Wednesday, January 28, 2015


                                                    MAINE MATTERS

          Reuben Essensa, a young man 21 years old, attempted to swim across
     Maganandavic River at Lee settlement, N. B., Friday morning with a child
     name Willie Bernyon on his back. About midway both sank and did not
     rise again. It is supposed that Essensa was taken with a cramp. The bodies
     were recovered.
          C. A. Russ & Co., granite contractors of Green's Landing, Deer Isle,
     have shut down rather then accede to the demands of the workmen for a
     monthly pay day and a new scale of wages.
          The Ellsworth American says that Madame Fengar, the noted violinist, is
     the wife of Captain A. A. Fengar, commander of the revenue cutter "Woodbury."
     She has a pet from which she is never separated. It is a violin in which is said
     to be more than two hundred years old. It is very small and differs very little
     in appearance from the ordinary violin, yet its owner has refused $1,500 in
     cash for her treasure. The instrument is a genuine "Stradivarius" and was
     purchased in German by Captain Fengar for his wife.
          Rev. Alvah H. Hovey, D. D. , L L. D., of Newton Theological Seminary,
     delivered the baccalaureate sermon of Colby University Sunday. His text
     was from II Corinthians, iv, 18. At the conclusion of Dr. Hovey's sermon,
     President Pepper delivered an address to the senior class on the importance
     of honest and earnestness in purpose and act.
          Some time last winter Mr. A. McDermid, Superintendent of the Richards
     Paper Co., Manufactory, Gardiner, received a letter from Edward A. Chase,
     asking for a situation in the mill. Mr. McDermin answered the letter to the
     effect that at that time there was not an opening, but when there was one he
     would remember him. Not knowing or thinking who the person was, and
     needing a man he wrote him a few days ago, directing the letter to New York.
     He received in reply a letter written in a firm hand and dated Portland in which
     Chase regretted that he could not accept the position, a he was held in jail on
     the charge of having murdered Mrs. Ida M. Stevens.
          As Mr. James Wyman, formerly of Monson, was in Manmouth, a few days
     ago, he started early one morning to walk to his brother's in Litchfield. Seeing a
     light in a house, rapped on the door to inquire his way, and receiving no
     response started on, when he heard the report of a pistol, having been
     mistaken by the inmates of the house for a tramp or a burglar.
         On Tuesday week Fred Doe, of East Vassalboro, was killed by the falling
     of an elevator in his mill.
         A three year old child of Fred Gibbs, of Fairfield, fell down stairs Friday
     breaking a leg between the hip and knee.
          The case of Loren P. Judkins, against the Maine Central Railroad, for
     damages sustained in being knocked from a flat car in the Waterville yard,
     has just been settled by the Law Court in favor of the road. In the trial
     got a verdict, and the road carried it to the Law Court on a motion to set
     aside the verdict.
          Thaddeus Buzzall, of Winthrop, aged about 70 dropped dead Friday
     morning from heart disease. He was dressing when he fell, dying immediately.
     He was a native citizens and a well known and ardent Democrat.
          The Johsnon woolen mill at Wayne, which has been shut down for the
     last three years, has recently been started up and is now doing a thriving

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