Thursday, December 11, 2014


          At Meadowbank House, Fortrose, Scotland, August 7th, to the wife of John
     MacKay, a daughter.
          Canaan, August 7th, to the wife of John W. Davis, a son.
          Bridgton, August 11th, to the wife of Hiram Brown, a daughter.
          Kingfield, August 13th, to the wife of Leonard Landers, a daughter.
          Allen's Mills, August 15th, to the wife of J. Frank Hutchins, a son and
          South Thomaston, August 14th, to the wife of Silas Pitts, a son.
          Skowhegan, August 16th, to the wife of Dr. Fellows, a daughter.
          Rockland, August 13th, to the wife of R. A. Crie, a  son
          Warren, August 14th, to the wife of W. G. Counce, a daughter. 

          Cape Elizabeth, August 18th, by  Rev. S. F. Wetherbee, Alfred P. Jewett and
     Lucy A. Betts, both of Cape Elizabeth.
          Cape Elizabeth, August 20th, by Rev. A. F. Hutchinson, George W. Roach
     and E. Annie Barker, both of Cape Elizabeth.
          Deering, August 19th, by Rev. C. A. Hayden, Caleb Montgomery and Lois A.
     Leland, both of Deering.
          Saco, August 13th, John H. Leavitt of Scarboro, and Bessie Merrill of Saco.
          Biddeford, August 18th, Mark A. Knowles and Nellie J. Chase, both of
          Buxton, August 17th, Stephen W. Carle of Gorham and Sarah L. Pennell,
     of Buxton.
          Centerville, August 10th, Otis W. Perkins  of Wilton, and Mary Doyes of
     New Vineyard.
          Bristol, August 16th, Stearns L. Graves and Mrs. Mary D. Erskine, both
     of Bristol.
          West Waterville, August 17th, Charles H. Benjamin and Cora L. Benson,
     both of West Waterville.
          Columbus Falls, August 8th, Judson Wass, of Columbia Falls, and Annie
     E. Dyer of Cape Elizabeth.
          Harrington, August 13th, W. O. Perry, and Lota A. Cummings, both of
          North Monmouth, August 13th, by Rev. L.  G. Dudley, Samuel M. Pinkham
     and Jennie L. Thompson, both of West Gardiner.
          Winthrop,  August 10th, John H. McLlroy (?) and Mary A. Stanley, both of
          Ellsworth, August 10th, Albin H. Carlisle and Mary A. Moon; August 15th,
     George W. Card and Abbie  E. Garland; August 16th, Oscar Staples and Dora
     Moore, all of  Ellsworth.
          Brooklin, August 17th, Rodney W. Smith and Jennie L. Herrick, both
     of Brooklin.
          Fairfield, August 17th, Edward E. Haskell of Garland, and Lida H. Otis of
          Deer Isle, August 20th, Frank C. Hayes and Lucy A. Howard, both of
          Bristol, August 10th, George N. Young and Annie M. Sproul.
          Fairfield, August 18th, George C. Murr of Ottumwa, Iowa, and Mrs.
     Maria W. Morrill of Fairfield.
          Madison, August 17th, Walter E. Blunt and Stella Andrews, both of
     North Anson.
          Stevens' Plain, Deering, August 20th, by Rev. Dr. Shaller, J. L. Horr, M. D.,
     of Cumberland Mills, and Addie A. Babb of Stevens' Plains.[  No cards]
          Dresden, August 23rd, George Nudd and Hattie Williams.
          Cornish, August 10th, Clarence A. Chilis (Chillis?)  and Asenath A. Thompson,
     both of Newfield.

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