Sunday, March 1, 2015


                                                               CITY ITEMS
                                                        Glances About Town

          It is now considered settled that Rev. Mr. Bolles will remain with the Congress
     Square Universalist Society, at an advanced of $500, making his salary $8000 for
     the new year.
         In the case of Hill, tried for arson, the jury returned a verdict of guilty; exceptions
     will be taken so that the case will go up to the full court.
          The fine sleighing brings out our handsome Portland sleights; one we saw
     the other day manufactured by Martin, Pennell & Co., was a most beautiful piece
    of workmanship, fit for a Queen to ride in.
          Tenney, of the Brunswick Telegraph, looked in on us the other day; he accused
     us of growing fat, and accounted for his own leanness by living on cow beef; that
     come of imitating the cannibals and eating his enemies.
          On Friday week a horse belonging to Irving Blake was frightened by a snow
     slide on Exchange Street, and starting off at a furious rate soon cleared himself
     from the pung (sled) and leaped over a sleigh in which were Mrs. J. B. Coyle and
     her son; the sleigh was nearly demolished and Mrs. Coyle was taken up in a
     insensible condition; her injuries were afterward found to be not so serious as
     was feared, although her face was considerably bruised, and her shoulder badly
     sprained; the boy was not injured.
          The safe built for the Norway Savings Bank by C.  Staples & Co., was exhibited
     at the corner of Middle and Exchange Streets one day last week. It has a very
     discouraging look for burglars.
          The Merchant's Exchange will be removed to the new Thomas Block on
     Exchange Street as soon as it is finished, which will be in the course of a few
          A young man was found frozen to death in a sleigh, in the streets of Brooklyn,
    N. Y., on New Year's day.

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