Friday, April 24, 2015


                                                       MAINE MATTERS
          Reverend Edward Chase of Biddeford, has bought the Thompson shipyard at
     Kennebunkport. Possibly the premises may be used for other than shipbuilding
     purposes. There was launched at Clark's yard on Monday, ship Reuce, 1,924 tons,
     to be commanded by Captain Benjamin Adams of Bowdoinham. She is chartered
     to load in New York for San Francisco at $8.50 per ton.

          John Bennett, of Boothbay, mate of a Maine vessel, died in Boston and was brought
     home for interment. When the coffin was opened in church a number of blotches were
     noticed on the face of the corpse, but no one knew the cause. Since then two brothers
     of the deceased have been taken ill with the small pox, and it is feared that the contagion
     may be quite largely know between Boston and Boothbay, especially at the latter place
     where the coffin was opened.
          It is believed a  nol pros.  will be entered in the case of Benjamin Crossman, who beat
     his wife almost to death in a dory near Barter's island, while under the influence of liquor.
          Two roughs calling themselves Diamond Dick and Big Sam, caused a sensation at
     Fryeburg on the last day of the fair by assaults upon their own counsel, and then upon
     the lawyer of their opponent in a case brought against Big Sam for assault upon a
     young girl at Bridgton. The Bridgton News says D. W. Proctor, Esq., pluckily went
     alone into the room, cowed them down, while both were threatening him, and
     collected of Diamond Dick $250 in settlement of the affair.
          Mrs. William Foster, of Norway, Me., committed suicide on the 19th by hanging.
          The floor  of the old mill at  Millford gave way on Monday, letting two person into
      the pit below. A boy named Litchfield, deaf and dumb, had five ribs broken.
          Yesterday morning  ex-Senator Hamlin, whose appointment as Minister
     Plenipotentiary to Spain has been referred to  in our out columns, was standing in a store
     in Pickering Square when a farmer drove up with a load of  oats. Mr. Hamlin purchased
     them and was telling where to take them, when the farmer, not knowing that his
     customer was ex-Vice President of the United States, interrupted him by saying curtly;
     "Git out and ride up with me yourself." "But you have no seat in your wagon; replied
     the ex-Senator. "Never you mind your clo'es-set on that bag of oats."  was the
     business-like replay' so the ex-Senator clambered up and sat down on the dusty load,
     and the cart rolled away, while the farmer wondered at the quaint look that crept into
     the face of his companion, as  he  gave a nod of recognition to the well-pleased
     lookers-on. Bangor Whig.                      
          The State Convention of Y. M. C. A. began its sessions at Bangor last Friday,
     and the meetings were well attended.

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