Wednesday, April 15, 2015


          In this city, October 23rd, Mrs. Mary, widow of Charles Brackett, aged 71
     years,  2 months.
          In this city, 19th inst., Louise A., wife of Joseph Bryant, aged 32 years. (Nova
     Scotia papers please copy.)
          In this city, 18th inst., William J., son of William and Elizabeth McCormack,
     aged 7 weeks.
          In this city, Sophronia Porter, widow of the late William K. Porter, aged 79
          In this city, October 19th, George William, infant son of William  H. and
     Emma McDonald, aged 6 months.
          In this city, October 16th, William I., son of Mr. William and Elizabeth
     Elizabeth McCormick, aged 7 weeks, 2 days. (As above.)
          In this city, Adrian  A. Atwood, aged 40 years.
          In this city, October 22nd. Mrs. Mary widow of the late Charles Rackleff,
     aged 71 years, 2 months.
          Ferry Village, 18th isn't., Mrs. Sarah M., wife of Charles A. Harmon, aged 26
     years, 1 month, 22 days.
          Hollis, 1st inst.,  Mrs. Catherine A., widow of Brice B. Lane, aged 77 years.
          Boothbay, 18th inst.,  Mr. Timothy Hodgdon, aged 83 years.
          Auburn, 18th inst., Mrs. Elvira A., wife of A. B. Henry, aged 54 years.
          New Sharon, 20th ult., Mr. Noah H. Harris, formerly of Portland, aged
     Cumberland, aged 79 years.
          Auburn, 11th inst., Mr. Amory Leach, formerly of Portland, aged 86 years.
          Loudon, New Hampshire, 12th inst., Mr. John Casey Ordway, aged 72 years,
     5 months. (Mass. and N. H. papers please copy.)
          Lancaster, 15th ult., Myra E. Cushing, aged 19 years, 3 months-eldest daughter
     of the late William M. and Melvina A. Cushing  of Lancaster, formerly of Portland.
          Buxton, October 22nd., Joseph S. Barnard, aged 57 years. (Biddeford
     and Saco papers please copy.)
          Rockport, October 23rd, Albert S. Eells, Esq., aged 72 years.
          Bath, October 21st.,Mrs. Isabella M., wife of Captain James Keen, aged
     82 years.
          Brunswick, October 13th, Mrs. Mary A. Jacques, aged 41 years.
          Sebago, September 29, Carlotte H. , wife of Daniel D. Martin, aged 68
     years, 1 month.
          Augusts, October 18th, Mrs. Flora Dudley, aged 25 years, 9 months.
          Chelsea, October 19th, Miss Mary C. T. Libby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
     Francis Libby, formerly of Portland, aged 25 years.

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