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                                                     MATTERS IN MAINE

          The Cumberland County Agricultural Fair, held at Gorham last week was well
     attended and there was a good show of stock.  The exhibition of farm products,
     however was by no mean what it should have been. The address of Honorable
     Phineas Barnes was listened to by a large  audience, and was pronounced an
     admirable production. The following were elected officers of the Society for the
     year:  President-George Warren of Saccarappa. Vice-Presidents-John W. Dana, of
     Falmouth, Frederick Lowell of Standish, and George Chadbourn of North Bridgton.
    Treasurer-Hosea Kendall of Portland.  Secretary and Cor. Secretary-Samuel Dingley
    of Gorham.

          Two rascals named Burns and Murphy hired a team in Augusta for Mt. Vernon.
     On their way back they made a raid on many of the farms, orchards and houses
     along the road, filling their wagon with jars of butter, wood saws, pumpkins,
     harnesses and robes.  They were pursued ultimately, and to escape their pursurers,
     they threw from their wagon all its contents. It was no go, however. They were
     caught and lodged in jail.

          The Messrs. Treat at Eastport, make some ten thousand gallons of herring
     oil annually.  The fish are compressed and the pulp is then dried, ground, and
     put up into bags for manure.  About 300 tons are turned out annually, worth
     $35 a ton.

          The Argus reports a defalcation at August by Colonel Littler,  Provost
     Marshall General of Maine.  The sum of $20,000 is named as the probable
     amount of his embezzlement. He has been placed under arrest with the liberty
    of the city, and will be tried by court martial in Augusta.

          Mrs. S. C. Bragg, an estimable lady was killed by fast driving in the streets
     of Bangor on Thursday week. She was run over, and so severely injured that
     she died next day. The careless driver has been arrested and held to bail on a
     charge of manslaughter in the sum of $4,000.

          Rev. Mr. Hodgdon of Hollis, had his leg amputated last week by five doctors.
     The Biddeford Journal thinks "that the patient did not die is a perfect miracle."

          Mr. S. P. Maxim, of Paris, Me., had his jaw broken on the 3rd inst., by a
     lever striking him in the face as he was hauling a large stone out of it bed with
     his oxen.

          Horace P. Willard, who placed  obstructions on the railroad track between
     Wells and Kennebunk, has been sentenced to fifteen years in the State Prison.

          Mrs. Ruth Whittier of Vienna, Me., celbrated her ninetieth birthday on the
     18th ult.  Among those present, were eight grand-children.  She is smart, retains
     all her faculties to a remarkable degree, and still lives by herself in a part of the
     house in which she has lived for seventy years.

          Adjutent General Hodsdon's forthcomer report will consist of complete roster
     of all the Maine Regiments, and much other valuable information brought down
     to the first day of next January.  General Hodsdon has well performed his laborious
     task of the last tour years.

          Three men named Palmer, Rowe and Simmonds went out from Machias on a
     fishing cruise, on the 8th ult., and as they have since been missing, and the wreck
    of the boat has been seen, it it supposed they all drowned. They all had families.

          Mr. A. T. Barlow on his way to his home near Grave's Hill, Westbrook, on
     the evening of the 30th ult., was knocked senseless by two men, near the Marine
     Hospital and robbed of his wallet containing $74.00.

          Lewiston is going have a course of scientific lectures by Professor Brackett,
     of Bowdoin College.  We think such a course would afford our own citizens an
     agreeable change from the political lectures of the last four years.

          Mr. Ephraim Wormwood, of Saccarrappa, was thrown from his wagon by his
     horse startling on Wednesday week, and his spine was so injured that he became

          While a party were husking corn in the barn of the late Thomas Jewetts, of
     South Berwick, a lamp was broken and the result was the burning of the barn, and
     fifty tons of hay.

          The original meaning of the Indian name, Aroostook is, said by Dr. True to be
     "The Good Place."  The aborigines knew a good thing when they found it.

          Deacon Thomas Clark, of Vassalboro' lost his barn and twelve tons of hay, by
    an incendiary fire on Friday week. Loss about $400.00

          Mr. Jefferson French, stevedore, in Bangor, fell from a wharf on Monday
     week and was picked up in an insensible condition and died soon after.

          We learn from the Press that Darius Howard, Esq., of Phillips on Monday
     last, fell from a scaffold upon a threshing machine, and one of his arms so
     shockingly mangled that amputation became necessary.

          Colonel Littler declares that he is not a defaulter, and asks a supension of
     public judgment until the result of the court martial is made known.

         The statue of General Berry, at Rockland is to  remain covered until the
     inauguration ceremonies take place.  The occasion is one in which the whole state,
     and its erection marks an era in the progress of art in Maine, as well as in political
     history of the country.

          Miss Annette Briggs is missing from Lewiston, and foul play is suspected.

          Union Soldiers.  Veterans or Recruits, entitled to Bounties or Back Pay, for
      enlistment, or wounds or while Prisoners, or on transfer from the Army to the
     Navy. Also dues of Deceased Soldiers .  Prize money, clothing money, and
     claims relating to the Army or Navy, promptly collected for a moderate fee by
     addressing William M. Tileston, Attorney, Washington, D. C., Post Office Box,



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