Wednesday, April 8, 2015


                                                        MAINE MATTERS
          Honesty Grange, Morrill, own a hall  28x50, and runs a store that has a  yearly
     trade of $8,000 to $10,000. The grange has a membership of 100.

          Honorable Willis M. Haycock, Collector of Customs for Passamaquoddy district,
     died suddenly of heart disease in Calais, Saturday night, aged 39.
          Three of the four men who escaped from St. Andrews jail were in Calais last week,
     and were interviewed. The say Mrs. Muchie was in no way implicated in their escape.
     They had been for some days engaged in sawing the bolt which confined them, and
      it so happened that Mrs. Muchie made her visit at the time they escaped.
          The failure of Shaw Brothers, of Boston, has led to a variety of rumors respecting
     St. Stevens Bank, and some uneasiness exists over it condition. President Todd, of that
      bank states that the bank is all right, with abundant ready funds to meet it deposits and
          One day last week, Carrie a five year old daughter of Mr. S. S. Pineo of  Milltown,
     fell into a well 18 feet deep. A bucket was lowered, and the child grasping it was drawn
      to safety.
          A burglar who entered the room  of Mr. and Mrs. Waldron, Shapleigh, at Bay View
      View House, Old Orchard, Wednesday morning was fired at by Mr. Waldron and
     probably wounded, as he fell heavily to the ground from the verandah and lay there for
     some moments, when he arose and made for the woods. He secured $20.00 and a check,
      payment on which has been stopped.
          Bertie,  a three year old child of N. R. Knights  of Cape Elizabeth, died of  lock-jaw
      Friday, at the Old Orchard camp ground.
          Master Freddie D.  Holland of Limerick, is suffering from the effect of too much
     fresh water bathing. He has a lame knee, which was lanced last week, one pint of matter
     discharging from it.
          Joseph Allen, a farmer of Wells, was found dead in his pasture Thursday afternoon.
      In  the opinion of some he was killed by lightning; others think it was a case of heart
                                                      IN GENERAL
           The firm of Shaw Brothers are understood to be debtors of the Maine Central
      Railroad to the amount of $5,000.They owe the National Bell Telephone Co., for
     building and equipping four miles of telephone line.
          Professor C. L. Whitney, Past Lecturer of Michigan  State  Grange has been
     engaged to give a series of lectures before the Maine granges, commencing
     August 23rd.
          Patents have been issued to John S. White, Portland, brush; Volney Barker,
     Portland, can-washing machine; Lewis I. Sherman, Biddeford,, machine for
     drawing in warp threads; James H. Sheehan, assignor of one-half to E. L.
     Stearns, Bangor, nut-lock; Bradford E. Lancaster, assignor of one-half to R. W.
     Black, Augusta, ratchet  wrench; Franklin M. Lawrence, Portland, grate; Cyrus
     J. Hall, Belfast, windlass; Edgar K. Hayes, Boston, assignor to Boston Water
     Purifier Company of Maine, filter; Wales Hubbard, Wiscasset, assignor of one-
     fourth to J. H. May, Washington, D. C. railway car.
          Fires In Maine.-Building of Charles Bowden Bridgton. There were only two old
     people in the house at the time and comparatively nothing was saved.-Upper portion
     of the house of James Booker,  Rockland, together with barn and shed-Insurance $800
     on house, $200.         


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