Wednesday, January 7, 2015


                                                      MAINE MATTERS
           It is settled that General O. O. Howard is to deliver the oration at the
     dedication of the Auburn soldier's monument on Memorial Day.
          Mr. E. S.  Goding is preparing to build his corn factory at Livermore Falls.
     He has engaged already some 30 acres. He will pay 3 cents a can, settling for the
     corn on or before January next.
          Franklin Simmons, the sculptor, has several orders for ideal statues from
     wealthy English people who have visited his studio in Rome.
          The North Star says its article relative to the Bean children coming to the notice
     of their relatives in New Hampshire, they write that the children belong to a niece
     of Bean, and he was paid to take good care of them. The older child has so far
     recovered as to be able to attend school, while the younger is rapidly recovering
     both in mind and body.
          A full Thomas delegation was chosen in Yarmouth, Monday. Harpswell
     are also for Thomas.
          At a meeting last week of the board of trustees of Bridgton Academy, it
     was voted to erect a building according to plans submitted by Principal
     Moody, to contain a library room, recitation rooms, dormitories and vestry
     accommodation for the church and society; also if deemed necessary,
     kitchen and dining facilities. It was also voted to call it "Farnsworth
     Memorial Hall," the present member of which have contributed a large sum
    to the enterprise, while the late Dr. Samuel Farnsworth and his late son,
    Dr. Samuel Farnsworth, were well known friends and liberal supporters of the
    academy. The summer term of Bridgton Academy opened last week with
    seventy-two students.
          Honorable S. S. Mayall has just completed a sale of the factories at North
     Gray to Beatty & Co.
          At Republican caucuses held Saturday in Standish, New Gloucester and
     Freeport, the delegates chosen to the State convention were instructed to vote
     Honorable W. W. Thomas, Jr. as candidate for Governor. In Windham, delegates
     in favor of Colonel Frederick Roham, delegates in favor of Frederic Roble
     for Governor, were elected by a vote of 61 to 1. At the Republican caucus in
     Gorham, a full delegation was chosen. Caso, and Naples, Saturday chose
     Thomas delegates. The Westbrook delegation is unpledged.
          O. S. Thomas is building a $10,000 residence at Cumberland Center.
          Schooner Lucy  A. Davis, 627 tons, built for the Davis Brothers, by
     Hutchins & Stubbs, of Yarmouth, was launched Saturday.
          As Charles W., son of Rev. Elias S. Foster, of Bridgton, was helping push
     the Victor engine at the recent fire in that place, a pipe of chemical burst,
     chemical burst, deluging him, ruining his clothes and badly scaring his face,
     also slightly injuring an eye.
          George B. Leavitt, chosen a delegate from Deering to Salon Chase's
     convention, declares himself for Plaisted and renounces Solon.
          At a sheriff's sale of personal property at the Jones's corn canning establishment,
     Bridgton, last week, $1,976.34 was realized for the benefit of parties bringing
     the execution-Knapp Brothers-some 50 percent (clear all expenses) of their claim
     against J. Winslow Jones Co., limited. The purchasers were the parties who are 
     run the Bridgton factory this summer, and the cash was paid on the spot.



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