Wednesday, March 25, 2015


                                                      CITY ITEMS
                                                 Glances About Town
          The First Maine  Regiment  held an election to fill vacancies caused by the
      promotion of Colonel J. M. Brown, last Saturday; John J. Lynch of Portland,
      was elected Colonel; Edward H. Ballard,  Augusta, Lieutenant  Colonel;
     Benjamin J. Hill, Auburn, Major; Captain Davis of the Mechanic Blues, was
     elected Major, but declined.
          Mr. Everett Smith received the thanks of the city council for his suggestions
     in regard to the caterpillar pest, which he considered worse than the canker worm.
          Captain Reid expects to have the Brooklyn loaded and ready to sail for Liverpool
     by the 20th; as she lies at the wharf she receives many visitor; there is no leak.
          Two vagrants giving the names of Thomas Gregor and William Haste were
     arrested at the Cape last Sunday, and are lodged in Portland jail.
          The City of Richmond recently made the run from  Bar Harbor to this port in
     8 hours and 10 minutes, showing the possibility of having a daily line with a
     single steamer.
          Captain B.  J. Willard is having built at East Deering a steamer of 40 tons for
     the Forest City line, to be used as a tug, an excursion steamer, or a water boat.
          A  Polo Club has been organized in this city; its member are I. Aaronson,
     William Swett, J. E. Feehan, M. Winslow, J. V.Morway, H. Hammett and L.
     Winship; they played their first game at Old Orchard with the Reds of that place,
     last Friday; the Reds were victors by a  score of 3 to 2. Walter Orne of Old Orchard
     Club was severely injured.
          Hundreds of persons who have been delighted with the truly artistic performance
     of Punch and Judy at Greenwood Garden, will regret to hear that James Kelley
     who managed the puppets died at the Maine General Hospital last Thursday of
      inflammatory rheumatism; he was a native of Portland, and 35 years of age.
          George Adams of Portsmouth, N. H., became insane while in this city last
     Friday, and was put under restraint.
          In the heavy shower of last Thursday afternoon, a ball of electric fire passed
     entirely through the stable of Fernald & Sawyer, and thence through Kane's
     conservatory to Congress Street, almost grazing several people but doing no
          Mr. Torrington, the Montreal organist is visiting his friends at  Peak's Island.
          Honorable W. W. Thomas, Jr., arrived at Liverpool last Saturday.
          Frederick Douglas and party passed through this city on Monday, en route to
     Bar Harbor.
          Honorable  W. W. Thomas, Jr., arrived at Liverpool last Saturday.
          Judge Webb of the United States District Court is suffering from a second
     severe attack of erysipelas in the face.
          Instances of burglary and sneak-thieving continue in this vicinity; at  Cape
     Elizabeth the cottage of James H. Smith was entered Monday night, and a
     valuable gold watch taken  from the sleeping room, together with clothing
    and other property.

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