Friday, January 30, 2015


                                                   MAINE MATTERS
          Sheriff Irish captured, Friday in the woods, between Rockland and
      Rockport, Ross Stover who has broken jails in Rockport, Augusta and
     Belfast. Stover broke from the Augusta jail three weeks ago, and traveled
     on  foot to Rockport, where he stole a boat and rowed to Clam Cove, where
     he had been in hiding three days. He is wanted in Augusta for horse stealing.
          Moses M. Ordway of Falmouth, has been granted a pension.
          The ship Frederick Billings, of this port, the only four mated ship under
     the American flag, has been chartered to carry coal from Seattle to San
     Francisco.  She will carry 2,500 tons, and will continue in the trade until
     grain freight take a rise.
          Mr. Alden Gay, a resident of Thomaston, lives three miles from the city,
     and is well known in the Eastern port of Knox County. Mr. Gay is 88 years
     of age, but he still carries on his farm in person, He rises at 4 a. m., milks
     four cows and sometime five, before his hired man get out to the barn, and
     he is busy the year round. He looks after his business with closer attention
     than the majority of men half his age.
          During the thunder storm Saturday week, the barn of William C. Achorn,
     of Washington, was struck by lightning, shattering it considerably. Mr.
     Achorn was on his way from the house to the barn at the time, and his
     presence saved the building from burning, as it caught fire in several places.
     The barn is new and well furnished.
          Timothy Dyer, who lives on Dyer's Island, went out fishing last week and
     was 16 miles to sea in an 18 foot boat. He caught a halibut and half a hogshead
     of fish, which netted him $8.00 for his day's work. Mr. Dyer is 86 years of age.
     and a smart old man.
          Lindley M. Staples has been appointed postmaster at Washington, Vice
     Isaac W. Johnson, removed.

          At Phillips Academy, Andover, graduation exercise Allen R. Bennett,
     of Waldoboro, took first Dove Latin prize of $20.00, and first Joseph Cook,
      Greek prize of $15.00.
          The shoe manufacturing firm of Henry & Daniels of Boston, have decided
     to locate their new factor in Waldoboro.
          Reports from the Dresden camp ground say that Rev. W. S. Jones' cottage
      has been entered and everything of value stolen, and other cottages have
     also been broken into.
          Llewellyn  Quimby, the confessed murderer of the late William Kenniston,
     of Boothbay, is still incarcerate in the county jail at Wiscasset, awaiting
     trial at the next term of the Supreme Court, to be held in Wiscasset. Quimby
     get through the day very quietly, passing his time either in reading or looking
     of his cell window.  He is very quiet and has very little to say the other
     inmates of the jail, all of whom are in for petty offences, compared with
     his crime. He has not expressed the slightest sorrow or regret at killing
     Kenniston. A Wiscasset lawyer had been engaged to defend him.
               Parties are digging in the locality known as "the Sands," at Dresden,
     for the treasures of the pirate Kidd.

          N. H. Perry of South Paris, has discovered a rare gem stone not before
     found in his country. It is a plenacite, and was found in a lot of white topaz
     and in the eastern part of this county and in the eastern part of New Hampshire.
     It is well known that topaz is inferior in value and hardness only to the diamond,
     and when cut can be distinguished from them only with an electrical test. When
     subjected to hear their color can be changed to resemble the Oriental ruby.
          Charles A. Young has been appointed  postmaster at South Waterford.
          Mr. M. P. Johnson, proprietor of the Fryeburg House, the famed hostelry
     in Fryeburg, first opened to the public in 1835, has reopened it, and proposes to
     maintain it enviable reputation, as a hotel and boarding house.

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