged 15 and
     16, were drowned while bathing.
          Three two-story buildings which stood over the stream on Grove Street, Dexter,
     were capsized on Saturday, by the giving way of the foundation, and went down
     into the water. Two were store houses, and one the grocery and clothing factory of
     George Bunker. No one  was hurt, but the buildings and goods were much damaged.
          Captain F. J.  Sargent claims to have a valuable silver mine on his hand, near
          Mr. Merrill's slate quarry at Brownville, on which extensive repairs have been
     made, is now employing 65 men.
          The  Katahdin iron works are in full blast.


          A temperance camp meeting was opened at the Richmond grounds on the 20th,
     J. K. Osgood presiding. Rev. J. E. Wolfe, of Providence, preached a temperance
          The Democratic county convention adopted the Greenback ticket.

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