Wednesday, March 11, 2015


                                                                   MAINE MATTERS

          The vote for Governor was as follows:-Chamberlain, $57,715; Pillsbury, 46,000;
     Chamberlains' majority, 11, 715.
          Luther Chamberlain, of Atkinson, has been elected a member of the board of
     Agriculture of Piscataquis County. William S. Brown of Waldoboro', has been
     elected to fill the vacancy occasioned by the vacancy  by the resignation of  E.
    Wilder Farley.
          The Eastport Sentinel says James Kelly, of the town was lost overboard and
     drowned on the 14th ult., from the schooner  Senator Grimes on her passage from
     Perry to Providence.
          The tin shop of J. Seavey, at West Newfield, and the foundry shop of Asa Swett,
     used for the storage of carriages, were destroyed by fire on the 14th ult. Mr. Seavy's
     is about $700; Mr. Swett's about $1000; no insurance.
          The red men of the forest have two representatives in our Legislature-Peapole
     Sabbttis, who represent the Passamaquoddy tribe of Indians, and Sockabasin
     Swassian, who represents the Oldtown tribe.
          In Gorham of Wednesday week, a boy named Parkhurst, fell head first into
     a well, but caught the bucket at the curb, and descended with a thirty feet, landing
     on his feet. He was taken out uninjured.
          Brig Narraguagus of Cherryfield, during the recent earthquake at Frederickstad,
     Santa Cruz (Bolivia) was driven up into the town 400 feet above high water mark,
     where she was left by the receding waters, a total loss. Crew saved.
          The dwelling house of Captain Charles H. Smith, in Cape Elizabeth, with all its
     contents, were consumed by fire on Thursday evening of last week, the occupants
     barely had time to escape. The fire originated from the furnace. House and furniture
     insured for $4,000.
          Rev. J. S. C. Abbott is to lecture at Farmington, on the 18th inst., on the subject
     of "France and her Emperor."
          Miss Mellissa Rice has been appointed Post Mistress at Cape Porpoise.
          The new Mayor of Gardiner, Mr. Gray was almost unanimously elected, but
     one vote being thrown against him.

          Five young men were arrested last week charged with setting the fires which
     have recently occurred in Saco and Biddeford. Three of them named Tuttle,
     Goodwin and Cole,  were held to answer in the sum of $1000.

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