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          New York, October  18th, Charles Van Penthuyen, of Albany, New York.
          Springvale, Me., September 25, 1882, Marshall Poindexter, aged 53 years.
          Lewiston, October 19th, Mrs. Mary Ellen, wife of Mr. T. B. Norris and
     daughter of the late Mr. Ebenezer Cobb, of Leeds, aged 44 years, 8 months
     and 8 days.
          Parkham, October 14th, Mr. Winston Harrington, aged 50 years.
          Madison, October 3rd., infant son of Mr. T. M. and  Mrs. R. M. Bennett,
     1 month, 2 days.
          Hampden, October 10th, Mr.  William E. McAuliffe, aged 22 years, 8
          Lewiston, October 10th, Lydia A., youngest child of Mr. Henry S. and  Mrs.
    Jennie E. Richardson, aged 7 months, 12  days.
          South Auburn, October 18th, Mrs. Anna, widow of Mr. Hanson Bragdon,
     aged 76 years, 6 months.
          Danville Junction, October 12th, Mr. Otis C. Cobb, aged 60 years, 4 months,
     24 days.
          Monmouth, October 10th, Mrs. Martha J. Waterhouse, wife of Moses
     Waterhouse, aged 65 years.
          Hampden, October 11th, Mr. David V. Fogg, aged 58 years, 8 months, 16
     days. A soldier in the late war.
          Wales, Androscoggin, October 18th, Miss Betsey Hamilton, aged 8 years,
     9 months.
          South  Bridgton, October  13th, Mr. James O. Pierce, of consumption, aged
     31 years, 9 months.
          Kittery, October 15th, Mr. Theodore Keen, aged 69 years, 8 months.
          Bangor, October 18th, Mrs. Laura H. Keliher, aged 41 years.
          Turner's Island, Cape Elizabeth, October 23rd,  Frank E.,  youngest son of
     Frank G. and Martha E. Quincy, aged 5 months.
          Freeport, October 17th, Annie M., wife of James D. Rogers, aged 32 years,
     ?  months, 14 days.
          Skowhegan, September 23rd, Orvilla Crowell, wife of the late David Crowell,
     aged 65 years, 8 months.
          Castine, October  14th, Lucy, wife of Frederick Ho?ker.
          Chelsea, Mass., October 20th, Mary C. F., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis
     Libby, aged 25 years.

          Liberty, Waldo County, October 7th.  Achsa L. wife of George Garney of
     Taunton, Mass.,and daughter of the late Hiram Batchelder of Montville.
          If, as has been said, "Death loves a shining mark," it is the most surely
     exemplified in the death recorded above.  Possessed of a happy and loving
     disposition, making friends wherever known, being well educated and having
     the advantaged of the culture which knowledge give, she was well qualified to
     act her part in life in such a manner to prove a blessing not only to her immediate
     family, but to the community where she resided. He who noteth (sic) the sparrow's
     fall, has ordered it otherwise, and she is called away from earth, her sun having
     gone down while it was yet day, her life work done, her labors ended. Yet will
     we be comforted in the hope that in the beautiful land beyond to which we are
     all hastening, we shall meet again never more to part.
                              "To calm repose the kind death angel won her,
                              Touching the eyes that nevermore shall weep;
                              And lo the sweetest of all slumber fell upon her,
                              For so he giveth his beloved sleep." H. M.  H.
     (Taunton, Mass., papers please copy.)



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