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              In this city August 4th,  Alphonso J.Trefethen and Mary A. Strayton, both
          of Portland.
              In this city, July 2nd at the residence of the bride's brother, by Rev. Mr. Dalton,
          General F. Cox, of London, England and Miss Hannah Craig of Montreal, Canada.
              In Boothbay, July 29th by Peter McGunicle, Esq., Charles M. Mathews and
          Miss Ella J. Dunton. both of Boothbay.
              In Saco, August 6th, Benjamin F. Norris and Miss Sarah L. Brown, both of
              In Turner, August 8th, George Gifford, of this city and Miss Augusta Hale of
              In Freeport, August 8th, General Russell, of Auburn and Miss Eliza A. Merrill,
          of Freeport.
              In Bath, August 5th, Charles T. Bailey and Urene F. Hodgdon.
              In Waterville, July 18th, William H. Richardson and Miss H. Eldor Priest.
              In Benton, (subdivision of Clinton, Me.) August 1st, James W. White and
          Frances E. Wardwell, both of Bangor.
               In San Francisco, Cal., July 24th, Isaac S. Frickett, of San Francisco, and Miss
          Ellen D. Maynard, of Portland.
              In Paris, Me., July 29th, George Jennison, of Syracuse, New York, and Mrs.
          Angie L. Small of Portland.
              In Hanover, Oxford County,  June 3rd, Almon T. Littlehale and Eunice A. Tyler.
              In Palermo, July 18th, Wilbert Glidden of Palermo and Mary  J. Grotton of
              In South Waldoboro, July 29th, of the parsonage by Rev. F. M. Sawtelle, John
          M. Akers of Portland, and Miss Lizzie M. Roberts of Waterboro.
              In Wells, July 18th, George G. Hatch and Annie L. Gerry.
              In Lisbon, Me., July 25th, George W. Johnson and Ann A. Nichols, both of
              In Farmington, July 19th, Daniel W. Howard, of New Portland, and Mrs. Lucy
          Winship of Bowdoinham.
              In Cutler, Washington County, July 25th, Lucius A. Dennison and Ellen A.
              In Augusta, August 2nd, Captain George schuler and Miss Arvilla M.
          Kennison, of Chelsea, Kennebec County.
              In Rockland, July 30th, George R. Brackett and Miss Hattie E. Harrington,
          both of St. George, Know County.
              In Lewiston, July 31st, Henry L. Farrington, of Lewiston and Miss Elizabeth
          G. Keen, of Boston,  Mass.
              In Bangor, July 29th, Frank Pierce and Miss Lettie Porter.
              In Harpswell, August 2nd, David C. Doughty and Miss Harriet A. Sionnett.
              In Poland, Me., July 30th, John Flye and Edna A. Dyer, both of Lewiston.
              In West Auburn, July 25th, S. Frank Haskell and Sarah A. Ricker.
              In Biddeford, July 18th, Cyrus L. Capen of  Eastport and Abbie A. G.
          Philbrook of Biddeford.
              At Mt. Desert, July 26th, Captain E. A. Richardson of Tremont and Miss
          Melvina J. McFarland of Eden, (Mt. Desert Island)
              In Gouldsboro, August 24th, William L. Perry and Miss Julia Falkner, both
          of Steuben.
              In Dexter, August 18th, Henry L. Southworth and Miss Cora A. Rollins.
              In Bangor, July 24th, John Hay of Bangor, and Clara A. Chapes of St.
          George, Knox County.
              In Biddeford, July 28th, Rowland Sylvester and Mrs. Lydia J. Jeffreys.
              In Byron, Oxford County, July 24th, Francis I. Hodsdon and Emma A. Ireland.

              In this city, August 14th, Luke Bradshaw, aged 73.
              In this city, August 2nd, Miss Julia Barrett Shanks, aged 18.
              In this city, August 5th, Mrs, Sarah Swett, aged 81.
              In this city, August 4th, William May, aged 72.
              In this city, August 8th, Ward Noes, aged 65.
              In Standish, August 6th, John Langdon Otis, aged 26.
              In Bowdoinham, July 29th, Mrs. Rebecca Pratt, aged 63.
              In Bethel, July 29th, Moses B. Abbott, aged 65.
              In Exeter, Penobscot County, July 15th, Mrs. Minerva Woodbury,
          aged 58.
              In Paris, July 30th, Mrs. Joshua Benson.
              In Swanville, July 22nd, Mrs. Sylvinia Stinson, aged 55.
              At Cushing, Jul 21st, Miss Nellie Parsons, aged 72.
              At Stevens Plains, (part of Portland), August 4th,Walter B. Goodrich,
          aged 67.
              In Chesterville, Franklin County,August 1st, Miss  Phebe I. Ricker, aged 20.
              In Bluehill, June 21st, Miss Hannah Gott, of Oland, Hancock County, 81.
              In Bluehill, July 23rd,  Miss Linie Donnell, aged 13.
              In Ellsworth, July 27th, Captain Reuben Remick, aged 63.
              In Rockland, July 22nd, Mrs. Sarah E. Demuth, aged 36.
              In Bath, August 6th, Miss Emma C. Nash, aged 13.
              In Cape Neddick, July 22nd, Mrs. Betsey Plaisted, aged 75.
              In Winterport, August 1st., Captain William S. Smith, aged 65.
              In Gilead, Oxford County, July 23rd, Mrs. Betsey Burbank, aged 80.
              In Machias, July 28th, Mrs. Martha O'Brien, aged 92.
              In Bangor, July 31st, Levi Bowen, aged 74.
              In Newcastle, July 29th, William Amos, aged 69.
              In Biddeford, July 24th, Gideon F. Sawyer, aged 20.
              In Marion, Washington County, July 22nd, Mrs. Caroline W. Bridges,
          aged 31.
              In Cumberland, August 4th, Davis Merrill, aged 49?
              In Camden, August 1st, Hiram Gregory II, aged 26.
              In Winthrop, July 31st, Mrs. Elibena Chandler, aged 82.
              In Lubec, Washington County, July 26th, Charles E. Brann, aged 20.
              In Perry, July 21st, Jenny casey, aged 20.
              In Mineral Point, Wisconsin, July 23, Charles F. Abbott, aged 25.
              In Woodford's Corner, Westbrook, August 24th, Mrs. Sarah L. Rackleff,
          aged 52.
              In Augusta, July 29th, Samuel C. Harley, Esq., of Hallowell, aged 28; County
          Attorney of Kennebec.


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