Wednesday, August 7, 2013


                                                        MAINE MATTERS

              As Mr. H. B Boody of Merrill's Corner, Westbrook was drawing some
          kerosene in his store on Monday evening last with a lamp in his hand, an
          explosion took place and in fifteen minutes the building was all in flames,
          and as nothing could be done to save it, it was burned to the ground, though
          a portion of the stock was saved. Stock insured for $2,000. The building was
          owned by O. B. Howard.

              The Somerset Reporter say that Mr. Luther Temple, living alone in the edge
          of Moscow, Me., was called to the door by a Frenchman who attemped to stab
          him and then ran. The weapon struck a rib, so that serious injury was not
          inflicted. Mr. Temple is sure as to who the man was, but the Trail Justice before
          whom the matter was brought did not deem the testimony conclusive and
          dismised him.

              Some ill natured persons may think it a remarkable coincidence that at the very
          time Governor Chamberlain was invited to attend the meeting of the editor and
          publishers in this city, his official duty made it necessary for him to inspect the
          State Prison in Thomaston!  However, he found some of the fraternity there.

              Mrs. Lemuel Cobb was thrown from her carriage in Cape Elizabeth on Friday,
          by some drunken fellows who purposely drove their vehicle against her carriage.
          She was taken up insensible, but has since recovered conciousness, and her
          injuries are not serious.

              Frank Bickford who escaped from Alfred jail last July, was arrested last week
          while mowing in his father's field in the town of Lebanon. His father, attempting to
          interfere was shot in the leg by Sheriff Goding.

              It is reported that William Oliver, as insane man confined at the poor farm at
          Kendall's Mills, hung himself in the barn attached to the farm. He was formerly a

              Messrs. White and McGilvery, of Belfast, are building a pair of twin ships, side
          by side of 1285 tons each, and there is not intended to be the least perceptible
          difference in them from keel to truck.

              Mr. C. M. Allen has established a new iron foundry at South Windham, and
          will give special attention to furnishing points for Fry's, Hanson's, Goddard's,
          Varney's and Hall's ploughs.

              Jones's corn factory at Pride's Bridge, Westbrook, now employes 100 men, and
           if the corn is ripe it will give employment to 500 persons, some 200 of whom are

              Mr. P. N. Dexter of Lewiston, accidentally sawed the ends of three fingers off
          his left hand,  Wednesday week, while at work at the Adroscoggin Mills.

              Thomas Pennell of Harpswell, has been appointed Treasuere for Cumberland
          County in place of Peter R. Hall, deceased.

              Charles, son of Captain Chadbourne, of Bath, a promising lad of eleven years,
          was drowned while bathing on Monday week.

              Burglars entered the home of Luther Perry, in Belfast on Tuesday week, broke
         open a trunk and stole $65.00.

              The Dexter Gazette has been sold to Messrs. Robbin & Gallison.

              The following postmaster have been appointed in Maine, Gustave Jenkins,
          Glenwood; Vice, Matilda I. Dunning, removed; Otis Gilmore, Brewer; Vice,
          William Morgan removed.

             The shop of Mrs. H. A. Arnold of Readfield, was broken open Wednesday week,
          about $400.00 worth of ribbons and other articles carried off.

              Rev. J. C. Snow has accepted the position of Principal of Westbrook Seminary,
          and will enter upon the duties as such on the first of October.

              Rev. Mr. Hayden of this city, has been delivering a series of lectures at
          Brunswick, of which the Telegraph speaks in terms of recommendation.

              At Kendall's Mills  last week, Mr. Towne had his arm badly fractured, above
          and below the elbow, by having it caught in a belt at one of the mills.

              On Thursday week Edward Town, of Bangor had his arm broken by being
          caught in the belt of a factory in which he was at work (As written in  the paper.)

              Honorable Washington Gilbert, recently of Bath, has settled in his positon of
           law in Chicago.

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