Sunday, January 18, 2015


          In this city, June 26th, William H., only son of Mary A. and the late Michael
    Mackin, aged 24 years.
          In this city, June 2th, Edward Killen, aged 60 years.
          In this city, June 29th, James Noyes, aged 58.
          In this city, June 29, Carrie L., eldest daughter of Charles A. and Annie
     Allen, aged 30 years 10 months.
          In this city, June 30th, Frank A., infant son of Emerson and Harriet Elgee.
          In this city, June 30th, William Dacy, aged 71 years 10 months.
          In Scarboro, June 19th, Lillian Bertille Mary, daughter of James and
     Margaret Jordan, aged 17 years 10 months.
          In Cambridgeport, Mass., June 29th, Charles W. Lucy, aged 60 years
     10 months.
          In Yarmouth, June 22nd, Emily Gray, wife of the late Captain George,
     aged 76 years.
          June 14th, of inflammation of the brain, George L. Reed, of Bridgeport,
          In Saccarappa, June 24th, Lucy T. Small, aged 70 years-widow of the late
     David O. Small, formerly of Windham.
          In East Baldwin, June 22nd, Mrs. Jerusha S. Brown, aged 83 years
     3 months, 20 days.
          In Saco, June 23rd, James Cannigan.
          In East Rumford, June 16th, Josiah Knight, aged 87 years.
          In Freeport, June 27th, Thomas Cummings, formerly of Portland, aged
     64 years.
          In North Yarmouth, June 22nd, Mrs. Rachel S. Baston, aged 90 years
     2 months; Benjamin True, aged 68 years,  2 months.
          In Bowdoin, June 23rd, Katie Alexander, aged 96 years.
          In Bangor, June 26th, Nancy Sproul, wife of Alexander McDonald,
     aged 80.
          In Boston, June 28th, George R. Lancaster, of Bangor, 67 years.
          In Wells, June 19th, Captain Benjamin Wells, aged 73 years 2 months.
          In Kennebunk, June 18th, Mrs. Abigail Hatch, aged 84 years 6 months.
          In East Machias , June 15th, James M. Abbott, aged 44 years 8 months.

          In Auburn, June 26th, Mrs. John F. Cobb, age 60 years 5 months.
          In Vassalboro, June 24th, I. C. Gifford, aged 77 years.
          In West Gardiner, June 12th, Benjamin Tibbetts, age 88 years.
          In St. Louis, May 11th, William H. McKenzie, volunteer in the 10 Maine
     Infantry and 2dn Maine Cavalry.
          In Lower Biddeford, June 26th, Isreal W. Emmons, aged 77 years.
          In Lyman, June 28th, Alvin Grant, aged 62 years 6 months.
          In Randolph, June 18th, Elizabeth J. Given, aged 58 years 6 months.
          In Harrison, June 26th, Juliette, wife of Albion Kimball, aged 57 years.
          In Dixfield, June 20th, Alonzo Canada, Phillips, aged 21 years.
          In Fryeburg, June 17th, Mrs. Charles Tibbetts, aged 73 years.
          In Fryeburg Centre, June 23rd, Mrs. Julia A. Walker, aged 69 years.
          In Dedham, Hancock County,  June 23rd, Daniel B. Billington, aged 76 years.

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