Sunday, August 25, 2013


                                                         CITY ITEMS

          Forest City Park was opened on Friday week with a display of the horses
     exhibited at the Cumberland County Fair.   There was a large attendance, and
     a great number of vehicles on the ground. The park has been fitted up in good
     style; there is a stand for refreshments, over which Barnum presides, seats for the
     accommodation of the multitude well arranged on the roof of a building, and on
     this occasion a band of music added liveliness to the scene. All the fancy horse flesh
     of Portland was on the ground, and the display of matched and family horses was
     very fine. The span of H. J. Libby, Esq., for which he has refused $2000, took
     the silver cup offered by Mr. Shaw for the best pair of carriage horses. Our
     wealthy citizen are now giving much attention to their equipages, and many of their
     fine turn-outs were present on this occasion. There was some very fair trotting,
     and a brisk movement of vehicles making the dust fly in smothering clouds.
     Everything was conducted in an orderly manner, and Mr. Shaw certainly has reason
     to be satisfied with the success of his enterprise thus far. If those interested in the
     park will be careful of its surroundings, and discouraged the establishment of drinking
     houses in its neighborhood, it will afford our citizens a very desirable place for an
     hour's recreation in the display of their horses.

          Rensallear Cram, Esq., has been elected President of the Portland Rolling Mills
      Company, and General E. B. Jackson who has retired from the practice of the law,
      has been chosen Treasurer and Clerk. The company is making extensive preparation
      on the site of Camp Berry for the erections of their works.

          Mrs. Weston F. Milliken was thrown from a carriage on Saturday by the turning
     of a frisky collt, and had her left leg broken just above the ankle. Mr. Milliken was
     also thrown down but escaped with slight bruises.

          As Mr. Amos Waterhouse, carpenter, was at work on a new house, on Green
     Street on Tuesday last, the staging gave away, precipitating him to the ground and
     injuring him so severely that he died soon after.

          Captain Willard, on Tuesday, captured the biggest fish yet-a blackfish 20 feet
     long and weighing 5000 pounds. It is said to be the largest fish ever brought
     into the port.

          Our subscriberes can get their Transcripts bound, and all other binding done at
     the bindery of Mr. Edward Small, 68 Exchanage Street.

          A house and store on Cumberland Street owned by Bernard Dally, and occupied
     by Irish families was badly  damaged by fire on Friday night.

          Our musical friend D. H. Chandler has returned home, and we may not look
     for the speedy formation of an excellant band.

          On Monday a thief entered the room of Mr. Foot, an aged deaf man living on
     Brackett Street, and stole $62.00-hard earning which the poor man had laid by to
     keep him through the winter.

          Rev. Dr. Dwight, formerly of this city is lying dangerously ill at Andover,


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