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THE MACHIAS UNION, Machias, Me., July 5, 1881

                                                        THE TENNEY FAMILY

          George Tenney married _____ Elwell; came from Marblehead, Mass., and settled on
     Pleasant River near the Joseph Nash farm below Columbia Falls in about 1776.
     Their children were; George, David, John, Elisha, Samuel, Silas, Deborah, Joanna,
     Sarah, Bethia.
     George married Lydia Archer; children, Margaret, Betsey, William, Daniel,  
     Bertania, Joseph F.
     David married Mercy Stevens; children, David, Abagail, (sic) Edmund, George, Lydia
     John, Fannie.
     John married Sally Whitney; children, John and Polly.
     Elisha married Lydia Colson; children, Alexander, Uriah, Otis, Smiley and Joel.
     Samuel married Rhoda _____; children, Levi, Mercey, Timothy, Ella, Melissa.
     Silas married Sarah Drisko, one child Warren.
     Deborah married Elijah Kelly; children, John, Elijah, George, Thomas, Frederic,
     Samuel, Mary, Sarah, Bethia.
     Joanna married Nathaniel Cox; no children.
     Sarah married Edward Cox; children, Nathaniel, John, Elsie, Phebe, James, Hannah,
     Mary and Aaron.
     Bethia married ______ Stanhope.
     John son of George the Senior was lost overboard from a vessel at Marblehead,
                                          THE SAWYER FAMILY; STEUBEN

          John Sawyer and Sarah Dyer were married at Cape Elizabeth, November 3, 1786
     and about 1790 settled in Steuben. Their children were Susan, Betsey, Joseph, Henry,
     Abagail (sic), Sally, Catherine, Eben, L. Baker and Annah.
     Susan married Nathaniel Ingersoll of Columbia. Betsey married Joshua Dyer of
     Sullivan. Joseph married 1st Wealthy Dyer; 2nd Delia Yeaton, both of Steuben
     Henry married Cynthia Foster. Abagail married Sewell Leighton. Sally married
     Ambrose Coffin of Columbia. Catherine married Amos Allen of Columbia. Eben
     married Fannie Wass of  Addison. L. Baker married 1st Sophronia Handy; 2nd, Sarah
     A. Sawyer; no children first marriage, second marriage the children are L. Baker, Jr.,
     born November 24, 1871, and Charles A., born February 11, 1878.
          Mr. L. B. Baker was born February 23, 1803, and will be 80 year old next
     February. His youngest child is not yet 3 years old..
     The senior Joseph Sawyer married 2nd Mercy Look; children David L. and Anna.
          The entire family of sons, five, held commission in the old State Militia. L. Baker
     was commissioned as Captain of a Company of Infantry, 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade,
     7th Division, by Jonathan G. Hunton, Governor; Edward Russell Secretary of State,
     October 20, 1830. In 1833 he was commissioned as Major; in 1836 as Lieutenant
     Colonel and in 1837 as Colonel. He was all through the Aroostook War. He resigned
     his commission in 1842.
          The Sawyers are remembered as temperate, industrious men and worthy citizens.
     L. Baker Sawyer so nearly an octogenarian is in remarkably good health, faculties well




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