Sunday, April 5, 2015


                                                             MAINE MATTERS
          A fine painting of Rev. Avery Briggs,  the first professor of languages in
     Waterville College, has recently been added to the collection of Colby
     Memorial Hall.
          William  H. Dunning, son of James Dunning of Bangor, who in October last
     shot Franklin Davis, a  desperado, dead at Cold Springs,California in self-defense,
     has been pardoned by Governor Stoneman of California.  The most prominent men
     of Maine wrote letters, asking  the pardon to the governor. The news causes joy
     among his friends.
          A 14 year old son of Mr. John Speed of South Atkinson, was seriously, perhaps
      fatally injured Friday, while driving a horse to operate a hay fork. One of the tugs
      gave way letting the whiffletree fly back with great force striking him against the
          Mrs. E. Conroy, of Sabtis,  while alighting from an excursion train, Saturday,
      at Bath, was violently thrown to the platform by her boot heel catching in her
      skirt and her right arm  was fractured just below the elbow.
          Charles Leavitt, of Topsham, was very badly burned about the eyes and
     face a day or two ago by the premature explosion of a blast. The force of the
     explosion threw him upward and backward about 15 feet.
          Thursday a three-masted schooner,367 tons, named the John S. Davis, was
     launched at Bath. She is owned in Philadelphia.
          Joseph Wardell, aged 12, was downed at McDonald's ship yard, Bath, on
          Iowa College, Grinnell, Iowa, of which  Rev. Dr. McGoun, formerly of
      Bath is president, is being rapidly rebuilt.  It was wrecked by a cyclone last
      year. The new buildings will be much superior to the old, and will comprise
      various new features, such as a Ladies Hall and an Astronomical.
          A few nights ago Mr. Benjamin Fairfield Center, aroused by a us usual
     noise in his field, arose and went out to ascertain the cause. As he did so a
     man on horseback drove out of the lane leading to Mr. Cannon's pasture. It
     is thought that it was some one after his horses.
          Recently Mrs. Jonathan Lewis, of Fairfield, was violently assaulted by
     Mrs. Eben Lewis, her sister-in-law, while calling at the house of the latter.
     She was severely injured and has been confined to her bed since. There has
     been trouble existing between the two women for about five years. Mr. Lewis
     settled for the assault by paying $150. On account of his worry over the affair
      and his fears that Mrs. Jonathan Lewis's injuries might prove fatal, he has
      become violently insane, and was removed to Augusta last week.
          The Executive Council has confirmed the nomination of Charles Luce
     as special constable for the enforcement of the liquor law in Somerset


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