Friday, January 16, 2015


          In this city, June 26th, by Rev. Mr. Crosely, Frank E. Pottle and Mary E.
    Mullin, both of Portland.
          In this city, June 27th, by Rev. Mr. Crosely, Fred W. Higgins and Lottie M.
    L. Libby, both of Portland.
          In this city, by Rev. C. H. Daniels, Elmer E. Thurston and Bessie E. Pine, both
    of Portland.
          In this city, June 27th, by Rev. A. H. Wright, Charles C. Walker, and Addie F.
    Weeks, both of Portland. [No card]
          In this city, June 28th, by Rev. Father Reardon, John Lester Purington, and
    Catherine E. Vaughan, both of Portland.
          In this city, June 28th, by Rev. A. H. Wright, Edwin H. Whiteley and Mabel
    B. Ross, both of Portland.
          In this city, June 29th, by Rev. M. Crosely, George W. Barbour and Emma J.
    Brown, both of Portland.
          In Cumberland Mills, June 27th, by Rev. M C. Pendexter, Walter H Wyer, and
     Grace A. Brown, both of Westbrook.
          In Thomaston, June 16th, Herbe (as spelled) T. Thomas and Mary J.
     Cunningham, both of Portland.
          In Friendship, June 24th, Edward Delano and Edith Burns, both of Friendship.
          In North Vassalboro, June 23rd, Frank E. Burill and Miss Ora M. Davis,
    both of Oakland.
          In Sedgwick, June 20th, Henry A. Carter of Sedgwick and Miss Melinda
    Gray of Bluehill.
          In Bath, June 26th, James F. Bates of New Bedford and Lydia M. Rogers of
    of Phipsburg.
          In Mercer, June 23rd, Frank Blaisdell of Mercer, and Flora Foster of  Rome, Me.
          In Bath, June 28th (?) James E. Bates, of New Bedford, Mass., and Lydia M.
    M. Rogers of Phipsburgh.
          In Machias, June 18th, Pelester V. Marrius and Hattie M. Gay, both of Machias.
          In Biddeford, June 11th, Albert E. Matthews, of Calais, and Emma Day of
          In Calais, June 16th, Justin E. Gore and Gertrude H. Brown.
          In Lincolnville, May 30th, Frank A. Curtis and Genevieve I. Decrow, both of
          At Rumford Centre, June 19th, Fred E. Seal, of Lynn, Mass., and Jennie M.
    Farnum of Rumford.
          In Lincolnville, June 6th, William E. Whitney and Alice M. Shibles, both of
          In Belfast, June 24th, Ephraim Robbins, Jr., and Annie B. Young, of Belfast.
          In Hallowell, June 21st, William E. Paine, and Alice McLaughlin.
          In Bangor June 23rd, William H. Patten, of Bangor and Emma Dearborn of
          In Lowell, Mass., June 26th, by Rev. George W. Bicknell, George Edward
     Bicknell, son of the officiating clergy man, and Blanch G. Richardson, all of
     Lowell. (The bride is a sister of Ex-Mayor Richardson, formerly of Lowell, now
    of Minneapolis, Minn.)
          In Biddeford, June 26th, Michael McHenry and Maggie Mahoney, both of
          In Rockland, June 20th, Henry A. Rueter, of Boston, and Bertha E. Glover,
    both of Rockland,
          In Boothbay, June 20th, Giles W. Day and Abbie J. Greenleaf, both of
          In Sedgwick, June 20th, Henry A. Carter, of Sedgwick, and Melinda
    Gray of Bluehill.
          In Cumberland Mills, June 27th, by Honorable E. E. Rand, Edgar A. Durell
    of Westbrook and Mabel F. Staples, of Windham.
          In Saccarappa, June 26th, Ernest A. Dodge and Emma Rich Hawkes.
          In Biddeford, June 27th, Samuel W. Cassebom, of Saco, and Susan Davis,
    of Machias.
          In Augusta, June 24th, George E. Merrill and Lydia A. Haydon.
          In Turner, June 27th, Charles W. Oldham and Ada . Thomas, both of
          In Brunswick, June 27th, Edwin A. Graves and Ida E. Snow, both of
          In Bangor, June 26th, Charles A. Jacobs and Alice M. Giles, (?) both of
          In Great Falls, N. H. June 18th, Wilson R. Bill and Annie Kelley.
          In Lincolnville, June 3rd, Edwin  P. Bowker of Brooklin and Carrie M.
    Rowe, of Lincolnville.
          In Norridgewock, June 2nd, Charles W. Tibbetts and Mrs. Mattie J. Hawkes.
          In Springvale, June 12th, Harley O. Witham and Eliza E. Nason, both of
          In Augusta, June 18th, Timothy Currier and Flora M. Shattuck.

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