Wednesday, December 3, 2014


                                                     MAINE MATTERS


          John Spaulding of Lewiston, in a fit of jealousy, shot at his wife Tuesday,
     inflicting a flesh wound on her head.
          Dr. R. L. Harlow, a distinguished physician of Auburn, died Wednesday, aged
     56 years. He was a surgeon in the army during the war, and his health had been
     very infirm ever since.
          Dingley & Strout, the Auburn shoe manufacturers moved last week into their
     enlarged establishments.


          Mr. James H. Phair opened his fine new hotel at Presque Isle this week.
          J. W. Collins has erected a dry house in connection with his starch factory
     at Bridgewater, as the drying capacity of the old one has not been sufficient
     in time past.

          A two year old child of Joseph Coffin of  Yarmouth was instantly killed by a
     fall Saturday.
          The 80th commencement of Bowdoin College takes place June 21-28. The
     following is the program: Sunday, 10:45 a. m. sermon by Rev. E. N. Packard of
     Dorchester, Mass. 4 p. m. baccalaureate sermon by Professor Samuel G. Brown,
     D.D. Monday 8 p.m. Junior Prize Declamation. Tuesday Class Day exercises,
     illumination and dance on the green in the evening. Wednesday 9 a. m. Phi
     Beta Kappa meeting. 10:30 a. m meeting of the Alumni 3 p.m. address,
     commemorative of the late Prof A. S. Packard, D. D.. by Prof. Egbert C. Smyth,
     D. D of Andover, Mass. 8 p.m.  vocal and instrumental concert under the
     auspices of the Senior Class. Thursday 9 a. m., prayer meeting of the Alumni
     and friends in Y. M. C. A. room. 10:30 a. m., commencement exercises, followed
    by dinner in memorial Hall, 10:30 a. m., reception by the Faculty in Memorial
    Hall. Saturday, 8:30 a. m. examination for admission continued.
          Mrs. Sheridan is building a large hall at West Baldwin to be used as a
     skating rink.
          Theodore B. Edwards has been appointed Postmaster at Gorham in place of
     Millett removed
          Mr. Gilbert Kempton on Saturday killer a 208 pound bear in the street at
     Phillips, which has been raiding his sheep pens. He got $35 for the carcass.
          A. W. F. Belcher, a director of the Sandy River National bank, and proprietor
     of Belcher block, died Monday in Farmington.


          The recently reorganized Lamoine Packing company has begun operations in
     canning lobsters and sardines, employing about 75 persons.
          Mr. Robbins of Green's Landing has a son 21 years old who weighs but about
     33 pounds. He is about the height of a three year-old child.

          The Democratic committee of Kennebec County wrote to the Postmaster
     General complaining of the appointment of Kirk, a Republican, as postmaster
    at the Soldier's Home, Togus, characterizing it as the work of a "combination of
    intriguing Republican politicians." It appears, however, that the appointment
    was recommended  by the managers, a majority of whom are Democrats. The
    present governor of the home, General Stephenson is also a Democrat.
          Mr. N. E. Potter, of Augusta owns a colt of the same age as the one
     mentioned by our Old Orchard correspondent, 11 months, which stand 15
    hands high, and weighs 950 pounds.
          John Kirk has been appointed Postmaster at Togus, in place of Smith,


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