Friday, March 27, 2015


                                                             CITY ITEMS
                                                        Glances About Town
             Samuel E. Spring's claims upon the Shaw Brothers amounted to $397,000;
     he has an attachment of $800,000 on real estate, and on all the personal property
     of the firm in the state.
          Mrs. Caswell's parlor classes, and school for young ladies and children will
     re-open at 96 Park Street, September 18th, and we take pleasure in referring all
     interested to the advertisement in another column; this school is one that fully
     deserves the success it has attained.
          Roswell Libby & Co., are packing an average of 85 barrels per day, employing
     nearly 100 hands, George E. Deering & Co. average daily 60 barrels or more, and
     Charles A. Dyer & Co., 90 barrels or thereabouts; it is reported that the Winslow
     Packing Company also contemplate having an establishment in the city for meat
     and fish packing in the near future.
          Lieutenant Peary has purchased Eagle Island, one of the most picturesque in
     Casco Bay, belonging in the group near Harpswell; he is to erect a stone cottage
     upon it.
          Francis Landy, mate of schooner Mary Van Cleaf  is bound over in the sum of
     $1000 to answer to the charge of assaulting one Kern, a sailor with an iron bolt.
          The 54th Anniversary of St. Dominic's Church was fittingly observed last
     Sunday; Bishop Healy discoursed upon the life of the patron saint of this church.
          John Dennis & Son of this city, propose to fill ten freight cars with canned
     goods put up in this city; and send them direct to Portland Oregon, in about one
     month, when the Northern Pacific road completes it connections; arrangements
     are made to rush the train through in the quickest possible time, from Portland
     on the Atlantic to Portland on the Pacific.
          A  new electric light company has been formed in this city, under the name
     of the Consolidated Electric Light Co., of Maine, with capital of $500,000; the
     officers are George A. Thomas, President, Clarence Hale, Secretary, and  J. S.
     Staples, Treasurer; operations begin at once in Portland, Saco, and Biddeford;
     Augusts, Lewiston and Bangor, will be supplied before winter.
          Mr. A. J. Blelthen, editor of the Kansas City Journal, formerly of this city,
     is visiting with his family and stopping at the Preble House.
          Mr. John H. Keating, of this city, recently graduated from a medical school,
     is to settle in New Brunswick.
          Mr. Clarence Hale has purchased the lot of land on Congress Street, opposite
     the foot of Neal Street, and will probably build on it.


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