Wednesday, December 31, 2014


          Phillips, May 7th, to the wife of George Turner, a daughter.
          Vinalhaven, May 13th, to the wife of Stephan Sprague, a son.
          Naples, Me., April 29th, to the wife of A. W.  Ayer, a daughter, Susan Wilson.
          Alfred, May 12th, to the wife of E. Woodbury Fletcher, a daughter.

          In this city, May 10th, by Rev. W. F. Eaton, William C.  Herrick and  Mrs.
     Lizzie M.Allen, both of Portland.
         Harpswell, May 14th, Charles E. Hacker of Brunswick and Content J. Prince,
     of Harpswell.
         Waterboro, May 15th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. F. C. Merrill,
     Anthony K. Smith and Louisa A. Hanson, both of Waterboro.
          Biddeford, May 12th, Thomas W. Barron of Portland and Mary A. Murphy of
          In this city, May 17th, Mary U., wife of Dennis Towle and oldest daughter of
     James and Mary McClusky, aged 30 years.
          In this city, May 18th, Caro H., only child of Holman H. and Hattie E.
     Waldron, aged 7 months, 18 days.
          In this city, May 17th, Mrs. Jane Lunt Whitmore, aged 65 years, 7 months.
          In this city, May 20th, Freddie E., son of Robert and Anna McDuffie, aged
     3 years, 3 months.
          In this city, May 21st, Moses E. Perry, aged 63 years.
          Deering, May 20th, Lydia A.,wife of Rev. H. F. A. Patterson, aged 60 years,
     11 months.
          Westbrook, May 16th, Clara E., oldest daughter of Moses and the late Lydia
     H. Chapman, aged 14 years, 6 months.
          Falmouth, May 16th, Isaac Knight, aged 80 years.
          Deering, May 17th, Almira, wife of Nathan Tibbetts, aged 78 years, 4 months.
          West Sumner, April 24th, of cancer, John Chadbourne, aged 78 years.

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