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THE CHRISTIAN MIRROR, September 25, 1855


           In Biddeford, 6th inst., Mr. Jonathan Warren, of Lovell to Miss Elizabeth
     H. Rand of Biddeford; 1st, Mr. S. Keith Gordon to Miss Charlotte Yates, both
     of Biddeford: 10th, Mr.  Josiah P. Boston to Miss Mary J. Mason, both of
     Biddeford; 11th, Mr. George Magrath of Limerick to Miss Sarah A. Mason, of
     Biddeford; 15th, Mr. John Cook to Miss Mary Helen Smith, both of Biddeford.
           In South Berwick, 8th, Mr. Charles A. Bigelow to Miss Maria Haskins, both
    of Hartford, Connecticut.
          In Limerick, Mr. Abner Thing of Waterboro', to Mrs. Parnel Wentworth.
          In Bangor, Levi Trundy of Searsport, to Miss Lauara A. Ames, of  Swanville;
        Mr. James Rogers to Mrs. Nancy J. Jones, both of Bangor, A. K. P. Torrey to
        to Mrs. Helen Osgood.
          In Ellsworth, 12th; Mr. Benjamin J. Crocker of Barnstable, Mass., to Miss
     Caroline P. Pulsifer, of Ellsworth.
          In Gouldsboro', 6th, Mr. Clement Y. Bunker to Miss Climena J. Tracy, both
          In Eastport, 3rd inst., Mr. John Conley to Miss J. E. Lord, both of Deer Island;
     9th; Captain William Tucker to Miss Ruth Robinson, both of Eastport. 10th, Mr.
     John Duggins of Nova Scotia, to Miss E. J. Barto, of Deer Island; Mr. John B.
     Franklin, of Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada, to Miss Ruth A. Johnson of
     Deer Island.
          In this city on the 20th, by Rev. Dr. Cummings, Roger N. Pierce, Esq., of
     Cambridge, Mass., to Miss Suviah, daughter of Edward Howe, Esq., of this city.


          In this city, 8th inst., Harriet C. wife of Noah E. Perry and daughter of
     Captain Joseph M. York, aged 23 years.
          In this city, 15th inst., Mr. Noah E. Perry, aged 28.
          In this city, 16th inst., Miss Eloiza (sic) Hamblet, eldest daughter of the late
     John D. Hamblet, aged 49 years.
          In this city, 19th inst., Caroline M., daughter of Charles F. and Caroline C.
     Williams, aged 24 years.
          In Brunswick, 18th inst., Alice Lena, only child of Captain Robert S. and
     Irene F. Chase, of this city, aged 15 months and 12 days.
          In Buxton, 15th inst., Mary, wife of the Mr. Denis Marr, aged 62 years;
     17th inst., Mary, relict of the late Jabez Bradbury, aged 87.
          In Hollis (Salmon Falls Village) at the house of Daniel Johnson, 15th inst.,
     Denis Johnson, aged 55.
          In Livermore, 16th inst., Mr. Samuel Fuller, aged 70 years, 10 months. A
     kind  neighbor and worthy townsman. [Mass. papers please copy.]
          In West Gorham, 15th inst., Captain Samuel Crockett, aged 65 years. It is
     but an act of justice to his memory to say, that in death his children are deprived
     of a kind and indulgent parent, his neighbors of one whom they highly esteemed,
     and the community of a worthy member whose loss will be sensibly regretted.
          In Melrose, Mass., 14th inst.,of consumption, Sarah B. wife of Edward R.
     Place, and eldest daughter of Charles and Sarah Hedman, aged 28 years.
          In Rockport, 13th inst., widow Hannah Barker, aged 73 years.
          In Bath, 11th, Dr. Benjamin Prescott, aged 73.
          In Bangor, 4th, Mr. James Torrey, formerly of Dixmont, aged 69 years.
          In Boston, 7th, Mrs. Adah Parker, wife of Mr. Charles S. Parker.
          Near the summitt of Mr. Washington, (White Mountains) New Hampshire,
     13th inst., of  fatigue and cold, Miss Elizabeth G., only daughter of Edward E.
     Bourne, Esq., of Kennebunk, aged 22.
         In Gorham, 16th inst., Mr. Joshua Roberts, aged 72 years, 6 months.
         In Buxton, 7th, Deacon Isaac Hancock, aged 72 years, 5 months. He dropped
     dead while at  work in his barn.
         At Fort Ripley, Kentucky Territory, 8th ult., Thomas J. Haskell, aged 20 years.
     At Topeka, 16th inst., Lyman P.  Haskell, aged 21 years. The deceased were of the
     company that went from Biddeford to Kansas, in March last.
         In Bath, 15th, Mr. Catherine W. Lee, aged 40.
         In Westport, 13th, Quincy A. Parson, aged 30.
         In New Gloucester, 18th (13?), Mr.  Joshua Snow, aged 70.
         In Bangor,16th inst., Miss Mary Sargent, of Sullivan, aged 78 years.
         In Biddeford, 81th , Joanna C. Waterman, aged 69 years.
         In Berwick, 8th, Mr. Hiram Varney, aged 51 years, 16 months.
         In Frankfort, September 5th, Lyman W., son of W. E. W. and L. S. Arey,
     aged 11 months and 23 days.
         In  Port au Prince, Haiti, August 14th, Captain Asaph N. Stubbs, of Hampden,
     master of the brig Julia E. Arey, of Bangor.
         In Dennysville, 5th inst., Mrs. Eliza K. Stearns, wife of Rev. J. H. Stearns, and
     J. H. Stearns, and daughter of John Kilby, Esq., aged 35 years.
          One of God's chosen ones has gone from earth. None who knew Mrs. Stearns
     could fail to love her. Her mind was of high order, refined, cultivated; and her piety
    though often suspected by herself, was of such a high tone-so honest, as to leave no
    doubt upon the minds of her friends.
          In Melrose, Mass., 14th inst., of consumption Sarah E., wife of Edward R.
     Place, formerly of this city and eldest daughter of Charles and Sarah Hedman, aged
     28 years.
          In Topeka, Kansas Territory, August 16th, of cholera, Lyman P. Haskell,
     aged 21.
         The deceased was of the company that went from Biddeford to Kansas in March
     March.  They were young men much respected for moral worth and energy of
     character. (As recorded in the newspaper.)
         In Waldoboro', 18th inst., Mrs. Martha, wife of John Sides, Esq., aged 44 years.
         Her sickness was long, and her sufferings at times were excruciating. But she
     exercised at all times Christian patience and submission to the divine attendent. No
     murmur ever escaped her lips.  She was an affectionate wife, a loving daughter and
     sister, and obliging neighbor.  She had been for many years a worthy member of
     the church and we doubt not has gone to join the church triumphant.  May the
     afflicted husband and friends, receive divine consolation in the night of  sorrow.
         In Brownfield, 15th inst., Mrs. Abiah Brown, aged 85 years.
         In Pownal 17th inst., Mr. Daniel Soule.




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