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          Lisbon Falls, September 28th, to the wife of B. Frank Pratt, a daughter.
          Ferry Village, October 2nd, to the wife of Fred McIntire, a son.
          Boston, Mass., September 23rd, to the wife of George A. Goodnough,
     formerly of Jay, a son.
          St. George, New Brunswick, September 23rd, to the wife of George Robinson,
     a son.
          Waterville, September 27th, to the wife of Increase Robinson, a son.


          In this city, October 1st., by Rev. John A. Bellows, Anson Mckim of Montreal,
     and Bessie True, daughter of George W. True of Portland.
          In this city, October 2nd,. at St. Luke's  Cathedral, by the Right Reverend, the
     Bishop of Maine, Charles Davis Merrill and Elizabeth Deblois, daughter of George
     E. E. Jackson, all of Portland..
          Lewiston, September 29th, Alexander Renfrew and Abbie N. Kimball, both of
          Windsor, Kennebec County, September 27th, Robert H. Jewell and Clara
      L. Godding.
          Auburn, September 27th, George M. Seavey and Alice M. Young, both of
          Hanover, September 29th, Melvin A. Rowe and Nettie Dicker, both of
          Biddeford, September 29th, John Goudreau and Alminie Letourneau.
          Steep Falls, September 30th, by Rev. G. W. Barber, Ralph H. Chick of Baldwin
     and Cora E. Nason, of Limington.
          Steep Falls, October 4th, by Rev. G. F. Moulton, John L. Dike of Sebago and
     Lillian A. Hebron of Standish.
          Limington, October 6th, by Rev. O. F. Moulton, William C. Bean and
     Victoria L. Allen, both of Denmark, Me.
          Great Lake Stream, September 30th, by Rev. George F. Jenkins of Princeton,
     Augustus E. Andrews of Great Lake Stream and Dollie Yeats of Plantation No. 21.
          Sebago, September 27th, Hiram W. Garey and Flora M. Burnell, both of
     North Sebago.
          Sebago, September 27th, William B. Shaw and Clara E. Burnell, both of
     of North  Sebago.
          North Bridgton, September 28th, Charles H. Lewis and Ella M. Knight, both
     of Lovell.
          Waterville, October 1st., Thomas E. Sherry and Bertha E. White, both of
          Augusta, October 2nd., William S. Stone and Nellie M. Goodell, both of
          Rockland, October 1st., J. M. French and Fannie R. Palmer, both of
          Damariscotta, October 1st., Rev. J. A. Morelen and Emma G. Donnell, both
     of Newcastle.
          Bangor, October 2nd, Arthur B. Campbell and Alice B. Sidelinker, both of
          West Baldwin, October 6th, by Rev. George W. barber, Clinton Dow and
     Mary S. Gatchell, all of Baldwin.

           In this city, October 2nd, Georgie H., infant  son of James H. and Clara
     Collins, aged 11 months, 2 weeks.
           In this city, October 2nd, Francis May, only child of Theodore and Mary
     Logan, aged 5 days.
          In this city, October 4th, Lorenzo D. Libby, aged 70 years, 7 months.
          In this city, October 4th, Harriet Lewis, wife of the late William C.
     Bradley, 74 years.
          In this city, October 4th, James Murphy, aged 73.
          In this city, October 5th, Annie M. Madden, aged 2 years, 1 month,
     5 days.
          In this city, October 4th, Harry A., son of Charles J. Cobb, Bucksport.
          In this city, October 3rd, Mrs. Mary M. Leven, aged 78 years.
          In this city, October 5th, Timothy J. McGlynn, aged 60 years, 4 months,
     5 days.
          Standish, October 2nd., Marietta F., daughter of H. T. and Ellen S.
     Cummings, aged 14 years, 10 months. [Eastern and Western papers please


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