Wednesday, March 18, 2015


          In this city, August 4th, Mrs. Matilda H. Hooper, aged 75 years,11 months.
          In this city, August 5th, Anna J., youngest daughter of William  T. and Hannah
     Murray, aged 1 year, 4 months and  4 days.
          In this city, August 1st., Amos Grover, aged 82 years.
          In this city, August 6th, George F., youngest son of William W. and Abbie
     McDonald, aged 10 months.
         In this city,  August 2nd,  John Albert Olson, aged 9 months.
         In this city, August 2nd, Karl Ingelvetsen, aged 3 months 3 days.
         In this city, August 3rd, Mildred, youngest daughter of Walter S. and Minnie E.
     Armstrong, aged 2 months and 15 days.
         In this city, August 3rd, George F. Lewis, aged 73 years and 9 months.
         In this city August 2nd,. William Lowell, formerly of Wiscasset, aged 69 years.
         West Gardiner, 20th ult., Mary B. Thompson, aged 63 years.
         Litchfield, 10th ult.,  Martha E. Hutchinson, aged 31 years.
         Mapleton, 12th ult., Anthony G. Davis aged 75 years, formerly of Gardiner.
         Brookline Mass. (?), August 1st., Louise Reid, wife of Dana Estes, aged 30 years.
         Readfield, Lewis Armstrong, Esq., aged  71 years and 2 months.
         Bath, 30th ult., Moses P. Jewell, aged 36 years, 7 months.
         Thomaston, 27th ult., Rev. John Wakefield, aged 86 years, 10 months.
         Waldoboro, 23rd ult.,  Mrs. Rebecca Oliver, aged 92 years.
         Waldoboro, 27th ult., John  Edwin Miller aged 66 years.
          Rockport, 25th ult., Mrs. Mary A .Davis aged 63 years.
          Friendship, 28th ult., Nancy, wife of Malachi Delano, aged 68 years, 2 months.
          Brunswick, 27th ult., Emeline Weld, aged 76 years.
          Brunswick, 27th ult., Jeanette,  wife of B. E. Swett, aged 51 years.
          Brunswick, 28th ult.,  Walter S.  McManus, aged  41 years.
          West Harpswell, 31st ult., Bailey Bibber, aged 76 years.
          East Hiram, Parmelia, widow of Stephen Wood, aged 94 years, 10 moths.
          Stockton, 31st ult., J. Edith, wife of Dr. A. D. Bird, and daughter of James
     M. Churchill, Esq.
          Bath, 30th ult., Abbie E., wife of Warren Fowle, aged 61 years, 4 months.
          Farmingdale, 28th ult., George Wheeler, aged 77 years.
          Monarch, Colorado, 23rd ult., George F. Thomson, aged 25 years, 3 months,
     formerly of Cape Elizabeth.
          San Francisco, Cal., 21st ult.,  Hattie E., daughter of Horace D., and the
     late N. J. Low, formerly of Maine, age 18 months.
          Tamalpais, Cal., Lizzie E.,  daughter of Patrick and the late Ann McCauley,
     a native of Portland, aged 16 years, 4 months.
          Minneapolis, Minn., 30th ult., suddenly of meningitis, Henry Hanson,
     youngest son of W.L. and Annie Hanson Keiler. (Boston papers please copy.
          Standish, August 4th, Ezekiel Strout, aged 77 years and 21 days.


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