Sunday, January 25, 2015


                                                MAINE MATTERS
          R. E. Shaw has been appointed postmaster of West Leeds, Vice Gustavus
     Jennings resigned.
          Robert M. Kershaw, clerk with the Auburn Boot & Shoe Company, has
     invented an automatic elevator gate. The machine is very stable in its
     construction. A patent has been applied for.
          One of the leading architects of Chicago is Mr. Frost of Lewiston. He has
     just designed a $125,000 house for Clem Studebaker of South Bend. A
     $125,000 railroad station is now being build for the Northwestern Railroad
     at Milwaukee, from designs by Mr. Frost.
          R. S. Bradbury of Auburn was wounded in the arm Friday, by a revolver
     being discharged. The wound is not dangerous.
          Thomas Humphrey of Blaine, has received a pension of over $1,300.
          Mr. Bedford Hume, a well-know lumberman of Bridgewater, died quite
     suddenly at Woodstock Monday week. He was 58 years of age.

          The Class of 1878 (Bowdoin,) has a carefully prepared history of it members,
     just issued at Farmington under the supervision of one of its members, George
     C. Purington, once the Principal of Brunswick High School.
          A man in Saccarappa declared in 1856 that he would never shave again till
     Fremont was elected president. He has kept his word and all the town is familiar
     Jere Andrews' full beard.
          The 80th birthday of Rev. John Cobb, pastor of the School Street Methodist
     Church in Gorham, was celebrated at his residence on South Street, June 26th,
     in a very interesting and appropriate manner. Quite a large number of clergyman
     were present, several of whom were nearly as far advanced at Mr. Cobb himself,
     and one who outranked him in age by nearly a years. A generous sum of money
     and two easy chairs were present to the worthy couple.
         The dwelling house of Mr. Edward Harding of Gorham Village, was entered
     by burglars Tuesday week, but they secured no booty, being frightened away
     by the inmates of the house. The robber were seen to enter a carriage and to
     drive rapidly away.
          Mr. L. P. Hawkins is enlarging and modernizing the residence formerly
     occupied by the late Dr. Tewksbury, on Ocean Street, Deering and has broken
     ground for the new shoe factory to be erected  by him near by. It is expected
    that business will begin about October 1st, and the factory will give employment
    to nearly 100 hands, male and female.
          Rev. Daniel Green, of Machias, has accepted a unanimous call to the
     Congregational Church at Cumberland Centre.
          A post office has been established at Hayne's Landing with H. A. Prescott
     as postmaster.
          The Franklin Veteran Association have decided to hold the third annual
     reunion at Farmington, August 21st and 22nd.
          Pensions have been granted to Abel Russell, Weld; Mary J., widow of
     Edwin Brown, Wilton; Moses, father of Llewellyn W. Fogg, Farmington.

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