Friday, March 13, 2015


          New York, Jan. 2nd.-Barque Josephine, of Portland, Captain Mitchell, hence
     for Cardenas, Cuba, attempted to go to sea  31st, but the vessel being very crank
      (sic,) was obliged send down foretopgallant and main royal masts. Night coming 
      on she bore up for Sandy Hook, and passed the light at 6 p.m., with reduced sail,
     steering WNW 1/2 W, and soon after struck bottom in seven fathoms.  Both
     anchors were let go at 10 p.m., but both chains parted and the vessel drifted to
     leeward, taking bottom at 11 o'clock. The foremast was out away, and in falling
     the mainmast and mizzen topmast went with it. The vessel  continued to thump
     heavily until 2 p.m., when she went  over into deep water leaking badly and gaining
      on the pumps. Soon after she was taken in tow and brought back to port. Her
     spars and rigging were saved.
          A cable dispatch dated Liverpool December28th, states that the barque
     Palermo, from New Orleans  for Vige (?) is ashore on the Portuguese coast
     and in a total loss. The Palermo registered 534 tons, was built at Bath in 1850,
     and sailed for hailed from New York.
          Accounts from Liverpool of the 11th state that the ship Thornton, from New
     York, which went ashore at the mouth of the Mersey, has gone to pieces, and
     her cargo is scattered along the shore.
         Schooner J. H. Nichols, from Bangor for Philadelphia, was spoken 25th ult.,
    off Montauk and reported having been driven across the Gulf three times. Several
    of the crew were badly frost bitten.
      Schooner E.B. Howard, from Swan Island for Hampton Roads, was abandoned
     at sea 15th ult.
          There were built and registered in the District of Portland, during the year 1867.
     2 ships, 5 barques, 6 brigs, 18 schooners and 1  sloop, with a total tonnage of
          On Kennebunk River, during 1867, were built 2 ships and 13 schooners.
          There were lost during the past year 25 steamers, 39 ships, 34 barques,
     43 brigs and 227 schooners; total number of vessels, 385; estimate total value


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