Friday, August 23, 2013


          In this city, 10th inst., James H. Bird, of Boston to Miss Ellen A., daughter
     of Samuel N. Beale, of this city.
          In this city, 12th ult., by S. L. Carleton, Esq., Alfed R. Wormwood, of
     Portland, to Miss Hannah G. Jenkins, of Rollinsford, New Hampshire.
          In this city by Rev. Mr. Bray, James E. Winslow, of Westbrook, to Miss
     Annie Neal, of this city.
          In this city, 6th inst., Dr. Peleg Wadsworth, Jr., of this city, to Miss Dilla
     E. H. Willard, of Turner.
          In this city, 5th inst., John H. McQueen to Miss Agnes S. McQueen, both
     of this city.
          In this city,  7th inst., Greenleaf Sawyer to Miss Margaret J. Hickey, both
     of this city.
          In Westboro, 5th inst., by Rev. W. A. Richardson, John Bell to Mrs. Mary
     Holmes, both of this city.
           In West Peru, Me., 24th ult., Edward P. Cleaves of Bridgton to Miss Fannie F.
     Walker, of Peru.
          In West Peru, 30th ult., Oscar M. Tucker to Harriet E. Walton.
          In Houlton, September 18th, at the residence of the bride's uncle, C. B.
     Smith, Esq., by Rev. B. A. Chase, William C. Bailey of Milford to Miss Anna
     B. Lawrence of Castine.
           In Hermon,  Penobscot County, 1st inst., John W. Clements, of Bangor, to
      Miss Hannah F. York of Hermon.
          In Bradley (part of Bangor) 1st inst., John W. Davis to Miss Angeline C.
     Boynton, both of Eddington.
           In Belfast, 21st ult., P. H. Longfellow, Esq., of Machias, to Miss Ella J.
     Wheeler, of Belfast.
           In Belfast, 21st ult., Frederick A. Griffin, of Stockton, and Ann Maria,
     daughter of E. A. Pitcher, of Belfast.
           In Thorndike, 23rd ult., Parris Dyer, of Thorndike,Waldo County, and
     Alice Haskell, of Unity.
          In Knox, 24th, James Moore to Miss Mary Brown, both of Knox.
          In Auburn, 4th inst., Captain Alvin Ross, of North Yarmouth, to Miss
    Almira T. Bean, of Auburn.
          In Waterville, 4th inst., George Varney, of Bangor, to Miss Jennie M.,
     daughter of  General Franklin Smith, of Waterville.
          In Gardiner, 21st ult., Charles A. Eldridge to Mary H. Williams.
          In Bucksport, 26th ult., Howard H. Arey to Miss Celia S. Daily, both of
          In Old Town, Henry C. Woodman to Miss Maria McClellan, both of
          In Bangor, 2nd inst., Edward K. Beatham to Miss Louisa P. Jameson,
     both of Bangor.
          In Bath, 4th inst., Ellis B. Thomas to Miss Ellen Q. Linscott, both of
          In Strong, Franklin County, 1st inst., Charles A. Gordon to Miss Eunice
     A. Soule, both of Phillips.
          In Wilton, 28th ult., George F. Wood, to Miss Rosebell Hardy, both of
          In Augusta, 24th ult., Charles H. Hayes to Mrs. Helen M. Woods.
          In Bath, 26th ult., Joseph E. Remick, of Bath to Miss Sarah A. Williams,
     of Litchfield, Litchfield County, Connecticut.
          In Kendall's Mills, 23rd ult., John W. Keene to Mrs. Mary J. Canfield,
     both of Fairfield.
          In Kendall's Mills, 8th inst., Henry P. Clossen to Miss Ellen U. Weymouth,
     both of Fairfield.
          In Farmington, 28th ult., John F. Gerry, of Farmington to Miss Lorinda J.
     Prince, of New Sharon.
          In Calais, 20th ult., Benjamin Thomas to Miss Jennie A. Austin, both
     of Thomaston; George T. McAllister, St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada, to
     Annie E. Drugan, of Calais.
          In Calais, Me.,  24th ult., John Gayer to Miss Abigail Hunter, both of Calais.
          In Calais, 25th ult., General George F. Granger to Miss Emma C. Deming.


          In this city, 8th inst., Sarah Jane, wife of James A. McClellan, aged 27
          In this city, 7th inst., Mrs. Rachel, widow of the late Peter Leighton, of
     Falmouth, aged 77.
          In this city, 4th inst., Freddy T., son of Tristam and Sarah A. White,
     aged 3 years, 9 months and 3 days.
          In this city, 8th inst., Mary J., wife of David Wyman, aged 22 years.
          In Saccarappa, Cumberland County, 30th ult., Florence E., only child of
     John L. and Mary E. Best,  aged 2 years and 9 months.
          In Cape Elizabeth, 5th inst.,  Caleb Loveitt II, aged 32 years.
          In Westbook, 6th inst., Sarah F. Sawyer, aged 20 years and 6 months.
          In Buxton, 22nd ult., Elizabeth, wife of Simon Davis, Esq., and grand-
     daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Paul Coffin, aged 53 years.
          In Buxton, 2nd ult., Jane, wife of William W. Haines, 45 years.
          In Freeport, 28th ult., of diptheria, Hollis B., son of Charles and Martha
     Cushing, aged 6 years, 6 months and 12 days.
          In Gardiner, 20th ult., Harriet N., wife of A. J. Parker, aged 31 years.
          In Gardiner, 29th ult., Ivory Nudd, aged 70.
          In Gardiner, 20th ult., Henry Sager, aged 64.
          In West Gardiner, 12th ult., Isaiah Clough, aged 77 years.
          In Woolrich, Sagadahac County, Mrs. Catharine Dunlap, aged 65 years.
          In Arrowsic, Sagadahac County, 2nd inst., M. V. Welling Heal, aged
     aged 28 years and 19 days.
          In West Waterville, 28th ult.,  Mrs. Relief Gleason, aged 93 years.
          In Marshfield, 28th ult., Joseph Foss, aged 62 years and 7 months.
          In Machiasport, 17th ult., Mrs. Lucy Small, aged 67 years and 7 months.
          In Greene (Lewiston-Auburn) 13th ult., Margaret Sawyer, aged 78 years.
          In Biddeford, 4th ult., Mrs. Mary G. Libby, aged 72 years.
          In Auburn, 29th ult., Josiah Richardson, aged 80 years.
          In Wilton, 20th ult., Mrs. Leona E. Clayton Searle, aged 23 year and
     7 months.
          In Augusta, 27th ult., Julia A., wife of S. S. Goodrich, aged 27 years.
          In Boothbay, 23rd ult., Mrs. Elizabeth Tibbetts, aged 83 years, 3 months.
          In Belfast, 25th ult., Alvin Leighton, aged 49; 29th, Daniel M. Trussell, aged
     72 years.
          In West Pembrook, 20th ult., Ebenezer Chickering, formerly of Haverhill,
     Mass., aged 79 years and 8 months.
          In Searsmont, 16th ult., Miss Almedia A. Smart, aged 14 years and 2 months.
          In Old Town, 3rd inst., Dr. James C. Bradbury, aged 59 years.
          In Stetson, Penobscot County, 20th ult., Lucinda, wife of Thomas McKinney,
      aged 25 years.
          In Calais, 2nd inst., George C. Greenlow, aged 49 years.
          In Charlestown, Penobscot County, 4th inst., Mrs. Sarah Crockett, aged
     76 years.
          In Washington, 2nd inst., A. M. Shaw, aged 29 years and 10 months.
          In Kenduskeag, 5th inst., Loren H. Larrabee, aged 25 years.

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