Wednesday, April 22, 2015


                                                       MAINE MATTERS
          Frank Millons was severely injured in the Cumberland Mills, Saturday by
     being caught on a shaft in shifting a belt.
          Mr. Samuel Packard, of Bath, aged 28 was instantly killed on Monday at West
      Falmouth, by attempting to jump from a car, and  falling under the wheels. The
     deceased was a son of Benjamin F. Packard of the firm of Goss, Sawyer & Packard.
     He leaves a wife and one child.
          Stephen Brown, an aged and respected citizen of Gorham, was found dead in
     his bed on the 20th. A case of heart disease probably.
          William H. Libby is appointed Postmaster at Standish.
          Frederick A. Gower, the successful inventor for several years in Europe, connected
     with a telephone company, has been visiting  his childhood home at Farmington.
     He is the son of the late Rev. Harrison Gower, formerly pastor of the Baptist Church
     in that place.

           The American says that the Avery House where the British made occasional
     head quarters when they held Castine, is still in good repair. There is an apple tree
     in front under which the "Red Coats" drank  their grog and played dice. The tree is
     probably the largest apple tree in the country. Its diameter, one foot from the ground
     is three feet. Though more than one hundred years have rolled away since its tiny
    leaf  burst from mother earth, it still continues to bear fruit.

          Mr. A. F.Waldron, travelling salesman for the Rines Brothers, of this city, while
     from Waterville to Fairfield, was thrown from the carriage and badly bruised.
          William Hunter, of Winslow, in crossing the track at Benton was struck by a
     gravel train and thrown down a steep embankment, receiving injuries that may
     prove fatal.
          Benjamin Rackliff of Vassalboro, recently placed in the Insane Hospital, committed
     suicide on Sunday with a piece of glass obtained by breaking the mirror.
          Hall C. Burleigh has returned to Vassalboro from his Western trip. He exhibited
      his herds of Hereford and Polled Angus cattle at their State Fairs, taking the herd
      prize in each instance. In all, he won 13 first and 18 seconds prizes, and sold 11
      animals at high prices. He brings to Maine some fine Hambletonian fillies from
          Mr .Pope of Manchester is said to have been offered $4,000 for his apples on
    the tree.
          Rev. W. F. Ober was installed  pastor of the Congregational Church in
     Winthrop, 19th.

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