Sunday, March 15, 2015



          Harrison, 22nd ult., Benjamin W. Flint of Sweden, Me., and Abbie S. Weeks of
          Harmony, 29th ult., Mr. Freeman T. Pierce  and Addie A. Ward.
          Rockland, 28th ult., Sewall A. Rich of Rockland, and Ellie S. Simmons of
          Camden, 21st ult., Herbert L. Cross, of South Thomaston and Addie L. Reynolds
     of Rockland.
          Boston, 17th ult., Winfield S. Kenniston and Fanny A. Robinson, both Rockland.
          Dexter, 18th ult., Frank Burns of Portland, and Hattie A. Cushman of Dexter.
          East Pittston, 21st ult., George R. Manson and Hattie E. Elkins.
          East Pittston, 21st ult., Charles Cooper and Annie M. Hallowell, of Pittston.
          Topsham, August 1st., William B. Woodard, of Brunswick and Mary C.
     Drinkwater, both Topsham.
          West Casco, 29th ult., Josiah W. Allen and Ida E. Field, both of Gray.
          Biddeford, 18th ult., George W. Hodge and Lizzie E. Miller both of
          Auburn, 28th ult., Charles W. Cooper of Paris, Me., and Annie McAllister,
     of Minot.
          Foxcroft, August 1st., Frank H. Merrill and Abby S. Foxcroft, both of New
          Boston, Mass., 25th ult., Herbert Gray of Oldtown, and Hattie M. Brown of
          Rockland, 31st ult ., Andrew Allen and Josephine Allen, both of Rockland.
          Belfast, 23rd ult., Dinsmore S. Smith of Searsport and Annie B. Hayes, of
          China, Me., 21st ult.,Wilder Young and Miss Hattie C. Carr, both of Freedom.
          Searsport, 26th ult., Joseph H. Herriman and Clara W. Dickey.
          Ellsworth, 31st ult., George H. Hughes of Bath, and Abbie E. Blonditt of
          Gorham, New Hampshire, August 4th, by Rev. Herbert E. Foss, G. W.
     Robinson and M.M. Thayer, both of Portland.
          Auburn, August 1st., Wallace E. Mixer and Maria H. Elwell, both of
          Shapleigh, 21st ult., Arthur C. Watson and Jennie Cole.


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