Wednesday, January 15, 2014


                                                         INTENDED MARRIAGES
                                                   "Risk not through haste a life of love."
          Mr. Samuel F, Whittier and Mary Ann Rogers.
          Mr. Nicholas Sanders and Miss Catharine Cavery.
          Mr. John A. Mace, of Portland and Miss Nancy Gordon, of Readfield.
          Mr. William H. Puffer, of Boston, and Miss Sarah C. Swett.
          Mr. Joseph P. Dunn, of Portland, and Miss Mary Jane Curtis.
          Mr. Jeremiah G. Floyd and Miss Angeline Morrill.

                                                 "So learn ye whose vows are plighted,
                                                       That hearts are one when united."

          In this city, 8th inst., by Rev. Mr. Eaton, Mr. Merritt N. Cobb, to Miss Louisa
     L., daughter of the late Captain George Lewis, all of this city. [The printer was
     bountifully remembered, and in return can only say-
                                     "May all the hopes and joys they anticipate,
                                    Be blissfully realized in this marriage state,
                                    And peaceful comfort be their fate.
          In Woodstock, 2st inst., by Alden Chase, Esq., Mr. Herrick C. Davis, to Miss
     Lucy M. Felt, both of Woodstock.
          In Medford, Massachusetts, 7th inst., in the Episcopal Chapel by Rev. D. G.
     Haskins, its rector, Mr. George F. Fuller, to Mrs. Marianne only surviving
     daughter of Honorable William P. Preble, of this city.
          In Providence, Rhode Island, 4th inst., Mr. Clement Martin to Miss
     Rosannah Durgin, both of Brunswick, Me.
          In Biddeford, 6th inst., by Rufus Small, Esq., Mr. Jeremiah Small to Miss
     Susan Perry, both of Biddeford.

                                                       "This is the end of earth."

          In this city, 4th inst., Thomas Sheriden, aged 20 years. [Bangor and Boston
     paper please copy.]
          In Gorham, 4th inst., very suddenly James F., son of Ivory and B. H. Larrabee, aged
     3 years.
          In Sacramento City, California, October 21st., Samuel Drake, Me., age 26;
     Benjamin F. Atwood, Mass., aged 32.
          In Windham, 5th inst., Clarissa Ann, wife of Dr. C. G. Parsons, aged 43.
          In New York, 5th inst., at his residence, Uriah A. Pollard, Esq., aged 42, for many
     years a successful merchant at New Orleans, and only brother of Dr. A. W. Pollard,
     of this city.
          In Bath, Samuel S. Sloan, formerly of Boston, aged 78; Joseph Corliss aged 42.
          In West Bath, 1st inst., Mrs. Hannah Athearn, aged 84 years.
          In Westbrook, 11th inst., Sarah Josephine, eldest daughter of John and Sarah M.

                                                       BOY MISSING
          Left the house of Z. T. Thornton, Frost Street, Bath, without any known
     cause, on the 12th of November, George H. Partridge, son of the late H. N.
     Partridge, of Brunswick. He was 11 years old, light complexion, light hair and
     blue eyes, and had on when he left a blue broadcloth cap, grey Satinet jacket,
     black pants and plaid vest. Any one knowing where he may be found will
     confer a favor on his anxious mother by informing Thomas Eaton, Jr., Bath-
     or sending word to this office. [Editors will please note]





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