Wednesday, January 22, 2014


             In Bath Mr. Philemon R. Russell to Miss Martha Robinson.
             In Saco Honorable Isaac Emery, of Biddeford to Miss Sarah Spring,
           daughter of Seth Spring, Esq.
             In Union, Mr. Abijah P. Judd of  Vermont to Miss Sarah R. Gilmore.

             In Bath on the 21st inst., Captain Calvin Waterman of, aged 57, formerly
          of Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
            In Augusta on Wednesday the 25th, Mr. Jacob Bassford, aged 55.
            In Litchfield on the 19th last, widow Jane Potter.
            On Wednesday the 25th inst., was drowned at Gardiner Village, Mr. William
          Stevens, Esq., of Litchfield.  He attempted to cross a timber which lay across the
          mouth of the Cobbesse-Contee stream, for the purpose of securing lumber in the
          Mill Dock, when he was blown into the stream in the most rapid part of the current.
          Every attempt to save the life of this promising young man was unavailing; and
          he was thus suddenly launched into the boundless ocean of eternity.  He leaves
          a numerous circle of friends and relations to deplore his untimely loss. His
          body has not yet been found. (Com.)


          Casualties. Mr. William Stevens, son Amos Stevens, Esq., of Litchfield, was
     drowned in the Kennebec River at this village on Wednesday morning last; and
     another person by the name of William Allard, yesterday lost his life in the same
     manner, while engaged about the mill dam of the  Messer's. Cooper in Pittston,
     opposite this village.
          The Mills in Brookes, Me., were destroyed by fire on the 11th last. Loss,
     2,500 dolls.

                                                   ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE
          Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a license from the Honorable Ariel Mann,
     Judge of Probate, within and for the County of Kennebec, so much of the real  estate
     of          JAMES COSTELLOW,
     late of Gardiner, in said county, yeoman, deceased, as will pay the sum of  sixteen
     hundred and four dollars thirty cents,  for the payment of  the just debts of said
     estate, and incidental charges; will be sold at public auction, to the highest bidder,
     at the house of Hannah Costellow in said Gardiner, on Saturday, the twelfth day of
     May next, at  2 o'clock in the afternoon. Said real estate consist of the following
     described lot of land, viz;-One lot, being part of the homestead farm, consisting of
     sixty-four acres. One lot containing  twenty-seven acres, adjoin the aforesaid farm,
     under good improvement and with a barn on the same. Also, one other lot situated
    in Richmond, County of Lincoln, containing about forty-nine acres, one half of which
     is under improvement.
          The condition of the sale, will be made known at the time and place of sale.
                                                                                     JOHN BEEDLE, Administrator,
     Gardiner,  April 13th, 1827.


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