Wednesday, December 10, 2014



          Bath, May 30th-Brig 30th, G. F. Henderson has been repaired and released.
     Schooner Joseph M. Hayes has been charted to go to Nassau to load the cotton
     saved from the wrecked ship Caledonia.
          Cardenas, Cuba,  May 27th, Captain Andrews, of barque Au Sable, before
     reported condemned is awaiting instructions by mail from owners.
         Ship Leonora, 2, 498 tons, built in Belfast in 1861, overhauled in 1881, has
     been sold at New York for Austrian account at $20,000.
         Gloucester, June 8th-G. W. Plummer today sold schooner Laughing Waters
     to Portland parties.
          Schooner Edward Johnson, formerly of Belfast, 400 tons, eleven years old,
     has been sold to Capt. David Warren, and others of Isleboro, at $6,000.
          Schooner Martha Nickels, of Addison, has been sold to Captain Cole and
     Perry, of Harrington, at $500.
          At Bath, Messers. Deering and Donnell will launch this week two fine
     fishing schooners named "Grover Cleveland," and "Mabel Kennison." The
     former is all rigged and ready for sea.

          Vineyardhaven, June 3rd-Schooner Francis E. Hallock, from New York, for
     Bangor is here with centerboard broken. A diver is at work.
          Fishing schooner Henrietta Francis of Portland, was towed into Boston 4th
     inst., by British steamer Marengo. The steamer reports at 10 p.m. the 3rd, off
     Nassau was run into by the schooner, and had poop rail and mast gaff carried
     off. The schooner was only slightly damaged.
          Schooner G. G. King, at Salem 5th inst., from Fredericton, New Brunswick,
     reports on the afternoon of the 3rd, when off White Head, was run into by schooner
     Lewis Clark, of Bangor, and has port quarter stove in deck load, shifted, and main
     rigging damaged. The Lewis Clark lost bowsprit and all head gear. At the time
     of the collision the G. G. Clark was winged out.
          Vineyardhaven, June 6th-Schooner M. B. Mahoney, of Bangor is ashore at
     Cape Poge, full of water.
          Ship Clarissa B. carver and British steamer Glamorganshire have been in
     collision at Japan. steamer reported leaking badly.  The Carver was here from
     Yokohama for New York, and is reported to have been abandoned in a sinking
     condition. The Carver registered 1,114 tons, and was built in 1876 at Searsport,
     where she was owned.
          Vineyardhaven, June 6th-Schooner E. K. Smalley, of Machias, and Dolphin
     of Ellsworth, at this port, lost both anchor and chain on Nantucket Shoals,
     yesterday. Schooner Mary Brewer of Rockland, at Edgartown had foresail
    blown away.
           Schooner Emma H. Drummond, of Bangor, Higgins (master,) in ballast
     from New York to Nevitas, has been lost on a reef off Maternillas, Cuba
     No lives lost.


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