Wednesday, January 14, 2015


          Launched-At East  Boothbay, by  William Adams & Son, a fishing schooner of 89
     tons, called the "Henri N. Woods," built for Norwood and Son, of Gloucester, being
     the seventh  vessel built for this firm by the Messrs. Adams. Another schooner will
     be launched from the same yard in June for Captain Thomas Hodgdon, of Gloucester.
          Schooner Denmark at Boston, from Bath, reports while anchored at Gloucester
     14th last, sprung bowsprit head by pitching in heavy seas.
          Schooner Hattie L. Godfrey, of Deer Isle, while trying to work into Camden
     night of 11th, struck on a ledge at N E Point and sunk; she had 10,000 live
     lobsters which all escaped. Crew safe, the vessel was raised next day and towed
     into port.
          The wreck of schooner Benjamin Reed, ashore on West Chop, is breaking
     up. It has been sold for $40.
          Brig Henri Coipel, on the railway at Bath, will have a new bottom entire keel,
     planking and frame.
          Schooner Yankee Girl, dragged ashore at Tennant's Harbor a few night since,
     but was got off with slight damage.
          Schooner G. M. Gilmore, from a fishing cruise, put into Port Clyde 13th inst,
     leaking badly and partly filled with water.
          Camden, May 17th-Schooner Addie Gray, Sylvester (master) went ashore on
    N E Point, and sunk. She was raised and towed by steamer Planet, in a disabled
          The new schooner Minnie Smith, had several planks started at Bath 15th, by
     being run into schooner Samuel Hart.
          Schooner Martin W. Bates went ashore at Vineyardhaven, doing some
          The seine boat picked up off Absecom, New Jersey, marked "Arizona,
     Portland," proves to be the one lost by the Kate McClintock, before reported;
     the Arizona is on the Banks, all right.
          Brig Castalia, from Kennebec for Philadelphia, was towed into Newport,
     R. I., in distress, having been run into the night of 22nd on Nantucket Shoals
     by steamer Alaska, and lost bowsprit and head gear. The revenue cutter
     Dexter towed her in. The brig will repair in Newport.
          Schooner Lettie Wells, Ware (master) Calais, Me., for New York, with
     lumber, in towing through the Narrow at Lubec, 18th inst., ran against
     the hawsers of the dredger, which she parted and drifted ashore on the
          New Bedford, May 20th-Brig Julio E.Haskell, which arrived at this port
     18th, was blown out of the bay has arrived back, she in now hard aground
     on Butler's flat.
          Newcastle, N S W, March 27th-The highest offer for barque Monhegan
     was $3000, and the mast ns talks of repairing her.

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