Wednesday, January 8, 2014



          In this city, April 29th, by Rev. S. F. Wetherbee, Jeremiah Wakefield and Miss
     Lucinda R. Bruce, both of Bath.
          In this city, April 11th, by Rev. S. F. Wetherbee, Charles  H. Avery of Portland,
     and Miss Pauline Hatfield, of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.
          In this city, April 6th, by Rev. E. Martin, Mr. Henry O. Cram, of Boston, and
     Miss Frances E. Bibber, of Portland.
          In this city, April 13th, by Dr. H. A. Lamb, Mr. G. H. Ross to Miss Susie A.
     Styles, both of Portland.
          In Cape Elizabeth, April 13th, by Rev. F. C. Ayer, Mr. Richard Evens (Evans?) and
     Miss Jane Lewes, both of Cape Elizabeth.
          In Cape Elizabeth on the evening of April 13th, at the Parsonage, Mr. Charles R.
     Taylor, of Cape Elizabeth, and Miss Hannah E. Guptill, formerly of Porter, Maine.
          In Casco, April 6th, Edward L. Gove, of Seabrook, N. H., to Anna Maxwell of
          In Chelsea, Mass., April 10th, Mr. David A. Jumper, of Portland, and Miss
     Mary K. Little, of Chelsea.
          In Lewiston, March 23rd, Charles C. Witham and Miss Lizzie M. Foster;
     April 5th, Mr. Joseph Tapley, Jr., and Miss Mary  E. Owen; 7th, John E. Oliver
     and Miss Annie E. Perham, all of Lewiston.
          In Lincolnvillle,  March 25th, George T. Cox, of Pembroke and Mrs. Susan
     Metcalf, of Lincolnville.
          In Montville, March 16th, Granville Thompson and Martha A. Thompson.
          In Palermo, Me.,  March 12th, Dr. J. W. Marden and Miss Nancy Starbird.
          In North Vassallboro, March 30th, March 30th, Edmund A. Fuller Esq., of
     Freedom, and Miss Louise H. Forbes, of Brooks, Waldo County, Me.
          In Augusta, March 24th, Mr. Francis B. Williams and Miss May E. Dunn, both
     of Winthrop.
          In Skowhegan, March 16th, Mr. Nathaniel L. Owen and Miss Belle P. Arnold.
          In Gray, April 9th, William H. Pride, of Westbrook, and Miss Adeline Harmon,
     of Gray.
          In Rockland, March 28th, Jeremiah W. Sleeper, of South Thomaston, and
     Nareissa R., daughter of  Colonel Elijah Walker, of Rockland.
          In Thomaston, March 20th, James H. Piper and Mrs. Lauretta F. Harvey.
          In Skowhegan, April 1st, Alvin Sedgley and Miss Flora E. Knight.
          In Rumford, April 6th, Royal A. Harlow, of Hebron and  Miss Emma S.
     Silver, of Rumford.
          In this city, April 11th, after a long and distressing illness, Mr. William
     Akerman, formerly of Newburyport, Mass., aged 60 years.
          In this city, April 11th, Mrs. Marcia Ells, wife of Clement A. Edgecomb, and
     daughter of Mr. Amos Noyes, of Norway, Me., aged 24 years, and 9 months.
          In this city, April 8th, Mrs. Isabella, G., wife of Honorable J. H. Philbrick, and
     daughter of Rev. James Weston, of Standish, aged 37.
          In this city, April 8th, Miss Katie, daughter of Alexander and Sarah Preble, of
     Harrington, aged 18 years.
         In this city, March 24th, Leafy Hamilton, aged 17 years and 4 months.
         In this city, April 9th, Annie C., daughter of Merrill and Mary E. Walden, aged
     2 years, 3 months.
         In this city, April 9th, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Campbell, daughter of Thomas and
      Mrs. Hannah Walsh, nearly 3 years.
         In this city, April 12th, Sarah B., only daughter of George E., and Martha L. 
     Luscomb, aged 18 years.
          In this city, April 10th, Mrs. Abigail, widow of the late Anthony Fernald, aged
     83 years and 6 months.
          In this city, April 5th, at the Alms House, Mr. John Daley, aged 66 years.
          In Philpsburg, April 6th, Miss Celinda L. Wallace, aged 18 years and 18
          In Westbrook, April 10th, Mrs. Sophia North, aged 74.
          In Westbrook, April 13th, Charles G. Andrews, aged 23.
          In Yarmouth, April 10th, Mr. Thomas G. Russell, aged 64 years and 6 months.
          In Somerville, Mass., April 12th, Mrs. Sarah B., wife of Captain Leotine H.
     Drinkwater, aged 45.
          In Brunswick, March 31st, Mr. Joseph Morse, aged 83.
          In Houlton, March 23rd, of diphtheria, Sadie, eldest daughter of Rev. E. G.
      Carpenter, aged 10 years; also, April 3rd, Rev. E. G. Carpenter, aged 55.

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