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                                                      MAINE MATTERS

                                                    Androscoggin County

        Benjamin Jordan, an aged pauper who had been missing from the Auburn  Town Farm
     was found drowned in  Lake Auburn, Sunday. 
                                                        Aroostook County

          Thursday last the potato vat houses and engine house of Johnson & Phair's starch
      factory  at Easton, were burned with about 8,000 bushel of potatoes. The difficulty of
     getting material there so late in the season will prevent rebuilding this fall.
          The first three days of last week 17,000 bushels of potatoes were taken at Sherman's
     starch factory, and up to that time 73 tons of starch had been manufactured there.
          Mr. A. P, Bennett, an enterprising Linneus farmer, manufactures 8,000 pounds of
     butter annually, most of which is sold in Bangor.

                                                       Cumberland County
          The clam factory of Burnham & Morrill, Pine Point, will commence operations
     Monday next.
          The Cape Elizabeth and Scarboro  Fair last week was very successful, and the
     display in all department most  creditable. That of fruit and vegetables was
     particularly fine.    We noticed one huge cabbage that measured 18 inches across
     the top, and other vegetables displayed had attained enormous growth. Among
     the principal exhibitor in this department were Messrs. F. O. and N. Sawyer,  A.
     C. Chapin, C. P. Trickey, S. Scammon, E. C. Robinson, A. F. Hannaford, Tristam
     Jordan and J. Hannaford of Cape Elizabeth, and Miss Sarah T. Libby, Messrs. J.
     Plummer, H. S. Jones, G. McKennney, M. L. Lane, William Fogg, John Fogg and
     L. Milliken of Scarboro.  An excellent exhibit of canned fruit was made by Mrs. C. P.
     Trickery, Mrs. J. W. Johnson and Mrs. Robinson.
          The Universalist Church at Brunswick, with the stores under it occupied by Alonzo
     Day, E. N. Johnson and S. Maynard, was burned Saturday evening-Loss, $7,000, with
     no insurance.
          We have received one four-leaved, one five leaved, and one six-leaved clover,
     the last named being rarely seen. They were found growing near Prout's Neck, and
     picked by Miss Eva R. Coolbroth.
          At Burnham & Morrill's corn shop at Dunstan's  Corner, about 212,000 cans have
     been packed this season.
          Reverend Joseph Torrey for ten years pastor of the First Congregational Church,
     Yarmouth, has resigned the charge to the great regret of the community.
          The Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hardy, West Falmouth, was
     celebrated Wednesday evening, October 2nd. Some fourscore of descendants, friends
     and neighbors were present, and the venerable couple were made the recipients of
     many substantial tokens of affection and regard.

                                                        Franklin County

          Leonard F. Green, of Wilton, a member of the County Commissioners, and
     formerly a member of the legislature, died Friday.
          Ernest Prescott Searles of Farmington, the young boy who invented the steam
     oven, took the first prize on that article at the State Fair.  The State Commissioner
     of the World's Fair at New Orleans, has requested to have one of the  ovens sent on
     for exhibition at the exposition.
          William Frye of South Carthage, has just received a pension of $1,176.
          Phineas Gordon of Chesterville, was found dead in the woods near his house
                                                 Hancock County

          News has been received that Albert Stover, a  Bucksport young man, has been
     shot and killed on a cattle ranch in Dakota.
          Miss Abbie Congdon, Penobscot, now employs fifteen girls and runs fourteen
     knitting machines, manufacturing over 400 pairs of mittens daily. She is over run
     with orders and contemplates securing more machines soon.
          The Lawton Brothers, Southwest Harbor, are fitting up J. F.K. Freeman's building
      for the canning business.
                                                    Kennebec County

          The Hallowell Granite Co., have a $12,000 tomb nearly completed for Moffett
     & Doyle, of New York. They are also in process of cutting a tomb that will cost about
          The wife of Dr. E. G. Briggs, an Augusta dentist, has been stricken down with a
     disease that puzzles the doctors. Some two weeks ago, after working all day preparing
     to go to housekeeping, she felt a sensation of weariness came over her limbs, and
     sitting down immediately became helpless, and has since remained unable to move
     any part of herself, not even a finger. Physicians have examined her and find no
     disease of any kind.
          John Baker of Albion, arrested on suspicion of murdering Mrs. Newell Tuck in
     Albion, September 5th, has confessed that he assaulted the woman with the intent to
     commit rape, and held her by the throat till she became insensible when he took
     alarm and ran. He said he did not think she was dead when he left her.  His trial
     occurs in December.
                                                       Knox County

          John Graves of West Camden, fell from his shed a distance of 15 feet, breaking
      four ribs.
          Perry M. Blake, an experienced engineer, after an extensive survey of the water
     sources in the vicinity for the purpose of ascertaining the feasibility of supplying
     Rockland  with water from some other source than Chickenankie Pond, has
     reported favorably, and estimates  the cost of the leading mains at $77,00 and
     other mains $14,000.
                                                      Lincoln County
          Our Bristol correspondent writes: The fishing business here has been a failure,
     with the exception of a good catch of mackerel. There are six or eight fish buyers
     who have each bought in past years, from 1,500 to 3,000 quintals of cod and hake.
     The whole amount brought by these buyer the present year, will not exceed 1,000
     quintals-The canning factory of Judson Tarr, has canned nearly 11,,000 barrels of
     mackerel, each barrel making 100 one pound cans. The factory is still running.

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